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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Kev-kun
    2010-11-17 03:05
    Haha it's always that age of music where its at its best!! Whereas now its just stupid repetition and electronic sounds!! (excuse me!)

    Haha well i got 89/96 in total, full marks for non-cal(30) and 59/66 for cal!! Very HAPPY!! ^^

    Woah she's faster than i thought!! Haha no probs although she looks like she's gonna strike again!! Awww.... She's so cute!! Guess that would be a good solution... if only this was one of those butler matches

    1. Haha I laugh too loud, but rather strangely... But i find that quite amusing about myself

    2. Um... yeah sure.... Any idea on whose gonna join?

    3. Ah right better concentrate on what's happening, in the mean time I'll try to calm her down!! *Breathes slowly* here goes.... *approaches Hinagiku-san*

    4. Haha that's a TV show i presume? Sounds funny!! But yeah worse place to go!!

    Yepthereismusicsoundlightspeednow!!. (Confucius say... this is not tiring, but very confusing!!) Haha ya sure do!! Oh great here we go again..... *makes road runner sound thingy..ZOOM!!!*
  2. Kev-kun
    2010-11-17 02:32
    Haha that's good to hear!! ^^ I'm doing quite well Thanks...

    Haha yep all the important stuff is done!! Just got my math results today!! (God my teacher is fast once again!!)

    Um... Thomas-senpai... Um... Yeah she is cute when she's mad but look

    1. Haha my friends think I'm odd because I have a strange sense of humour (I practically laugh at anything that's funny )

    2. EH?!? Your serious about this... *picks up guitar, violin, keyboard, flute and castanets!!* Haha... Um.... No multi-tasking allowed!!

    3. Hehe I guess i made a fool out of myself

    4. Ah i see.. Well of course it would!! *Shivers also* Haha the big City is always busy Guess it would be a pain to drive there

    Speedoflightsoundmusic. Haha, That's impossible you can't have 8 fingers... Hm... This anvil came from... *blurry vision* um can you read it?
  3. Kev-kun
    2010-11-17 00:55
    Hiya Thomas, hows it going?

    *phew* free from the important subjects... now the annoying unimportant ones (jokes i have no idea...)

    Haha i suppose that's what people think nowadays...

    Hm..... Wonder if i should help *Hinagiku jeers* EEP!! Eh.... Doushio?

    1. ^^' Um.... What do you mean by that?

    2. Hm.... contest, contest.... Music?

    3. Eh? *pats head* WHA?!? *blushes* it was there the whole time.... *hides in corner* embarrassing.....

    4. Haha i see... but shouldn't the northern be beyond freezing? You know near the north pole=freezing? Ah sorry... I forgot about that.... Ah so Toronto is in Ontario right? Haha that's cool!! What's it like there? Different to where you currently are?

    Light/sound Speed: *Stretches left* I'll join in ^^ Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go.... What one thing... you have 8 fingers? *Anvil crashes on back*
  4. Kev-kun
    2010-11-16 04:33
    Hiya Thomas.. Taking another break at the moment~ so how are you?

    Um... Sorry but did i really confuse you? Well all i can say is i go to a Catholic school so yeah.. Science and history tomorrow ^~^

    Eh eh?!? Hinagiku-san calm down please... *she takes wodden sword out* AiYYEE *scoots to hide* you can deal with this..

    1. Haha odd people always seem to always affect others don't they?

    2. Definitely not.. Dont want my eyes to burn again..

    3. Eh?!? Huh? What is it?

    4. Haha insee.. I cant adapt to the heat atthe moment.. I mean from 16 degrees all the way to 29 is a huge jump.. I just can't adapt to the heat.. But strange how the cold never affects me... Hm.. Ortanto.. Ortanto.. Is that northern? By the way if you dont mind me asking, what state is toronto in?

    Light x sound speeds. ^^' um.. Im sure you just stretch your chord playing hand..
  5. Yuno
    2010-11-16 02:52
    It's okay don't worry about it.
  6. Yuno
    2010-11-15 19:09
    What can be money, become the laws which can even doom a man to death, yet it can create the seeds of love?
  7. Kev-kun
    2010-11-15 07:00
    True that Thomas-senpai short breaks are essential for good study

    Yeah its mouth full!! Well lets see... English and religion tomorrow..

    Huh? It is?!? *turns around* *ARRGGHH* KAWAII!!! wait who are glancing at again?

    1. Definitely not!! Well unless your a low lifeweirdo who wants that..

    2. Here ya go *hands eye drops* sigh my eyes are still burning..

    3. Haha thanks... *doesnt realise glasses is ontop of head* somethings strange about this..

    4. Yeah it really isnt!! *sigh* cant believe i would get another cold, and he exams are on!?! EH!!!!! You call that decently cold?!? That's FRRRREEEZZING!! Well since you live there, guess your used to it.. Um.. If im not mistaken but your from british columbia right? Which is southern canada if i aint mistaken..?!?

    Light speed * sound speed. yeah azusa's strtching exercises should do the trick!!
  8. Kev-kun
    2010-11-15 04:00
    Hi thomas-senpai.. I appreciate you understand the situation.. Well im replying to you now since im having a short break ^^

    well im doing quite fine but exhausted from my first exam.. Well 7 to go

    Haha yes i will stay strong!! Eh!?! Why do you suspect Hinagiku-san? I mean the super-intentent is the suspicious one... *looks at hinagiku* ARRGGHH!! CUTE BLAST!!

    1. Haha yeah apparently according to my teacher, its a matter of life and death if you dont follow the procedures these things happen...

    2. Um.. But doesnt that make your eyes worse?? Dont cry out the pain, please!

    3. *hits head* Ow ow!! That's gonna leave a mark.. Why did you do that cliff!! Its not very nice.. *trys to stand* now where are those glasses?

    4. Well not really.. Since the temperature is highly unpredictable (like today) it varies and goes hot to cold and vice versa... So yeah this also causes colds and sore throats and shivering.. Take this for example... Yesterday was 34 degrees now its 19 degrees :0 Is Canada really cold??

    Light speed. *stetches for note* *twitches* *sigh* i give!!

    5. Haha good luck!!
  9. Kev-kun
    2010-11-14 04:43
    Hiya thomas, once again sorry for the late reply... Busy with exams.... Which reminds me... ITS TOMORROW!!!! Well its only math

    So how are you anyways?

    Haha gotta love reenacting, more please!!

    Yeah asthma since i was little... *sigh* wish i didnt have it... *looks at That guy hayate defeated with a gun around episode 24* what about that guy? You know the one that wants nagi to cry and apologize?

    1. Hm.. I think you should take it back.. His fault anyway but yeah he's fine...

    2. *gets eyedrops* ahh... Much better...

    3. Why the heck is that light continuously flashing?!? PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!! SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES!!! hm.. Where is that light *crawls on ground, trying to find glasses* here glasses where are you?~ lights coming from that cliff over there... Glasses?!?~

    4. *one hour later* um... Are thy ever gonna blow away?*shivers even though its 32 degress celsius*

    Light speed. Haha words are sooo evil!! Oh you dont know?? Its E string 4th fret, A string 10th fret, D string 1st fret, G string 20th fret and B string 1st fret... Its easy!! *shifting eyes*

    5. *bows* Arrigato to you too!! ^^ lets do our best!!
  10. Kev-kun
    2010-11-13 02:50
    Haha... whats a little longer?!

    Haha well that was 7 laps... about 140 metres.... so yeah its not really that bad and it begins slow.... i only managed 30 and then my asthma started working up... (Btw that is an average amount... ) And yeah wonder what kind of mad man made that test?!?

    1. Yeah, quite unfortunate.... but i think its his fault... I mean he was playing around with the machine....

    2. *blinks at the same time...* Eh?!? lol don't worry it's a tie... What a coincidence

    3. *Blinded by light*ARRRGGHHH!! They're too awesome.... Why the Heck was there a bright light? Oh really? that's cool

    4. *dream bubble* so lets see if it were falling snow you would get slip on a road... If it were to be a lot of petals on the road..... AIIIYYEEE!!! YOU WOULD KILL THEM!!!

    Speed of light....(What we're using words now?) Eh..... No idea..... I think its like this *random hand shape...*

    4. Haha yep good luck!!

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