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  1. Echoes
    2012-11-15 03:07
    Yup, To-Love-Ru is a guilty pleasure. At best. Usually it's just dumb. Since my numerical values are skewed a little bit more towards the stricter side, I'd like to know your take; what's does the "6" rating represent in your system? Decent? Average?

    That's impressive. I remember a good deal of the openings and endings for shorter (12-26 episode) shows, but for something like FMA, which has like 5 endings and openings each, my memory doesn't really suffice. And Idolmaster? Fuggetaboutit. But you're quite the devotee of that show compared to me.

    Another I'm actually halfway through. But I might have to rewatch an episode or two to freshen up, it's been a while since I left that one off. Liking it so far. Great visuals and pretty good mood, though I wish it'd be a little creepier. Not quite getting under my skin. But that's just the horror-fan in me speaking. Rewatching Hanasaku, huh. That sounds promising, if you're revisiting it so soon. I loved what I saw as well (which was only like 5 episodes), but that's a nice indication that it stays pretty consistent throughout. I very much got the feel of a live-action drama when I watched it, but with some anime sensibilities added.

    Yeah. The romance sucks. No chemistry, and no believable reason they'd be wildly in love either. I also find it downright creepy that Anakin as a little kid "thought about her every day." I don't want to know any more about that, and luckily, Lucas obliged me by not elaborating on why it is that they're in love whatsoever. As for the Gungans thing, all I have to say about that is... "Leave a comment on my webzone if you want me to mail you a pizza roll."

    That's perfectly fine, of course. You know me, I don't care if people hate everything I like, but don't you dare like something that I hate!
  2. Soverence
    2012-11-14 11:37
    I know what you mean, but I always tell people don't worry about what you can't do, if you want to change something work to get yourself to a point where you can do something to help, then worry about what your going to do. But as you said there, getting to that point is about as likely as winning the lottery it seems.

    It was, and I think it was because it was slightly strange yet still interesting and funny that it made me want to look around for more. If it had been just your normal funny and cliche stuff you would expect from anime, it probably wouldn't have got me hooked so to say. Well we were just told it was all cartoons, not like we would know any better as kids. Ahh, that is a pretty good series as well, so it doesn't shock me it got you interested. Lol, oh those days when the law had not caught up with the internet yet, how you will be missed.

    I know right? that might be the reason, it makes sense. Skype still is generally liked just because it has a really nice set-up honestly, the layout for the friends list and how to add people is so easy and well designed compared to a lot of the other call/im programs that are out there.

    Yeah, but I usually end up skipping opening just because I marathon anime and it gets repetitive more then I dislike the opening, but there is still a decent amount out there that are not good. The easiest examples are the opening to all the big name animes (Bleach, Naruto, OnePiece) , well they had a few good openings, I noticed most of them were actually pretty bad overall. Yeah, it was really just ambient music, which I don't have a problem with it being that but I just don't think it went all that great with the opening. Well they are suppose to do different things for the series, as stand alone pieces they are fine to compare I think. Honestly, the first ED to Monster is the only ED i actually listened to at the end of every episode, I thought it was that good.

    Well that is because Toradora was such a roller-coaster of emotions, the first half was really light hearted and silly but then became really serious and emotional into the later half so they had to change the music in order to fit those tones. But yes, I will agree that it did have a wide range of music, it just felt a little hit and miss for me with most of the hits happening for me in the like 6 episode Christmas arch.

    It was not the best series, but it was still a really fun series to watch as you said. I know that she became a little better at the end, and honestly I don't even totally blame her for killing her family because of all the stuff they did to her I would probably kill my family as well. What made me think of her as crazy was when she like kidnapped Yuki and has him like tied to chair naked and was like spoon feeding him its just like, no, this is wrong on so many levels. Yes, I will agree I would rather have the psycho liking me then hating me but it doesn't change the fact she is a psycho xD. Maybe I am just not a huge fan of Yanderes, the only Yandere I kind of like at all is Ayase (from OreImo, again) because she is not that bad but still a little bad, but most Yandere's seem to be down right insane. Yeah, that was about it for that OVA xD.

    Yeah, it was overall a good trilogy, I Would have to say the Joker was the best villain easily, just because of the interactions between the Batman and the Joker if for nothing else. Bane was a really awesome villain as well, but honestly not a lot happens directly between Bane and Batman, there is like 2 fights between them, one Batman loses and one he wins. Bane does a lot of things that hurt the people/city around batman more then he does him.

    Speaking of trilogies though, as pretty much everyone knows by now, they are coming out with a new Star Wars movie, how do you feel about that?
  3. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 02:53
    Nah, I'm actually unemployed right now. The "work related business" I had today was just a workshop about job interviews. I really need a new job soon.

    Well my bud is going to be bringing both of the Zone of the Enders games and I plan on giving those a try. Also may play some Hydro Thunder Hurricane and anything else we think of on a whim.

    The highlight is definitely going to be Dokapon Kingdom though. Oh the rage that game has generated amongst my circle of friends.
  4. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 02:09
    That was certainly cutting it close.~

    Nah not today, had business with work related stuff. Friday night will be "party time". Planning to take a friend out to a bar lounge for two or three hours and then return to my place and we'll game overnight.
  5. SilverSyko
    2012-11-14 01:58
    Just in time.

    Thank you sir.~
  6. Echoes
    2012-11-13 23:07
    Greed is cool too, and another whose take was very different between his two incarnations. I actually sort of like To Love Ru, but it's definitely a mixed bag with a lot of stupid humor thrown in. Amazing character designs really helps that show. That's a neat idea regarding MAL, I'd like that. Don't know if I'd actually be able to rank them like that, or if I'd end up obsessing as much over that, though.

    I just mean that you actually remember all of the songs from each series, while I don't, so you have a thorough comparison to make, while mine is incomplete. I'm pretty sure I'll still prefer the original if I go back and listen to each song from both series, but you never know.

    I probably will. And that's bad! Terribly bad! Dirty Pair is so filled with 80s fun sci-fi adventure... ness. It's amazing. But not something your average modern anime-fan will enjoy, I think. I didn't even think about it, but both of those are by P.A. Works, aren't they? I better get to it.

    I agree with everything you said. Episode II and III had their moments. They were filled to the brim with dumb dialogue, Anakin in particular acts so much like a spoiled child that it's downright hilarious. "It's not fair!!!" "I'm gonna be the strongest jedi ever!! >=((((" Surprisingly, I liked Episode II the most, which I remembered thinking was the worst back then. Like you said, the romance feels so unnatural and out of place. The only character I really enjoyed was Obi-Wan. Except when he was yelling excessively at Anakin, that felt shoehorned in just to give Anakin a reason to hate him. The Phantom Menace, on the other hand, was completely unbearable. There was no silver lining at all, the first half hour in particular was so excruciatingly bad that I almost cancelled the project outright. Sitting through that was a test of endurance. Oh, and there were two jokes involving Jar Jar and shit. TWO. I might want to catch the originals in the theater as well, that'd probably be really cool.

    Heh, I can't help you there, I likely still have my old, undoubtedly low-quality fansubs lying around somewhere. That's too about the openings, but hey, at least they're not really indicative of the series in any way, for better or worse. And most of the endings are, if I recall correctly, more mellow, like the show itself.
  7. Echoes
    2012-11-13 07:42
    I think there's something to that. It's been too long since I've watched the original to go into great detail about this, but something about the way the homunculi were integrated into the story worked better for me in the original. They are of course more central in the original, since there's fewer antagonists (and some different homunculi, even), but their stories really felt important. Wrath in particular I enjoyed as an anime-original character, I thought they did great with an improvised story in that regard. He is insanely bad-ass in Brotherhood, though, can't deny that either. Great villain. I think that the .5 rating system can aid in alleviating some of the problems I have with ratings, but not all. I have trouble quantifying anime, especially good anime. Not always, some shows easily fit into the predetermined slots, but many don't. It's something I probably put too much thought into. I guess some of it is just guilt when I don't enjoy something on a visceral level that I can see is good from an artistic standpoint. (I mean, I don't feel too bad giving To-Love-Ru a 5, I think even I'm qualified to judge that.) Another part I dislike about it, and this too is largely something that comes about due to my own mental tics, is the equating. I do it to myself too. When I'm trying to figure out what rating something deserves, my mind will sometimes wander to other shows and I'll start thinking "oh, no, this isn't as good/bad as that I guess...", and that's such a pointless exercise. Each 7 you have will never add up to exactly the same quality across the board, at least if you've got a substantial number of them. In summary, obsessiveness is bad, but I do it anyway.

    You've got a much fresher perspective on this than I do, so I won't attempt to mount any sort of counter-offensive. The original's music, much like the show itself, simply stuck with me a little more. It was sort of a gateway for me into more Japanese music, outside of just hearing it in anime.

    I so shouldn't start watching another show. That's the last thing I need! But you caught me at a very opportune time. I'm trying to go back and experience older shows, since pretty much everything I usually watch is current, and I'd like to broaden my range a bit. It's mostly been movies and short OVAs, but I could probably squeeze CCS in there at some point. I'm watching Dirty Pair right now, and that's pretty awesome. Maybe when I'm done with that. But I've also got the unfinished Another and Hana-Saku Iroha sitting here on my hard drive. Oh boy...

    On that topic, I've actually started trying to rewatch every Star Wars movie, from prequels and up through the originals. I haven't seen the originals since I was a kid, and the prequels not since their initial release....ish. It's been fun! Sort of! But the last thing we need is another nerd rambling about Star Wars online, so I think I'll save it.

    Oooh, I like that. "Am I not merciful!?" I love that movie. Sorry to drag your historical reference down to the level of a philistine.

    Shaft, while doing only adaptations as far as I know, still bring a lot to the table with their visual flair and unique style of direction, which can add a lot to certain shows. Which brings us to your question. Perfect segue, actually.
    I believe that Hidamari Sketch is the show that benefits the most from the unorthodox, artistic direction Shaft employs. The girls in the show are attending an art school, after all, and a lot of the show consists of them thinking about what to write, panting, drawing, viewing art and such. It's a thematic match made in heaven. Answering your actual question: I adore Hidamari Sketch, and I think there is a good chance that you would too. It's a relaxing slice of life with amusing humor, cute girls and a general vibe of positivity and joy. It's not hyper-active, like Yuru-Yuri, and though you'd think it'd be very similar to K-On because of the premise, due to the direction and style of humor, the mood ends up being very different. A lot of people love the Hidamari girls and find them super-moe in their own right, and I'd to agree to an extent, but the show is actually quite understated in its moe appeal, I think. Maybe I'm crazy. If I were to use one word to describe it, it would be charming. There's this wholesome enjoyment to everything, and the character chemistry is great. That's probably enough out of me for now. Don't want to over-sell it. The fourth season is going right now, and I'm enjoying it a ton. It's toned down the visual panache a bit, but the quality and enjoyment gleaned has not deteriorated one bit. Oh, and the openings are AMAZING. All of them! Damn it, I said I wasn't going to over-sell it.

    Thanks for the info! (A new low has been reached, I ran out of space for this post and had to shorten it. Sorry for the flood. :P)
  8. Echoes
    2012-11-13 03:08
    Both series have their merits for certain, and I am largely in agreement with you when it comes to preferring the original. There's something magical there, I just wish I could put my finger on it. The journey feels more personal, and less epic, maybe. Might be something to that which makes us connect with it on a more emotional level. That's still a really vague explanation, though. In general, your point of not comparing things side by side because they have different appeals is well taken too. I think that with a remake, it's fair game, but it's still a practice that is used far too often. Although I rate most series I finish on MAL, I have mixed feelings about rating systems. They create this metric that leads to a line of thinking which, while it logically follows in a sense, doesn't end up holding true. "Oh, so you rated this 7, and this 7, so that means you think they're equal." Doesn't leave a lot of room for nuance, and it feels almost mean giving a low rating to something which had good elements to it but failed as a whole. It's not practically feasible, but I'd much rather like to have a paragraph or two of text as a "rating."
    I feel like there's a big "but" at the end of almost every one of my ratings, probably except for the very best and the very worst ones.

    I actually think I prefer the original when it comes to theme songs. But I'd have to give it some thought and revisit them all. I remember liking all of the original ones, except for Ready Steady Go, if that's what it was called. Which is a little ironic, since L'arc en Ciel was one of the few Japanese bands I already liked and listened to when I first watched the series some 6-7 years ago. "Period" from Brotherhood is amazing, though. Really set the stage.

    Ah yes, that's quite like how Sailor Moon is for me, then. It's a project I've been at for over a year, I think, and I've watched maybe 60 episodes. It's the perfect show in small doses. (Except for the ending arc of the first season, which really takes the series to new heights.)

    Oh, man... That's harsh. I love Jurassic Park. You're deprived of one of the few movies where CG doesn't suck and ruin everything. You still have The Phantom Menace to enjoy, though, so never despair!

    That's the litmus test for what constitutes a good series, then? If it's good, it stays, otherwise, it's into the trash bin with ye! That's more than enough of an impression for me to make my decision. I'd only pick K up again if it got really good, since I disliked just about everything I saw.

    You're right, Gainax isn't necessarily some bastion of originality. They have a few flagship titles that were revolutionary and ingenious, but they also have a lot of less remarkable shows in the lineup. They have a knack for breathing new life into old concepts though, and that's what often makes their shows compelling. Not that I'm a Gainax expert, I've barely even seen half of their lineup.

    That's true. Watching anime should take precedence. Otherwise it'd be contrary to the spirit of the blog! Thanks for the explanation. I figured Youtube wouldn't be too good, but I didn't know of any alternatives. I've made an account at Kiwi6 now, and I'll see if I can't get that stuff working. Plan B will be to beg you for the help you offered.
  9. Soverence
    2012-11-12 19:51
    Yeah, can't be more happy about anything then that, there is still a lot of places in the world where people don't get the chance to have those basic / simple things.

    OreImo was actually the anime that pretty much got me into anime, yes I had watched anime on tv before and even a few series on my own, but nothing ever stuck to draw me in. I am pretty sure everyone has like that first anime that really drew them in and wanted to make them watch other stuff. Yeah that is the good thing about skype, its got video, audio, and text chat so basically you have every form of chat that there is. I know, sometimes I swear you just lose connection with Skype for no apparent reason or the messages just won't send, but hey its a free service for the most part so I can't really complain.

    Yeah I hear yeah, I usually do that with whatever anime I am watching at the time or most recently watched. That is assuming I like the OP but it has been awhile since I downright hated a OP. The last time I remember really pretty much hating a OP was the OP to Monster which is pretty funny considering I think that is one of the best series ever made. I don't know if you have heard that OP (Or seen the anime) but it was just so dull (The OP, not the anime), it was meant to have like suspense to it but it just didn't work and was not interesting. When you compared it to the fantastic ED that the anime had as well it seemed even worse of a piece.
    I thought the music they did for the Christmas arch was the best along with the OP/ED, but besides that I thought it was all average. It was, I am pretty sure Oasis made that song for the anime though if I remember correctly, so that is why it fit so perfectly to the anime.

    It does do a lot of things right and the characters, well all being downright insane, are still made very well and interesting enough that you want to see what happens. Yeah, the fact that Yuno was the "villain" at the end was actually a pretty smart move, but my god I wish she had just died, I don't care how depressed Yukki got, I really just wanted her to die. I think it will be awhile before we see a Yandere as creepy as her again, or at least I hope so. Exactly, my point from the start, the level of fanservice they had was just way too high and it became obvious that instead of being a action zombie show it was a show made for teenage adolescent boys to faw over. Okay, I will give them a free pass there, because lets be realistic, a decent amount of OVA's are just fanservice for the characters that are most popular.

    Yeah, saw that at the midnight release, kinda sucked for me though because I had spent the day at a water park and somehow decided that walking around with my shirt off for 12 hours wouldn't be a bad idea, needless to say the sunburn was quite distracting well trying to sit still and watch that movie -.- .

    Honestly I remember times where the movie theater at my mall wouldn't even have people check to see if you had a ticket, they had people at a concession stand and that was it, you could literally just walk right past them, I never did because that is just the kind of person I am, but I saw people just walk in there all the time. I don't think something like that would ever even have a remote chance of happening a the present time. Honestly its so stupid, I wouldn't have a problem with buying theater snacks if they were just a little over-priced cause then I could say "oh they need to make a profit off of it and I don't mind spending that little extra", but when they are charging like $5 dollars for what would cost about $1 at a regular store and its just like no, that is insane.
  10. Echoes
    2012-11-12 12:06
    [Fucking huge post en route. I tried to limit myself, especially when it came to Evangelion, but looking at the overall size of this post, I clearly failed.]

    Yes, I think it's possible for something to be inferior even if you connect with it on a deeper level. The reason I think that is that there are many different reasons that could determine how well you connect with a show, many of them out of the show's control, such as what stage you're at in your life, your fandom, or even just what sort of mood you're in that week. There's also the first impression thing when it comes to remakes. Whatever was the first way you experienced something tends to be your favorite. Of course, if someone is able to make a positive emotional connection to a show, for whatever reason, that's great, and I'm not trying to say that stuff isn't important. I just want to try to be as fair as possible when comparing the two incarnations, and strip away *my* personal circumstances and bias. Now, with FMA I'm genuinely not sure which, if any, of these things apply. I'm more emotionally attached to the first, but I'm not able to pinpoint why it is I feel this way, perhaps because it's been so long since I've seen it. The only reason I even wonder which one I think is the best is because the margins are so small; I loved both. Still, Brotherhood lacked some of the emotional impact of the first. Is that because I've seen a lot of it before? Is it because it doesn't measure up to some subconscious image of "how things should be in FMA" that I've constructed? I don't know. Regardless, I'm going with my gut on this one, and at least as my *favorite*, I'll point to the original. Maybe when I rewatch it one day, I'll find the answer. Trivial though it may be.

    Oh yeah, Triangler is a great song! Haven't listened to that in a good while. Still want to watch Cardcaptor Sakura someday. But starting anything that long is a major commitment with all the stuff out there. Someday I'll get here.

    Dinosaur parents. You're living the dream of every 8th year old in the world.

    That's about what I expected from SAO's future. It's not that I think it'll be terrible either, it's just hard to pick up again when I know it won't be as much fun as I had in my first cramming session with it. Oh well, this sure is a silly complaint, I'll watch it eventually. 700 MB for a TV episode is really, really big. How's K holding up? I didn't keep up with that one, it felt like it was trying real hard to be "cool" and just rubbed me the wrong way. In a less packed season I'd have given it more than two episodes, so I'm curious to know if it's gone anywhere interesting now.

    Ah yes, I completely get that. When the references make you think "Damn, I wish I was watching that instead", something has gone terribly wrong. Gainax has always been a bit of a unique studio. They started as a group of highly devoted fans, I believe. I still haven't watched "The Wings of Honneamise", but I really, really want to. Their shows have (well, had, I wouldn't say they make remarkable stuff currently) a certain special charm to them. And of course, who could forget the "Gainax ending"? I'm glad you're finding something to enjoy in Evangelion. I could go on for days about that series. I won't though, don't worry. It's too personal of a show for me to really evangelize about. If the show doesn't connect with you on a very personal level (say, if you, as many people do, hate Shinji or the rest of the cast), then the show will likely be an unrewarding experience. This isn't me trying to be some elitist prick claiming that the unwashed masses simply "don't get it!!", it's just that kind of a show. Some people find it incredibly rewarding, even enlightening and emotionally curative, while others, whose experiences and outlooks don't line up with any of the cast or themes being explored will probably have a miserable time watching. That's without going into the actual merits of the show on a non-emotional level, a discussion which is typically eclipsed by the opposing factions of "Evangelion changed my life" and "Shinji is a pussy and the show is pretentious garbage." That's hyperbole, of course, but I do think that Evangelion is one of the most polarizing shows in anime history. For that reason alone, your more nuanced opinion is appreciated.

    Cool, cool. Giving yourself a little bit of a break (well, compared to last year, a post a day is still a commitment, not to mention picking the songs!) while still spreading the gospel. It's decided then, I'll definitely post something music-related too. Hopefully soon. I had a question about that. You always post those nice playable links, but I presume that's because you're using your external mediafire account to host the songs? Since I don't have that, that'd make it a little difficult to actually post music. What's a smart solution, a Youtube link? Or is that sort of practice frowned upon?

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