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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Mute
    2010-10-07 19:42
    Ah same here.

    (Not the Yui part :P)
  2. Konakaga
    2010-10-07 19:22
    No the con wasn't canceled, just my trip was because friend I was going to be staying with is in the hospital currently, and I have no alternative place to stay [nor knowledge of the city] so I had no option but to cancel D:.

    Thanks for trying though .
  3. Luna91
    2010-10-07 19:13
    I'm great
    Half watching the Dehli olympics...half on allkpop
    How about you?
  4. Konakaga
    2010-10-07 19:12
    Thank you, I wish what I said previously was still going, but it was to canceled for various reasons so... I've been having a rather 'meh' day...
  5. LightMusicBand
    2010-10-07 04:50
    i guess you could say that my guitar sounds alright, i mean alright for my standards (well for me, as long as it sounds, it's good).

    you've been playing since 4? that's awesome. that's one thing that i really regret, the fact that i haven't studied guitar when i was younger.

    say, so how's weather there in, canada? where in canadaspecifically? (because i have a relative that lives in alberta, do you live anywhere near?).
  6. Afternoon Tea
    2010-10-06 19:12
    Afternoon Tea
    ur lefty? thats awesome! I have alot of interments i've been playing for about Half a year on guitar but for other interments about 5 years or so. um as for guitars i own i have

    Eiphone LesPual Cherry Sun Burst With Flame Top


    Taylor 200 Series 214CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    I going to upgrade to a Gibson soon, I used up alot of my money on Recoding stuff and my Taylor, i have $1500 saved up so far need a Grand more though
  7. Shizzon
    2010-10-06 17:08
    I'm doing good ^-^, sorry it took so long to accept, my college had blocked this site for a while which really annoyed me
  8. Yuno
    2010-10-06 04:44
    The internet has been really useful for allowing me to speak with people. Thanks to Hooves I have met many other people all in one day. Hehe, I am very lucky today.

    Ah, I have the second season downloaded, but haven't really had the urge to watch it yet. I liked the first one and was a little bit worried in watching the second. It is a shame that it is lacking in the music do they focus more on characters than performances and practice?

    Hehe, *shy* I can't wait to hear your version of Fuwa Fuwa time! However, I shall not rush you if you shall not rush me. I am a bit more confident in my piano so I could attempt to record that first. The Erhu will take a bit until I get the hang of it I didn't end up practicing at all today (oops~).

    You see a lot of it? Yikes that does sound frightening. For me no one in my small world lashes out. Sometimes my brother might, but he does it privately away from everyone. I don't think it is very healthy.

    It is what spurred me to play further when I saw his face. I think maybe I could play for others if they were also touched in that way. I am no maestro or anything, but it is enough for my tiny audience. I envision doing so for my whole life creating a peaceful atmosphere for those who take care of me.

    Oh yes it is quite late oh dear... I will get in trouble if caught being up this late. Thank you for keeping me company and I have enjoyed our conversation. Rest well~ Until next time!
  9. Saphira Veera
    2010-10-06 04:28
    Saphira Veera
    Ah hello... ^_^ Very fine,thank you. And how about you? Do tell me about yourself...
  10. Yuno
    2010-10-06 04:18
    I almost never talk in large groups. When my father used to have people over I used to hide in my room. Sometimes he'd parade me out and be like "This is my daughter" and then eventually I would slowly ooze back into my room so people won't notice. With peers I am the same, though I rarely encounter my peers for any reason besides school/stuff.

    I only watched the first season of K-on, but I have not seen any further than that. I liked it, but I am not feeling the push to continue. Sometimes seeing people together and having fun like that makes me a little sad. I will probably watch the second season eventually~

    If you record a K-on song on guitar can it be Fuwa Fuwa time? I like that song a lot. I'm not sure what I will record I have been juggling a few ideas. I'm about the same skill level on each of the songs so if I practice one I might be able to get better.

    When people laugh at my snubbing of them or say I am cute it makes me snub them more which doesn't help things. My family have learned that snub = displeased and they usually follow after me trying to figure out why I am mad. To the observe it looks rather odd my family calls me the "Doll Princess" and laugh at who is "actually in charge of the house." I've met someone who lashes out and he used to make me really uncomfortable. I didn't understand why something could make him that mad. In the end my brother stopped hanging around him which I am grateful.

    Performing alone definitely makes me nervous. Maybe I can convince someone to sit on the bench with me as an ornament =_=;; I suppose it would be much more fulfilling, but I hope I won't be made to perform any time soon. I remember the first time playing the piano made my father cry... it really upset me, but he told me he was happy so I kept going. So I could effect others in that way as well?

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