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Kiss Already, Damn it!

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  1. WBoon
    2010-10-02 05:36
    *needs to check on his usercp more often* >_<"

    I'm doing... quite okay, I'd say, but my short attention span keeps getting in the way of my writing. -_-" After writing one paragraph or so for my fan fic, I feel like heading to the fridge again and take another sip out of my bottle of pepsi. xD
  2. Hiroi Sekai
    2010-10-02 05:24
    Hiroi Sekai
    Oh, guitar? What do you play, and what guitar do you have?^^

    And I'm from Canada, how about you?
  3. LightMusicBand
    2010-10-02 05:22
    your welcome.

    well, nothing much. just study and guitaring i guess.

    so, what country are you from?
  4. Rhythm
    2010-10-02 05:15
    Ahh, sounds very interesting indeed. There's no way I'm not going to watch it.

    Oh okay, I'll be sure to check it out. ^^

    Phoenix Wright, hmm. I think I've seen it in stores, it's a Nintendo DS game right? Not confusing at all btw, I'm a little familiar with programming languages and programs. Although, I haven't used PWLib before. The trailer looks great, very interesting techniques/transitions you chose to use. x) All the best with creating it.

    Your plot sounds intriguing, nothing like I've ever read before. Sounds like it'll be quite didactic as well. Don't know why but it reminds me of movies like National Treasure and Da Vinci Code, hehe. Good luck with writing it!

    And thank you, it took me a couple days to make it. xD Your drawing looks great too! Very, very kawaii. Eevee was a great choice to put with Yui, both very cute! About your shading and proportioning, don't worry you'll get the hang of it eventually! IMO things such as shading and highlights make the images that much better, so don't forget to include your light-source and work from there. They'll be looking even better! =]
  5. Rhythm
    2010-10-02 04:31
    Ahh okay, anime it is! I tend not to read manga, don't know why but I prefer hearing the sounds and seeing their actual movements. :P :P But I do acknowledge that some things are best represented through manga as opposed to other forms. =]

    Impressive, it's obviously very time consuming for you. A competition? I'll have a look, maybe I can join in? Haha.

    Wow a fangame? Really, how are you planning to create it? (Software) What's it based on? :P

    A novel too? That's great! Creative writing is something I enjoy, the freedom to write about anything is a great feeling. You absolutely have to show me once you're done!

    Gosh! Freehand drawing also!? I used to draw heaps, but ever since I got Photoshop and SAI I've been drawing on the computer more. I'm still learning though, not very good, and still need a graphics tablet! Here's something I did ages ago.
    Spoiler for Mio Akiyama:
    It'd be cool to see some of your works too!
  6. Hiroi Sekai
    2010-10-02 04:30
    Hiroi Sekai
    Thank you! We'll do our best, that's for sure^^ We're basically building a community on our forums right now so people can talk about the competition; it will be like ISML for sure!

    Ah, I get it now^^ Maybe you should record both parts and put them together? It'll make your covers sound really good^^

    And you're right! I don't know how I thought of something like that^^

    If you ever visit Canada, stop by to visit! I love meeting people that I talk to online And it snows quite a bit here in the wintertime
  7. Kev-kun
    2010-10-02 04:26
    Hehe im rootin with u guys....hopefully its becomes famous like the ISML

    oh i see, the solos are pretty difficult with all the bends and stuff, Hm... i dont quite get wat ur saying, but i just kinda play the two guitar parts separately, and not make it into one part... *sigh* i should've said that in the 1st place srry...

    Haha... nah Australia is further south from the Equator.... its not really hot here... since we're in spring anyways =) haha yea those sights are gud....

    lol its got me tempted to go there lol... i like travellin its fun =) um doesnt it snow there?
  8. Kev-kun
    2010-10-02 04:12
    Haha never mind about that....

    hehe so its new =)

    Oooh!! love the plot, sounds like a lot of action and drama =)

    Ah... i see thanks for tell me =) hm..videos... graphics... so ur gettin more peeps eh? hehe sounds like fun =) hm.. characters like anime characters?

    Ouch thats pretty harsh.... but oh well... we all have bad habits is suppose.... Oh rhythm guitar =) i kinda do both so it doesnt sound mushed up if i try to make both guitars in one lol.... (i think that makes sense...) Oh ok... im gonna see ur cover if u put it up =)

    hm... same colour, doesnt sound nice, not built nice, not shiny... lol quite a few disadvantages lol, but still you got a similar gitah!! =) Lefties are cool in a way lol....

    Hm... Australia's cool, a bit chilly but it is awesome here... yea its lovely here (as you have said...) Wats it like in Canada BTW?
  9. Rhythm
    2010-10-02 03:59
    Ohh I see, hehe I wouldn't be suprised, he's a pretty good actor. x) Ah, then I'll definitely make sure Kaiji is on my to-watch list. =]

    By the way, I noticed you have your own blog and forum? You manage them both yourself? ^^
  10. Luna91
    2010-10-02 03:59
    Lol i suppose I'm glad your good at what you do, i'm sure that would make you enjoy it a lot more And the blogs been bookmarked
    I love the K-On banner in the forum, basically i just love the K-On girls
    Hehe thats funny, i can never be bothered to take those things in the first place

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