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  1. Echoes
    2012-10-22 02:32
    Hahahahahaha. Don't even tell me the context. I haven't seen that one. xD

    Yeah, it usually is... God knows nerds are demanding, so I guess it's good to have a breakout hit every now and then.

    I reckon you'd be pretty damn good at the anime version of trivial pursuit. I gotta work hard to try to keep up. I love those games.

    You've got the experience to be a full-fledged mystery-solver. I suddenly had the urge to try out another Professor Layton game today. Maybe all this mystery-talk has gotten to me on a subconscious level. In the 10 000 yen bill episode I thought they would end up having the mystery be something really mundane to create a humorous contrast with Oreki's elaborate and silly solution. (I figured a someone dropped a wallet without ID or something.)
  2. Echoes
    2012-10-21 03:06
    If you've not had to misfortune of actually seeing Hostel II, I can tell you that it is actually Eli Roth's worst movie (that I've seen) by far. So much worse than Cabin Fever, and shockingly, about ten times worse than even the original Hostel. Not even exaggerating.

    It is, but people love to jump on the hype-train. Things just snowball out of control because it's the cool thing to like currently, and that tends to not be a good thing, no matter how good the actual show happens to be.

    Characters aren't that bad, but it gets a little harder since it's in Japanese, and not just because of the names themselves. A lot of characters tend to get addressed with either their last name, first name, or a nickname, depending on who's talking to them at the moment. *That* can get confusing when you're trying to think back on one of the 30 series you saw last year. :P No one really cares about industry people outside of the top 3 currently popular directors in anime anyway. Sort of a shame, and I'm guilty of it as well. I guess some of it comes down to the escapist nature of anime in general, people (myself included) often tend to worship the art as opposed to the artists. Not being able to read the credits don't help either. ^^

    Chocolate episode was great. I'd heard several times that episode 21 was a drama-heavy one; I had expected something heavier, but I was actually happy they went with something like this. It was a nice diversion without being too jarring of a tonal shift. I actually thought Satoshi's perspective was pretty interesting too. Maybe not exactly relatable (I'd probably be fine with becoming obsessed with Mayaka; call me crazy if you must!), but a nice twist on fear of romantic entanglement that I can't say I remember seeing explored in quite this way before. Nice work putting the mystery together! I rarely try to figure fiction out while it's running (which is good because I rarely preempt the plot, and bad because there's no mental gymnastics involved in the experience), but this is the kind of show that begs for that sort of viewer involvement. I think the only episode where I really tried to figure out where they were going was the fake 10 000 yen bill episode. (And I got it wrong; way wrong.)
  3. Echoes
    2012-10-21 02:14
    Sounds familiar. He dies in the second move, though! First thing that happens (and his only scene) as I recall.

    Heh, yeah. Even when something's genuinely good, it can easily get so blown out of proportion.

    I struggle to keep up with names and terminology in general. I'm trying hard to improve when it comes to remembering industry and voice acting personnel in particular, but it often turns to a jumbled mess in my mind. I have my moments, though.

    I finished Hyouka, by the way. Great stuff, turned out a whole lot better than I expected it would. Nice finale as well, closed things off very pleasantly and stayed true to the subtle and understated spirit of the show. My favorite episodes off the top of my head were the "haunted" inn episode, the school festival arc (the cook-off episode in particular), as well as both of the final two episodes.
  4. shinku no kage
    2012-10-20 19:35
    shinku no kage
    Hey now, I plan my spending, I make sure to keep enough for living expenses: rent, utility, stuff like that, then there's food expenses, a little into savings, and then anything left would go into anime, manga, games, etc. If there isn't anything I really want then the money goes into the bank until there is.

    ...if I ever have a daughter as cute as Nagisa then I'm sending her off to a private girl's school, no man is going near my adorable daughter. Muwahaha~

    ...oh, I know how good AmiMami's impressions are thanks to iM@S2. Depending on who else you have in the unit with her then it becomes extremely hard to tell who's talking.
  5. shinku no kage
    2012-10-20 19:14
    shinku no kage
    Please, I'm not that big of an otaku that I'd neglect my own children. I'd probably end up being a father like Konata's father from Lucky Star.

    ...and no, I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, I've already spent a small fortune on the other iM@S goods, and other non-iM@S goods, coming out this week including the game.
  6. shinku no kage
    2012-10-20 19:07
    shinku no kage
    Well it worked on me atleast. I ended up getting IF and Compa, and unfortunately(?) they don't grow up as the story progresses, they're "separate" from the IF and Compa that appears in the story.
  7. Echoes
    2012-10-19 22:22
    Unlikeable protagonist? You're going to have to be a little more specific, it's Hostel we're talking about. Though I do know and remember that scene. Ethnocentrism, homophobia, stupidity and never-ending partying are the wonderful traits that comprise all of Eli Roth's characters.

    I probably converse with people much less frequently than you do about anime, so I'm rarely subjected to large amounts of hype. I think Shana is worthy of its praise, but there's of course dozens of other titles that are equally worthy that fly under the radar. With the huge amount of shows being released these days, it's pretty much unavoidable.

    You're right, that probably wouldn't be good for the food... but I'm sure they'll find a way to remedy that with their dark powers.

    There is some comfort to be found in that. The bottom of the barrel has already been reached, there's really no new frontier when it comes to sucking on the internet.

    It's been like 6 months since I watched Ano Natsu, and remembering details like that is usually not within my power. Names are especially hard to keep track of for me. I'm not great with minutia, partially because I watch a lot of stuff, and partially because my memory is probably a bit below par. Rikka says a lot of crazy stuff, and that's the only excuse I can muster for Chuunibyou. I do remember Judgment Lucier and Dark Matter Blaze, though. (Of course, I remember that she has a gun, and that Remon spiked their drinks, but I'll be damned if the names stick with me.)
  8. Echoes
    2012-10-19 19:45
    Dubbed anime in English naturally never aired on television here. Nothing here is dubbed except for children programming, with very few exceptions. I saw stuff like Pokemon and Hamtaro dubbed when I was young, but it's not like I knew (or would have cared) that it was originally Japanese. I found that Animatrix was so much better than I remember it being, it might be worth a revisit.

    There's certainly enough other shows out there to enjoy, so there's really no reason to force yourself to try to like it if it's just not clicking with you for whatever reason. As much as I like Shana, it's not essential anime watching.

    Yeah... that's... wow. That needs to be in a museum. Of course it'd cause lines to form immediately. I guess they could put up several copies. I'm going to go with those hair attachments being something edible, since a lot of stupid anime characters tend to be gluttons.

    Oh god, you had to bring up "that guy" again, didn't you... I'd love to do something, but yeah, I'd have to work up the equipment and courage. (Comparing us to the Irate gamer didn't help either! :P)

    I didn't know what either of those two things were. I guess I'm not a very good nerd... we're supposed to revel in minutia.
  9. Echoes
    2012-10-19 01:37
    I bet. I'm sure there's a lot of nice scenery, and time to relax and reflect.

    Yeah, it was pretty big on cartoon network from what I hear. I'm largely ignorant about American anime voice-actors as well, I just know the names the big names that people always bring up. I think there's just three that I can actually identify and name some of their roles. But that's not too shabby considering I don't watch dubs at all! Ironically, I actually rewatched The Animatrix today (I still hate that name), and that was dubbed, but since it's based on an American IP, it really fits. Mostly solid performances, but one in particular really ruined the scene with her ineptitude. Just one though. And it's actually a great compilation movie, I'd forgotten most of it. The list of great anime directors in the credits really shocked and awed me as well.

    If you disliked Shana in part because of its grim mood, I can definitely understand where you're coming from. Not because I share that sentiment, but because the building of said mood (which is agreeably grim, especially for a show of its kind) is one of the prime reasons I enjoy the show so much. You don't just die; you're erased from existence. Your memory is wiped clean, no one you ever knew will ever know you were even there. Not now, not ever. My kind of premise.

    Admittedly, she makes the most adorable face when she's hurt/surprised from being knocked on the head. But I can't really admit that I like that look, otherwise I'll feel bad. My favorite moment was when she sat at the recruitment stand, wailing her umbrella around and spouting her usual nonsense powerful incantations, but then was too shy to even talk to the girl who actually stopped, handing it over to Yuuta. It amazes me how something so simple (and common) in concept can be this effective at charming me. Everyone involved with this know their craft, that's for damn sure. I liked Dekimori (her being subservient to, and just as crazy as, Rikka worked very well), though I've really heard the death/desu pun way too many times already. There was even a character like that last season.

    This has to be like the fourth time I'm reminded of A Clockwork Orange during our exchanges. I'm not sure that's healthy... tremendous movie though it may be. Yeah, no attention seeking on Youtube ever ended badly... just look at all the.... great talents on that site... yaaaay.... like Fred, who made a movie... wooo. That should be our goal. Minus the being Fred part. Just the movie thingy.

    Awesome banner! *ten thousand hearts* I'll henceforth do your bidding. Long live the Queen.
  10. Echoes
    2012-10-18 17:17
    At the risk of repeating myself.. that sounds like a good time! I like trains, but I hardly ever get to ride them. Not really anywhere I need to go.

    Yeah, it aired a lot on TV in America too, didn't it? Presumably with the dub, which I'm sure a lot of people were drawn into. I've never actually heard any of, but I know it features some big names. Hey, here's something we can actually disagree on! Shana's my favorite out of the four. Its big flaw is the middle part of the second season, which for some reason decides to grind to a screeching halt as far as plot progression is concerned. Outside of that though, I love everything about that show. Zero no Tsukaima holds a lot of nostalgic value for me, but it definitely is uneven when you look at its four seasons. Toradora is excellent too, it's the shortest of the four and is a lot more even than either.

    Now you're on the level. I watched episode 3 just now, and he hit her again! I'll kill him! I'll kill him to death! Fucking great episode. I love how they added new characters to the fray without taking the spotlight away from Rikka, which was my number one concern.

    A lot of my friends have sadly heard of The Room thanks to a certain critic of the nostalgic, so that train's unfortunately departed until I can find some new ones. (Wait, screw that, I don't want to sit through that movie anyway.) Maybe you can trick your friends with an alternate title? After all, there are no actual trolls in the movie! We're on a quest to conquer the world through popularity. The media has showed me this can only end well.

    Added characteristics? What blasphemies have you uttered in this holy sanctum of our Queen and God? Dareth thou propose that she is not already immaculate; that there exist some flaw, some blemish thou seeketh to remedy? Oh foolish one, I think you have said quite enough.

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