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*Graphic Designer

Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is online now

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Hooves
    2010-12-20 05:23
    100% fine
  2. Hooves
    2010-12-20 04:34
    Oh everything is fine .... Well.. How should I explain it? I took a 5 day break from AS and went hiking when it was pure snow outside when I looked out of my mirror. I was really excited about the mountain hiking trip, but during day 3, I accidentally chipped the wrong part of the mountain and came crashing down the snowy hill (lucky it was snow...) although the roll dint feel all that well, I atleast lived.... Only to find out that my legs were no longer working for a bit due to being crushed by the heavy snow that piled on it. (Believe it or not)

    Day 4 was mostly me staying at the hospital, and finding out that I will be paraplegic for a good 3 months. Fortunately my legs were not broken to no restore limit. Day 5 was me returning to AS in a sorta downy mood. But I'm ok now
  3. Ryonea
    2010-12-20 04:06
    Hi there!

    I gotta say that you kind of surprised me with that post ^^; but as I said in your thread, you cheered me in this day

    because... well, I was having bad luck in this day. Got some problems with the package I ordered, and there's also some problems in my photography class. My group need to retake the photos since the camera was malfunctioning due to some wrong settings. Spent 4 hours in vain ^^; and the retake didn't go really well since the sunlight was gone and it was raining immediately *sigh* -_-'

    Sorry for the long whine ^^;
    And... I've got some things to show you. Recently, I'm back to the world of drawing (that's why your poem is such a coincidence) and here are two drawings that I made recently:

    1. Mirai Suenaga fanart
    You know he was asking us, the members, to submit our fanart of his website mascot to be shown on his TV show.
    And here's my entry:

    2. Unnamed Gunslinger
    Well, this one's also my original character. I haven't got a name for him, though XD
  4. Hooves
    2010-12-20 02:53
    Really have to thank you for that message from your Happy Holidays thing I was feeling a little down this month. But that cheered me up
  5. Kev-kun
    2010-12-20 00:05
    Haha no probs at all ^^ Hm.. I'm fine, happy and loving the holidays how about you?

    Yeah it certainly is , just got my achool report, scared to open XD ^^ I just realised that its 5 days till Christmas!! So excited ^^

    Haha yeah I'll definitely get that keyboard ^^ still need a couple hundred, but it shouldn't take long ^^ When you get your guitar, you gonna record something?

    1. Please don't tell be there's more >.< just horrible..

    2. Haha really? I like the cold etter actually, even though i'm used to the heat, i like the cold ^^ eg i always get sick in summer >.<

    Yeah especially if its a day before... I've had that experience before and went nuts!!

    Hm... Wonder why its 9000... Random much..

    Haha thank you, but I'll try to find a connection after Christmas... Very busy at that time..
  6. Kev-kun
    2010-12-19 21:32
    Haha its no problem, i don't mind anyways ^^

    Haha yeah you too? I have that feeling too ^^ whats great is that its also school holidays ^^

    I will see to it in 2011 as I will require some more money to buy it.. Oh really ? That's awesome ^^

    1. That good to hear ^^

    2. Um... Yeah and its boiling hot here I need some iced lemon tea ^^

    Haha tht's good to hear.. I'm almost finished ^^

    It did? Hm.. Unusual...

    Well I'll end off for now, I think I'll say this in advance, I shall be travelling back to my home town (tuesday) so i may not be able to have an internet access, so in advance, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^^ I will reply and stick around if i find an internet source ^^
  7. Agito Akiyama
    2010-12-14 15:14
    Agito Akiyama
  8. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-11-29 00:15
    AHH Thomas!! I noticed people were talking about you playing some music (If I am right) But I have no clue!! I looked and looked... BUT I can't find!!
  9. Kev-kun
    2010-11-29 00:04
    Hi Thomas... It's alright, if your busy and all then it doesn't matter....

    Well anyways how are ya today?

    Yep Christmas time= joy,happiness and laughter ^^

    Haha well yeah I suppose that it is a good foundation

    Well yes and no... Yes I found one, and no I haven't bought it...

    1. Wha? That's just plain rude, people are so ignorant these days... (like my evil English teacher...)

    2. Yep it definitely is the best ^^

    Haha agreed, you should be fine, but put on this garlic necklace just it case *it reeks*

    Haha I guess I am... Me too actually, wonder what I'll get ^^ Hm.. what shall I get for the family....

    OMG IT REACHED 10,000!! AND STILL GOING!!! *calls faster...* By the way where did that joke come from? Forgot...
  10. Kev-kun
    2010-11-27 18:38
    Hiya Thomas how are ya today?

    Hehe... Its the first week of Advent ^^ four weeks till Christmas... Better be more well mannered ^^

    Haha yeah it kinda gets irritating though, but cute at the same time ^^ yep my first anime was K-on so its kinda like my foundation to anime ^^

    Haha ok I'll go check ^^ I'm going to the big city soon ^^ wanting to find that keyboard I'm searching for ^^

    1. You certainly got that right ^^ *puts on grumpy face and tone * welcome to McDonalds, what do you want? happens here all the time, well except the teens..

    2. Eh really? I havent touched my tea yet... *holds cup with two hands* wow so fragrant^^

    Eeep!! Get the garlic, stake and hammer?!? *Turns around* haha they got tired

    Haha I've that experience once, it seems that i get the lucky ones ^^ or i dont get ichy easily

    Um over 9000 and still not finished ~

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