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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Yuno
    2010-10-06 02:07
    He is really good, I will try to encourage him again sometime later.

    I'm improving a little bit, but it is very different than piano. I am trying my best so I hope that I can make Erhu sound like in the videos. A teacher here is impossible so I have to teach myself. With piano a teacher at my school taught me after school. It does sound spooky when I play >.< I can't practice at night~

    The only callous I have is on my finger from writing a lot. I still write things in note books despite having a computer- though I guess laptop would end that. I usually wear gloves when I do chores XD.
  2. Yuno
    2010-10-06 01:55
    I as well, he is a percussionist. You only learned it in a month, that is rather fast! I am impressed that you know so many instruments and can pick up new ones. While I want to learn the Erhu I am learning very slowly. It is such a nice sound... when you are good. However, I make it sound like tortured ghosts chasing a dog around the yard.

    So learning isn't that bad? I know that from sweeping you can gain callouses on your hand is it much like that? Or worse?

    I look forward to your help~
  3. Hooves
    2010-10-06 01:42
    Well that was a quick good 6 posts I made
  4. Yuno
    2010-10-06 01:35
    Hehe, my family is also musically inclined, but more so on my father's side. My father, however, became a company leader and since dropped his talent a long time ago. I wish he'd take it up once again, but he is super busy a lot.

    I'm trying to imagine trumpet, but it might be way to difficult for me to ever do. Or I would end up laughing when trying to learn it because of how you must play it. Erhu is really fun because it's only two strings and a bow. The vibrations and how you control the strings is how you get the sound. Tearing... ripping @_@;; I don't think I shall ever learn the guitar that sound so scary to me. You are really strong to endure that I think~ I whine over the littlest abrasion.

    I would be honored to have you help when learning to read music thank you so much for offering~
  5. Yuno
    2010-10-06 01:29
    Glued is a good metaphor after all XD since you glue to things ne?
  6. Hooves
    2010-10-06 01:19
    Hmm, well alot of people lurk around my messages so its not anything different

    I'm still trying to find the best time I can, maybe I should make my account atleast before I get glued to AS for the rest of my time
  7. Yuno
    2010-10-06 01:19
    You are very talented to know how to play various instruments. I have tried a few, but I found them quite difficult. I am practicing the Erhu at my mother's request so I shall see how well I get with that. Guitar makes your fingers very calloused right? The trumpet is because you have to blow with your lips erm.. like a raspberry?

    It took two years? I should have been more patient, but I was worried about my father so I aquired skills too quickly. I should take the time and try to learn how to read music properly. It could expand my horizons. While I do learn by ear it takes a little bit.
  8. Hooves
    2010-10-06 01:11
    Thats something I dont quite understand myself at times its just something that can be dealt with by trying it again I think.
  9. Yuno
    2010-10-06 01:05
    Thank you for your kind words. I pull from ear because I can't read music, I struggle learning things like that. You have such a large array of instruments, is the guitar your favourite? Or some other instrument?

    I learned music because my father once complained that he couldn't relax no matter what it seemed so I took up the piano and played songs for him so he could relax. I had no other drive other than that, but I think my interest is evolving as well as reason.
  10. Yuno
    2010-10-06 00:57
    Hehe, I started learning piano for my family to relax and enjoy listening when they are stressed. I am curious what kind of instruments do you play? I have some talent with musicianship, but I am qutie amateur~

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