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  1. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-10-13 05:34
    Its okay at first I didn't know either... thats when I noticed Visitor Message, and a person was taking about a message... or something like that

    Yeah thats true, its what makes us unique in our own way ....
    Yay.... I am kind!! thanks
  2. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-10-13 05:22
    VM means visitor message Its okay I am the same when it comes to the obvious, but you have guts to ask, I don't

    you are too kind.... I am jealous...
  3. Yuno
    2010-10-13 05:22

    Here you go *nervous* I don't know why I picked this piece =_=;; Credit for Recording: Brother Unit.
  4. Yuno
    2010-10-13 05:14
    Ah, so you wouldn't mind me going on and on and on about history. When provoked I can tell all sorts of stories. I read Three Kingdoms a long time ago, but I adore that period. Many claim it was the golden age of chivalry in China. It is a great time, but very turbulant. Heros on all three sides. We will prove it trust me, when I squeel then "run" to whatever section catches my eye. CPR isnt' very good for me, I had it done once and it only seemed to complicate things. I have a pamphelt on how to deal with me I can bring that along a Sora manual! LOL, that is exactly the image I had in my head, us pulling an arm out of the trunk, a bloody mess and acting so nonchalant.

    Hehe, they are the Zhangs and are really nice. They have two boys who are probably in highschool by now. They are really sweet all of them. I tend to lose memories sometimes (another of my complications) and so their name slips my mind. It's my favourite resturant in town and completely vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for ten years this november. I took the vow at a temple to never harm anything again- it is why I am afraid when people are violent. I don't recall the movie, but it showed the parents like that. It stuck with me for so long I still feel warm also thinking about it. That is the kind of closeness I need.

    Hehe, yes so Black Death joins Cherry Abomination for husband's relatives he hates. They're by no means poisonous, but they are just so subpar. Tea ceremony is very close connection with the tradition and the participants as I would be offering myself completely in the service of those attending.

    The 18 Talents Are:
    1. Story Telling (Poems, stories) *
    2. Singing (Mostly lullaby) *
    3. Traditional Dance *
    4. Musical Instrument Competience *
    5. Flower Arrangement *
    6. Formal Dinner Arrangement *
    7. Medicine Training *
    8. Tea Ceremony *
    9. Massage *
    10. Cooking *
    11. Interior Design *
    12. Seamstress *
    13. Caligraphy *
    14. Chess, Go, etc. *
    15. Philosophy/Religious Knowledge *
    16. Kungfu
    17. Gardening*
    18. Painting/Drawing*

    There they are~ directly translated too :3

    I feel bad for them too, while we are after the criminating photos we can seek out a kinder gentler Jason haha.

    Oh god, I blush a lot, when I meet someone for the first time and they are nice to me I am perpetual blush. Then it slowly dies down until they say or do something. I am the type that hides myself and squeels if it's too much. Usually it's a small group who make me blush, but you seem to be quite masterful, so I think your streak would end if we ever met lol. Hehe, Zhao Yun Zilong was very kind and gentle before he was a worry, he was truly amazing because he was very good to his wifey, his lord, his friends, his fellow comrades. It was once said "If I had more like Zilong I would never struggle again." I agree with Liu Bei. So much history there. I am more of a Zhen Ji myself~ XD.

    I am glad that you shall not damage yourself either, let us strive to keep ourselves clean and pure. There is enough poison out there. To me those who cared about me and those who care are the most important people to me. As well, I do think about it often, but I am reminded of the dream I had and I keep trying my best. The second dream thing again hehe, that tag is a reminder to me to not get too down about my problems. 130, 5'9 hmm, you should be 140, Sora's special Chili with taco shells will solve that~ You are right, beauty is everywhere, it is in the things they do, the things they adore, the people they surround themselves with, and the people they love. Beauty comes from their essence, if you want to place it with Tao they say we all come from a divine pure source, which means we are divine and pure by nature. We've just lost our way a little~
  5. EnchantingPrincess
    2010-10-13 05:00
    sorry about that, I can get carried away....^^
    Also... I don't think it was important....o.o
    Oh and you can really get carried away yourself with VMs huh? I seen a long O VM you did... I was like...WOW
    btw I apologize for the late reply
  6. Yuno
    2010-10-13 04:44
    Where can I upload a music file? I got a recording of my playing piano~
  7. Yuno
    2010-10-13 04:25
    AH! You know of it! XDDD How much do you know about the Three Kingdoms Period? I am very curious now! Do you want to see Chibi too? I would love to, even though it's named something else now. I agree with Shibuya, and we may as well go to Akibara too and prove our nerdness. Hmm, what else what else... We could also visit my mother and her new husband Li. Then we can see Bejing, but I was told to avoid Shanghai and I intend to. I could go into cardiac arrest if someone slammed into me like described to me. We should see Okinawa too, apparently it's a really good atmosphere~ Haha, I laughed at the "as for the arm" I got a really funny image.

    So you've had Taiwanese food, excellent. I learned from one of the best chef's around. He owns a store in Kelowna "Lake Tai" You should go there sometime, tell them I said "Hi" oh wait... XD you don't know my real name, they'd be "Sora what?" Hehe, I love italian too, I am typically loved for my calzones. I once saw it in a movie husband and wife washing dishes together it looked so wonderful, I want that XD.

    Hehe, I did name it black death, the taste was okay, but I dare not drink for the aroma was not pleasing. They say in tea ceremony part of the joy of the tea is the aroma. In the old days a patron was given two cups, one to smell the tea the other to drink it. It is rather fun doing a tea ceremony, I can't sit on my knees for long though, so I have to break tradition a little. The 18 talents are numerous I could list then for you and star the ones I can do =_=;;

    Too much manliness can be over bearing I feel. I have a cousin... JASON who is manly and he gets himself into tons of trouble. So you are quite right when you say Jason is usually involved with the aforementioned antics. I hope so too, it's so embarrassing- I tried looking for it online, but had to wash my brain.

    I'm rare too XD oh dear. I can blush all I want now I am on my own now. I think Zhao Yun Zilong when I read what you type. He was never really manly, but he was respected and one of a kind too. I am really excited that you may know about Three Kingdoms~

    You don't drink or smoke! Gah~ me neither, for obvious reasons and also because I promised my grandmother I'd stay clean. She said she wanted one girl in our family pure (long story) so I decided to follow her wishes. When she passed away I was the only one she remembered (had a brain tumor) that touched me so deeply that I am very strict about keeping my body clean. Your words are really really encouraging... I focus only on the now because I can't really see far ahead where I am right now. I could go into arrest tomorrow and that would be the end. So it's kind of scary sometimes! Weight for me is easy 95lbs. Height is also easy 5'6. I know some girls are really nervous about theri weight, but I don't care. I am underweight though. I think it doesn't apply to males because there is a lot of societal pressure on women to stay young and beautiful always they must appear young. If not they lose their beauty. I will tell you, my grandmother was always beautiful to me, age meant nothing- though guys agreed with me XD.
  8. Knightrunner
    2010-10-13 04:09
    Communication is definately important.

    What I find to be important is loyalty and actual care. Without those traits everything is down the tube. I'm hoping to find a gf like that someday.

    The more common interest and hobbies a person has the better off the relationship is. At least that is my theory. What do you think?
  9. Knightrunner
    2010-10-13 03:46
    Pawns are really important. I usually use them for people cannot touch certain areas.

    lol kind of random topics i'm picking.
    What do you think are the most important traits for a girlfriend or significant other?
  10. Yuno
    2010-10-13 03:44
    Yes, do you know about chinese historical sites? I want to see Zhuge Liang's grave, and Guan Yu's temple, and then I want to see the Great Wall (because everyone does) and then I want to visit Hefei though I don't think it's called Hefei anymore, and Hulao Gate. My mother lives near most of these areas so traveling there would be easy. In Japan I want to go to Kyoto, and then I want to see Aizen Castle, Osaka Barrier, and Kashikobuchi! I'd need a cane, an arm, and lots of fresh food~

    Hehe, I love cooking- whether it works as a plan or not it is so fun to do. It is it's own kind of alchemy and it requires a certain taste for things to be good. I love cooking all sorts of countries foods, but I specialize in Italian and Taiwanese cooking. I love it when someone talks to me when I cook. I remember a time when I would have my face rubbed clean when stuff blew up on me. I am quite messy. I also envision doing dishes with the one I love too XDDD Any chance to be a team is best I think.

    You are very very correct, some mix tea carelessly for herbal and health value, but taste and aroma is very important. One of the 18 talents is tea ceremony, and making tea properly. I grind up the herbs myself so I am very careful what I mix. I have a lavender green tea blend I made once... absolutely terrible, it smelt like black death. Hehe, that is the manliness you ever need, as well as being the pillar of support~ In my case i'd need a husband/father according to meanies.

    I know... there always seems to be a Jason involved! He got away, I am so nervous he posted them online =_=;;

    Your desire to protect, plus interest in tea, poetry, writing, and other things makes me think of the early chinese warriors during the Han and Tong Dynasties. Very interesting that someone such as yourself exists XDD rare indeed *nods*

    It wasn't troubling so much as sad, I was simply reminded of more limitations I have and such. He was dedicated and I thought we'd be together forever since we always needed each other, but my inabilities wore him down and one of which really really wore him down. He accepted all of me save for that. So it's hard, finding another feels impossible so I just focus on my hobbies and things like that. Hehe, the three forbidden questions yes indeed~ I think Age is most forbidden~ As well as saying "You're not that old" they don't see that as an compliment they focus on the "that" in the sentence too much haha~

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