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  1. Yuno
    2010-12-22 06:18
    I am actually grateful for it. It helped a lot in my writing in the long run. It helped me formulate ideas for scripts and stories under pressure. He did this on purpose to push us a little. He actually wasn't really grading us on it~

    I cry whenever there is an intensely romantic scene, it always feels so very far away for me. So when I see it I sort of project and then start to cry. It's happened a lot today. It is why I am listening to more punkish stuff. Have to counter balance any extreme emotion.

    OH! I think I have heard of this game. I almost picked it up back when I had a DS. The concept is amazing and seems to be coming in a wave. So hopefully they're be some changes and us poor unfortunate souls can find happiness. Haha, perhaps~ I am plenty happy right now though to be honest.

    The virtue of the turtle. Well my nickname was Kame-chan in school so I accept it. Oh yeah, I out lived my last one hahaha I totally forgot. Has it seriously turned into such a nonchalant thing? Looks like it's not over yet and I shall not rest until I have at least given my best. Thank you, I may call upon you when the "prying" starts. Since a lot of my pain has been bottled up for years. When the psychologists start pulling it to the surface I can imagine a darker version of me... I don't look forward to it.

    Feel every emotion is the path to a healthy understanding of yourself. Never bottle it up, never hide it or you'll be betraying your true nature. I am glad you are like this, and it's for the best truly.
  2. tyciol
    2010-12-22 06:10
    Ah well, next year there are going to be OVA releases for Oreimo with an alternate ending (I think it substitutes for episode 12) so I guess if you wait you could also get that.

    Oh and, the icecapades was done in the late 80s when it first came out and it is a short comedy. "There Will Be Brawl" is a recent (late 2000s) and references the entire cast of Brawl in addition to the Mario Bros. It's a very serious and dark take actually. A certain pink creature gave me nightmare fuel.
  3. Yuno
    2010-12-22 06:00
    It's cliche because it's true I feel. I just keep working, it reminds me of a teacher in 12th grade. When he would purposely give us a two page essay to complete in thirty minutes I used to get upset. He would simply say: "Work hard." That is all I really can do. Naturally I'll be mindful of my health.

    You should see it again ^.^ I have had enough emotional scenes for one day. The ending to Tsukasa arc in Amagami, the ending of Ore no Imouto, that scene and ending to Angel Beats. I have trouble with romantic stuff.

    That sounds really nice, so he ended up liking her trueself rather than the image she portrayed. That seems to be the theme of anime and things of late. Accepting people for their flaws and loving them because you do. I find this a suitable trend indeed. Since it's pretty shallow not to accept someone because of flaws they have no control over.

    I'm doing most of it here, bit by bit. I go slowly because I am easily uncomfortable around people. If people graduate from the forum to other things with me I don't do as well. So it will take time.

    Awwh, that only makes your yearning more intense. The feelings you get from beautiful scenes and things like that is your sensative side. You strike me as someone who is intouch with his emotions and doesn't limit based on stupid social norms (invented in the recent 200 years).
  4. Kagayaki
    2010-12-22 05:38
    Yeah, the smell is definitely one of the fun parts of drinking tea. I also like it for the warmth and the caffeine when I need to stay up late to do something. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to go catch up on sleep now. I generally know I'm getting to be too sleep-deprived when I start having trouble reading my computer screen without squinting Somehow, I feel like that might not be a very healthy way of planning my sleep...
  5. Yuno
    2010-12-22 05:21
    Definitely, and I feel a lot better from what I have faced. Small problems seem like nothing really. My next step will be hard though. The reason I pushed for my own place was so I could allow all the poison to leave my body. I am going to use here to go into whatever psychotic episode, rage, sorrow, whatever. I am going to be seeing my councilors very regularly too. I can beat this thing, all I have done since August was to improve my life so I can heal.

    Hehe yes, if a person is cute they shall never lose that cuteness for sure. I am really happy for that scene because it kind of gives me a little hope. I know it's an anime and I shouldn't derive hope from it, but the concept is out in the collective unconcious~

    Neat, so it was something that was predestined for her. I like to think about that sort of things. Right now I am enjoying my peaceful life to myself in my own home. When I heal a bit I am going to be like Knightrunner and branch out a little. It might be a few years first though~

    Hehe me too, I actually cried a lot. I got through it though. I typically avoid romance stuff for that reason.
  6. Yuno
    2010-12-22 05:07
    I'm glad to be of service, usually I only bared you bad news. It is because I refuse to give up that my life is changing. Even if my parents vanish again knowing they will potentially come back again helps.

    Hmm, the scene touched me quite deeply, but I see what you mean. In that it was mosty a hypothetical senario. Though Hinata is very true to his word, especially when he said he'd try all his luck to meet Yui. We also see Kanade and Otonashi meeting up again so we can guess they're together. I know what you mean in that she was perfectly fine then, in real life she would be much harder to find and love I am sure. I know this from my own experiance, but lets dump my own experiance and say that it will work out exactly how he said lol.
  7. Kagayaki
    2010-12-22 05:06
    I'm not very picky, so I like most kinds of black tea with milk (I guess that would be British style) and Japanese genmai cha. What about you?
  8. Yuno
    2010-12-22 04:50
    Hehe yeah, I am glad that they got in contact wtih me. I am also glad I didn't end it all. I felt like I couldn't even when I wanted to I would wake up the next morning and work on it again. Things are definitely improving, and with a very important ustat meeting on the 24th I will be allocated with specialist for my mental problems.

    I did, and I liked it a lot~ the show far exceeded my expectations. It also had my kind of humor. I also specifically liked Hinata what he said to Yui.
  9. Yuno
    2010-12-22 04:37
    I see you lurking. More good news, my mother and I are talking again, as well I had a lengthy conversation on facebook with my father about my birth and his thoughts. He actually didn't see me as an abomination when I was born. He saw me as quite beautiful, he still does he says :3 It's just I am difficult since I have disability he is not sure what he should do. My mother and I are back to our usual selves calling each other foul names, but in fun~
  10. tyciol
    2010-12-22 04:37
    No prob, have you seen the Super Mario Icecapades or "There Will Be Brawl"? I like your Oreimo blinking animation, seen all 12 yet?

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