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  1. SilverSyko
    2012-11-27 23:33
    Not really an answer I was hoping for cause those first 3 points don't really mean anything to me. Is there anything more..."worthwhile" about it?

    I'm not very confident I'll find it all that funny either being a foreigner and all. I've noticed Japanese humour tends to get lost on me a lot lately.
  2. SilverSyko
    2012-11-27 23:20
    Since you have an avatar relating to it, maybe you could share the reason why practically everyone I see is going gaga over this Chunnibyou show when it doesn't look like anything special?
  3. Echoes
    2012-11-27 20:20
    I'm so writing that fan-fiction. Evangelion with Rikka as a main character.

    Yeah, and there's none of those around here, as far as I know. The NES wasn't as big here either. All about that Genesis! (Or the Mega Drive, as it was called 'round these parts.) I've hardly played any of the classic NES stuff, though I'm obviously familiar with it due to its huge presence online.

    I could, and I probably should. I'd benefit from actually having a phone that could actually play music and stuff. Instead of one that... lays around and doesn't really work. But there's no money left for any of that, because I actually went ahead and found a place that'd sell me that (almost) 200 dollar Bakemonogatari set. I've got my priorities in order! Now I just need to find some way to cut out the next expense, the dread specter known as "food."

    Well, that's good, a speedy recovery! I've never actually broken something myself. I hurt my ankle really bad once. I don't know if it was sprained, but it hurt like hell and I couldn't walk home that day. Also healed pretty quickly, though. I wasn't jumping down any stairs for a while though, I'll tell you that much.

    That *is* a neat touch! I'm not opposed to that kind of music at all, they're fantastic in the movie, but they're the kind of thing that works best in their proper context for me. Not something I'll listen to too often outside of watching the movie, but they definitely do the trick there!

    Haunted headphones. The next horror movie franchise? It'd probably strike a nerve with audiophiles like yourself! I've seen one about haunted hair extensions, so it's not that out there. (Actually a pretty good movie.)
  4. Echoes
    2012-11-26 19:25
    So... does that mean the ending I suggested is a-okay? Good to know! I agree though, unless they suddenly drop the ball (which is certainly atypical for KyoAni), I'll be happy with whatever direction the story takes. I've already taken a liking to the characters, and that's the meat of the show right there.

    Yeah... I'd like some classic ones too. There's absolutely no place to buy anything like that around here, though. Once, I found a few PS1 games used at a game store, but there's usually nothing older than ps2, and even that is getting scarce. There's the internet, but I don't want to take that plunge just yet... I have enough trouble lusting after the dozens of anime titles I'd like, but can't afford. I shouldn't add any more fuel to that flame. Sounds like I've got no reason not to build a computer myself the next time I'm in need of an upgrade, then. Except for laziness... which is a potent force indeed. But so is money, and if there's money to be saved, I might just do it.

    I was wrong, mine was actually a whopping 3 GB. I forgot. 150 GB huh. That sounds wonderful. My MP3 player gets me ghetto cred. (Not really, it just gets me "old man who isn't cool" stigma.)

    That sounds horrible. Those noises are the stuff of nightmares. I'll definitely say I liked Kill Bill part I more than the second. But I should probably rewatch them, I'm sure there's a lot I've forgotten.

    Yeah... minutia like that isn't stuff I've noticed, or even know about. I assume that's the singer? I don't know jack about that kind of music. Deadfall is beckoning you. That's where a true Cage exploration starts.

    My headphones tremble with anticipation. Or maybe they're just getting old.
  5. Soverence
    2012-11-26 00:57
    That is true, as long as there is at least one person out there that is trying to help then something will always get done.

    That is true, cause its hard to say that something like powerpuff girls was the same thing as invader zim cause besides being classified as cartoons, the two shows had almost no similarities. In I think Poland it is (the country could be wrong), but piracy is legal there because based on tests the government did, when piracy is legal the sales of company products both locally and internationally went up in there country. Now, there is a lot of controversy surrounding that, and I am not sure what tests they actually did so they could easily have misinterpreted some data, but it seems like a interesting concept either way. That they are, that they are.

    Yeah, I think everyone remember the big names like sega and nintendo, they were pretty much the biggest console makers back then.

    Well I am a big manga reader so reading a lot of text doesn't bother me all that much which might be why I am a little more lenient towards which VN's I enjoy.

    Its almost better to watch older movies then their newer stuff cause there older stuff seems so much better. Also I saw skyfall earlier this week, it was pretty good I found although someone said it was basically the dark knight with james bond and I can kinda see what they were seeing but its not totally the same.

    I don't know if its just cause we know about all the stuff that there is now, but a lot of people seem to think they didn't have that great of childhoods, I am not sure why. That is true as well, don't get too attached but don't get too detached either.

    How was your thanksgiving by the way? I never got around to saying Happy Thanksgiving to you! I went home for the break so I was pretty busy the last couple of days and right before with all the college work they swamped on us xD.
  6. Echoes
    2012-11-26 00:31
    Aye, I could sense it in episode 7. Surprising turn of event for sure, but like you, I'm waiting with bated breath to see where they take it. Just wait and watch them Gainax the ending. Boom, out of nowhere, Rikka is in some sort of limbo fighting actual agents of the Ethereal Horizon. Then she dies and redeems everyone's sins or something. Instant classic.

    I don't really follow it closely at all since I hardly buy games anymore, but I hear some stuff here and there from people I watch, and drop by Gametrailers now and then mostly out of nostalgic habit I guess. You're putting down some real dough for that computer. I paid like half that for my new one and already felt like I was being swindled. Of course, I'm pretty much like an old lady at this point; I just want to be able get online with it and check my email. At least the PC came with a three year guarantee, so I won't have to worry about that for a while.

    Sounds reasonable to me. I should get a more organized with music myself. I've got one folder with openings and endings I love, and that I can turn on anytime I'm in the "anime" mood, but everything else is a bit of a mess. Maybe I'll do some "trimming" tomorrow. Only 32 GB, huh. Mine has room for.... 2 GB. And it's not even a cell-phone, it's an old-school mp3 player of dubious quality with half its buttons broken. (Yes, I can only turn the sound up, not down, and only browse downwards; not upwards.)

    The worst sorts of pain I've had haven't been from injuries, but from stuff like my chronic back pain. Oh man... it doesn't act up often, but the days it does.. nothing compares. Not in terms of sheer pain, anyway. Speaking of which, it's been like half a year since the last time that happened... hope I didn't just jinx myself! I sort of did like the Kill Bill movies, but only as a quick entertainment fix. I don't think they're movies I'm likely to revisit anytime soon, even though it's been at least 5 years since I saw them. It does have memorable stuff such as "coma rape guy" and stepping on people's eyeballs, though, so there's that. Everyone, myself included, mostly remembers that scene where Uma Thurman fights all of Lucy Liu's underlings. The movie needed more scenes like that. Schoolgirls with like spiky balls on chains or whatever they were. That was some good stuff.

    Oh, cool, must've been a great day. I'm just about ripe for a rewatch of Back to the Future myself. Universally likable movie among people who don't suck. I might check out Kick-Ass sometime. Even if I don't end up liking it, at least there's some Cage. I think Face/Off is one of the most entertaining Cage movies. Mostly because rather than elevate Cage, the entire movie is instead put on the same level of over the top, gut-burstingly hilarious insanity he usually operates on.

    December already. Time sure moves fast. I guess that's why it's so damn cold here all of a sudden. It'll be good to see you unleash your mad, mad, teeerribly mad plan of daily musical posts. I'll try to contribute something soon myself.
  7. Echoes
    2012-11-25 22:20
    Oh man, I'm falling behind now, haven't watched 8 yet.

    Those sort of professional gaming websites aren't to be trusted, I think. Too many conflicts of interest. And they totally do that 7-10 rating scale thing. Really cool about you putting some effort into your future video-making. I look forward to it! I've got a few friends who build their own computers as well, they're always trying to convince me to join in.

    That is surprising! I don't know what you consider a lot, though... or what sort of maniacs you're comparing yourself to! I think it's very prudent to resist accumulating a huge amount "just because you can" either way.

    It wasn't *that* bad. I've had worse! Ichi the Killer is fucking crazy, man. A guy punctures his own ear drums with knitting needles, a mentally retarded man is wearing an armor with blades all over his body and literally slices a pimp in two right down the middle. Looks totally fake, but it's good times! One of the few hyper-violence movies I actually like.

    I agree with that. I prefer the older look in live-action in general, so taking their limitations into account isn't even necessary, but it adds yet another layer of enjoyment. I can watch almost any 80s or 90s Carpenter movie and just enjoy it so much on a visual level alone with all the practical stuns, effects, sets and whatnot. I haven't actually seen Kick-Ass, but I've been recommended that as a genuinely good movie. Is that true? Cage in a movie that's not just entertaining because he's in it?

    Well hey, if it's a mix that includes even a fraction of intelligent people, then it's got 90% of the internet beat right there. I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to over-active imagination. I guess most kids do that, though, with both fantastic and horrifying outcomes. I remember one night I started thinking "what if my parents are actually monsters wearing human body suits?" As dumb as that sounds, it sure kept me up that night.

    Sorry about a belated reply, had some bad family stuff occur this week. Exhausting stuff.
  8. Soverence
    2012-11-22 20:30
    That can be said about most organizations during a economic downtime though, if people have less money to support themselves, they usually have less money to spare on others. Yeah, the system itself is fine for the most part (excluding all the fake organizations that seem to be popping up, but that is a different issue all together.)

    That is a good explanation for it as well. I am not totally sure which it is, I feel that they might have got general claims against certain items, and then google just proceeded to take down items that fit within those general claims to avoid any further troubles. Cause honestly I can't see companies targeting videos that have like 10k views or less.

    There are so many consoles out there besides the big name ones from back then, it is just silly how many consoles were made at the very start of the industry. Its no wonder that the industry nearly died out at the start with how much they flooded it.

    I have a mobile phone, but its not that advanced, I just use it for texting and calls but that is really it.

    I have wanted to get into VN's before but usually I don't unless I am already a fan of the series that surrounds it. Like I have watched the Steins;Gate and the Oriemo VN's, but that is about it. Yeah, her eyes are pretty creepy when she is pissed o.o

    Yeah, there seemed to be a lot more work put into older series and pieces of media, today its all about the business side more then making a interesting piece of work/art.

    Yeah, have to enjoy your childhood right?
  9. Echoes
    2012-11-21 08:59
    No, I haven't. But I probably should, I like that ending quite a bit!

    A lot people not only like it, they take it as the be-all and end-all of a review/opinion. Just scroll to the bottom/fast-forward to the end to check the score. Though that's probably more to do with laziness than any sort of philosophical opinion on how one should review.

    I don't think that's unreasonable at all. With the amount of tracks I'm sure you've accumulated, that sounds like it'd actually be not only helpful, but downright necessary.

    Oh yeah, those are brutal too. Just a few weeks ago, I actually did hurt myself under one of my nails. That was pretty fucking painful. Have you seen Ichi the Killer? There's a scene there involving a nipple and a razor blade. Oh god..

    That's what I've heard about Indiana Jones as well, Temple of Doom included, but I wouldn't know just yet. I've also only seen the first Rambo movie, and that was a long time ago, but rewatching that, and possibly the rest if I end up liking them, is also on my long laundry list of things to do. Don't get me wrong about modern movies either, it's not an ironclad rule, just a general trend. I like the Nolan's Batman movies as well, and I'm sure I could pull out a few more examples if I sat down and really thought about it. You are of course right when you say that Deadfall eclipses them all. Nothing more to say about that, really. It just does. It's like "Oh god not the bees!!!" the movie. Every scene is like that.

    Alright, I'll take your word for it. Reddit is alright! About the pictures/text thing, as all good horror directors and writers know, your imagination is the scariest tool of all...
  10. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 09:16
    Arturia Polaris
    Who doesn't? If it weren't for Shinka she'd be my avatar :3


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