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  1. Soverence
    2012-11-11 00:00
    Sad thing is hard work doesn't always equal success though, even if it should. Well, being a downer I don't think would really ruin any business chances, might ruin your chances at getting friends but that is about it. Besides, I believe in depressive realism (unless some hard evidence disproves it eventually), so I think there is just as much merit to being a downer as a optimist.

    I spent a good like four months just lurking as a guest, but eventually decided to join for ... I don't remember why I decided to join, probably just a whim. Yeah, sometimes I honestly feel like I don't put enough thought into my posts when I read how detailed and precise some other people's are O.o

    Honestly the first thing that usually sets my mood for a series is the OP/ED/music, as silly as that sounds, but it is usually the thing that catches my attention the most during dramatic moments and can help separate good series and great ones. My favorite OP to this day is the one for the first season of the World God Only Knows anime, sweet sweet music.

    I don't think they should have used fan-service really at all (although recently it seems like Madhouse is putting large amounts of fan-service in a lot of their works), but that is my opinion. Yeah, that scene really is just silly and fun to make fun of.

    Its pretty much one of the big names for media and probably always will be. I am looking forward to seeing Skyfall or Lincoln, both seem like really good movies. Honestly, usually most theaters have like sale days for tickets which I would go on but its the stupid concession stands that make me not want to go anymore. Movie Theater popcorn is the most marked up item in America, its something like 900% which is just beyond stupid, I would rather enjoy a movie in my own home with my snacks and couch thank you.

    So ... you don't think it would help? Sorry, that wording seems weird to me. Yeah, and I get what your saying but from what we know about pot, the actual side effects ,well more powerful during use, are actually weaker over time then cigarettes and overall I think alcohol is worse and that is legal. Now if they tried to legalize something like LSD, I don't care how much that would help our economy I would fight as hard as possible to prevent that.
  2. Echoes
    2012-11-10 10:55
    Even your bowel is irritated by Eli Roth.

    Oh, neat. Are we talking the original here? The series has such an ensemble cast and fleshed out setting and powers. There's something for just about everyone, and it's incredibly approachable. It can also be surprisingly deep, and has a great ending despite diverging from the manga. Almost eerily good across the board.

    That's a nice way to support the industry. And you'll end up with some fairly exclusive stuff, since the Japanese industry moves so fast. Things go out of print, and stay out, really quickly; as soon as the next series rolls around pretty much. So whoever picks it up might inspire some envy in the years to come! I need to get me some of that stuff eventually myself. All I've got is one, admittedly neat, poster.

    That's fantastic. Let me know which of the stories was your favorite once you're done. There's only one wrong answer! Moving right along to Yumekui Merry? You've got impeccable taste. I'm just warning you, that's a pretty commonly disliked series. I find it to be a very good, albeit too short, story with great atmosphere, art and characters, but there seems to be a general consensus among everyone except me that the series drops the ball, especially as far as the ending is concerned. Oh, and I read what you said about enjoying Hayate no Gotoku now....

    You're dead to me.

    Just kidding. I haven't even watched episode 6 yet. But I'm not very optimistic. I actually rewatched the first episode of the first season today. The difference between them is like night and day. There's always Hina to tide me over, though.
  3. Echoes
    2012-11-10 08:03
    Yeah, there's also the fact that something which fails in such an earnest way as Troll 2 is hilarious and entertaining, while the exploitative and mostly boring movies of Eli Roth just fail on every level, even as far as "ironic enjoyment" goes. (The dog-professor/faced! line being a rare exception.)

    FMA does have a lot of great, charming humor. Even when it gets repetitive or misses the mark, the show's atmosphere and elegance in other areas softens the blow considerably. There's a limit to how many times "You're not so tall, are you!? *que Ed raging*" can be funny, though, and that's the weakest part of the series for me. Absolutely outstanding series overall, though, this is essentially the only complaint I have about the entire thing.

    I'm not much of a fan of the yellow thing a lot of releases use either. I don't know why they do that. Most other movies don't. You get used to it, but especially if you're watching something where the visuals play an integral role in the story, it can end up affecting your enjoyment. Crunchyroll doesn't really play any role in the equation for me, since as you bring up it's not offering the physical media. Streaming is fine, but it's no different than fansubs; just a file in the virtual-land. I'm glad Crunchyroll turned a new leaf and is now contributing money to the industry instead of siphoning money through fansubs they had no part in making. That's definitely an improvement from the old days. I'm actually surprised at how many people are willing to pay for streaming anime in this day and age, they're doing quite well for themselves as I understand.

    I'm not expecting everyone to be a collector, that'd just be unreasonable and unrealistic. But do something. If you've watched 200 series on bittorrent, maybe at least buy a sticker, a mug or a dvd or something. Not that I'm really shedding any tears for the entertainment industry (they're doing fine, roughly 5 billion [citation needed] anime series get produced per year, and on our end new movies are breaking the box office records just about every year), it's more me objecting to that "give me give me give me!" attitude. When you actually see someone get mad at fansubbers for being late, you just have to sigh. They're working on translating a product that in turn someone else worked on creating, neither of which you paid for, and still you act like they somehow owe you something. That's the attitude that just drives me up the wall.

    Well, you know, the bookcase isn't really that large. Still, it's done a good job at keeping said ladies away thus far! That is the goal in life, isn't it?
  4. Echoes
    2012-11-10 03:28
    I'm rather fond of "You can't piss on hospitality!" (or you know, just about any line from Troll 2) myself, but there's plenty of strong contenders, this one certainly among them.

    Yeah, there are a lot of great shows out there whose genres include action and whose demographic is primarily shounen. I guess more specifically I dislike the Shounen Jump formula of "guy wants to be the strongest X", with a plot progressing at a snail's pace; if that. There's also something about the humor that really rubs me the wrong way. Even in the shounen action shows I love, the humor is usually the worst aspect of the show. That was the case in both of the most mainstream titles I've enjoyed, namely Full Metal Alchemist and Soul Eater.
    (In the case of the former, the impact on my overall enjoyment was entirely negligible, while in the latter it really dragged the show down at times.)

    Anime sure is an expensive hobby, you're right about that, but knowing how things used to be, I count my blessings. I really do. Nowadays you get a 13-episode release for 30-40 dollars retail usually. (A little more for blu-rays and heavy-hitters.) Rewind to the mid of the 00s and you'd probably have to shell out at least 20 for a 3/4-episode disk. And then you'd have to wait for the other two-three (or more if it's a longer show) disks to come out and buy them periodically. I'll definitely focus on the positive developments in the last 5-6 years in this case. The only prices I'll straight up complain about these days are the Japanese model businesses such as Aniplex and sometimes Bandai. 700 dollars for Fate/Zero and 400 dollars for Kara no Kyoukai. I mean good for them since their model seems to be working, but I *really* don't have that kind of cash laying around. And I suspect most people don't, which limits their products to a very small group of highly dedicated and financially well off people. Putting the business side of it away for a second, I think that's a little sad for all of the regular fans who just don't have that kind of money. (Oh, and there's also that bullshit about them not even selling their cheaper releases to people outside of North America, but I've been over that.)

    I think some people pirate things because they're too expensive (or because things aren't available to them any other way; which I feel is the most legitimate excuse of all), but there's also a huge contingent of people who do it simply because it's easy and free. It's pretty much become a part of daily life, and I suspect a great deal of people hardly give any thought to the moral implications of their actions. It's not a black and white issue at all, I feel. There's a lot of good to be said for the free marketing effect it has, the ease of access to older things that are out of print and wouldn't make anyone any money anyway, but it also leads to people taking media for granted, thereby devaluing it; sometimes almost completely so. Which there are certainly a lot of examples of in our own fandom, which for better and worse is built almost entirely on piracy, and has been since the days of VHS trading in the 90s.

    Sorry, that ended up being a little lengthy, and possibly preachy. I'll leave it off on a happy note, as I stare at my bookcase filled with manga and anime; for that is the house which piracy built, through and through. Wouldn't have bought them without it.
  5. Soverence
    2012-11-10 01:40
    I guess the actual question is then, how much are you willing to give up in order to try and get it done. You seem like a very optimistic person aren't you?

    One of the main reasons that I joined . I just like reading other people's ideas / thoughts, even if I don't post much its interesting just to see the discussions that are going on.

    I don't actually know all that much about seiyuu's , after looking at the list of series she has done though and all the different character's she has voiced, I can see why you think so highly of her though. Don't mention it

    It was a good series behind all the fan service, because it was never trying to be super serious but more of a action zombie story, but even for that the amount of fan-service just didn't allow me to enjoy the action (which was actually pretty good if not completely unrealistic [Boobs can not dodge bullets people!]). Well that is to be expected, if you have a broad spectrum of interests you will pretty much run into everything sooner or later.

    Well California does have Hollywood so I can see why they would have a pretty good Media focus for there colleges. I was honestly losing a lot of respect for Hollywood these last like 6 months, I felt like they came out with nothing good and then *BAM* in like the last month they have come out with like 10 different movies I am just dying to see.

    I don't drink either, just has never been my style. However, people have argued that legalizing and taxing pot would over the long run help to improve the economy, so I am interested to see what will happen in these two states cause I honestly don't know if it will or not.
  6. Triple_R
    2012-11-10 01:15
    Thanks a lot for the compliments.

    I'm doing pretty well right now, thanks for asking. How about yourself?

    There's a few anime shows airing right now that I'm really into, and some of them overlap with your own choices (Little Busters, Psycho-Pass, and Shin Sekai Yori).

    I'm also following Robotics;Notes and K, but haven't felt up to commenting on them recently, but have enjoyed their recent episodes a lot.

    Your 7-episode rule is certainly interesting, and I think it's a good approach to a 2-cour show at least (and a lot of this season's new shows are 2-cour). It also shows impressive dedication on your part.

    I also find it refreshing to run into you on the boards, because you strike me as truly moderate and open-minded. You're one of those people that "get" anime and its subculture while still "getting" people outside of it (and that's a sadly rare combo, I fine). Also, whenever I see you on the boards, I think of K-On and iDOLM@STER, and that makes for cheerful thoughts, lol. Though I have to say that you saying you preferred Kanon 2002 to Kanon 2006 was almost mind-blowing to me, lol.

    But hey, the first time you're introduced to a story is important - I think that's a big part of the reason why most people here prefer subs to dubs (they experience the story with subs first, hence getting used to the original seiyu voices for the characters).
  7. Soverence
    2012-11-10 00:51
    Thats probably true, if something really means a whole lot to you then you will go out of your way to get it done no matter what.

    Hmmm, maybe, I don't really know that many females who are into tv/anime anymore so its hard for me to say other then just my random thoughts. Yeah, well either way no matter what they do it is still a series I will probably enjoy.

    I feel like there were quite a lot of people who liked Ruri's character , either her or Ayase were pretty much everyone's favorites. As I said, Kirino comes off a selfish bitch for most of the series, but as long as you watch the series through / carefully its pretty easy to realize its all a front and that she is just as caring/weak as anyone else is behind their front. Well hopefully that little tid bit of news helped to brighten up your day

    Well, its very rare that I have seen a series turn into a ecchi when it doesn't start out as one, usually when people think of ecchi its the more obvious cases like To Love-Ru or Freezing or something else along those lines. As you said though, fan-service isn't bad as long as it doesn't hurt the actual story or its actually part of the comedy of the series. I think that is because of the mass of High School anime's that we have been getting though, if you got high school kids and need some fan-service, what place can be better then the beach? Recently though, I haven't been seeing as much fan-service as I use to, maybe its because of the recent releases or I am just ignoring the series that focus on that, but it seems to be appearing much less recently.

    If you really want to come to the states to study, I suggest going to any state but that one, cause as you said, its hell there right now. Well I don't know the best overall states for Media/Practical Arts, I know that New England has the best overall education/colleges in the states and the economy up here isn't that terrible (or at least no where near as bad as California) so you could look around that part of the states.

    Yeah, all that matters to us really is who wins in the end, that and the questions that we get to vote on, since it seems Colorado and Washington legalized pot, well I don't do that kind of stuff I am pretty sure its about time that we made it legal.
  8. Flower
    2012-11-09 17:30
    BTW ... you know if anyone has uploaded a youtube version of Little Match Girl full version by Yukiho, etc.? If so could you pm me a link?
  9. Echoes
    2012-11-09 00:30
    Hahahaha. Oh my god. "Yeah, he's a professor.... of being a dog!" That scene is probably one of the worst things ever, and I can't stop laughing whenever I think of it.

    A worthy contender.

    Most people roughly our age in North America got their start through shounen action, and that's perfectly fine. It's not something I grew up with (there's nothing like that on television here), so I've no nostalgia for it, and on its own merits it's never interested me much. I'm not trying to suggest that there are anime tiers and that you need to graduate from the shounen action genre to become a "true fan" or any such nonsense. It's just not a genre I've ever been able to get much enjoyment out of.

    What I'm thinking about your inquiry is that we base off of direct Japan media, while dubs and Viz are licensing already released series.
    That is true, and American (and to some extension worldwide fandom, since it's affected both by American trends and by what gets licensed by American distributors) fandom only really matters in the sense that they determine what's available for purchase for me. That's my only concern. Western tastes rarely determine what gets produced in Japan. I don't mind being in the minority (in some ways, I even enjoy it), I just want there to be enough of a contingent that agrees with me to allow licensing of series with a less broad appeal. I could list of a few dozen series that deserve a release but unfortunately haven't, but overall, things are pretty good these days. With the amount of titles being released, it'd be unreasonable of me to complain, I think. I hope it stays that way, and I think that the diminishment of physical media is a bigger threat to that status-quo than the possibility of shounen action eclipsing the market could ever be. But that's a whole other discussion.

    What, are you saying you're not an ardent supporter of SOPA and its many cousins? Why, I'd never! I'm not saying piracy is fine and dandy, but the way big business are trying to deal with it through the government make it really hard to sympathize with their supposed plight.
  10. Echoes
    2012-11-08 22:59
    I'd agree with that. They're stupid, but in a good way. Certainly better than most of the stuff I watched back then.

    Two words. Chicken nuggets. You can't tell me there's a more efficient legal way to produce food than that. Well.... maybe hot dogs. A lot of the stuff we're eating these days is pretty disgusting and probably borderline toxic.

    I went ahead and read the article. You're a pretty smooth operator, man. Good job getting that guy to answer your questions, they were phrased professionally. Good idea reaching out to the industry too, you never know when that might come in handy down the road. As far as anime goes, Viz is really not my kind of company. I'm pretty much allergic to modern shounen jump titles, it's the one group of anime I almost universally dislike on every level. Not exactly a popular opinion for an anime fan to hold, but there it is. As far as manga goes though, they've got a great and far more diverse selection of titles. Most of the manga I own are from Viz. (But I don't really read *that* much manga.) I'm a little ambivalent about anime like that gaining greater popularity. On the one hand, yeah, anime is growing, that's a good thing, but will that result in more anime in general; or will it push the stuff I enjoy away and further enhance the popularity of the already dominant shounen fighting genre? I dunno, any thoughts on that?

    That's almost as good. Just one more push and you'll be there.

    Yeah, it's hard not to be cynical about the process at this point. I go through phases of wanting to be active somehow and just wanting to stop even bothering keeping up with what's happening. Although that Nichijou idea sounds pretty neat, maybe that could serve as a stepping stone to greater revelations.

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