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  1. Echoes
    2012-09-26 21:02
    Oh my, that was quite a riveting tale! I almost fainted, I did.

    Higurashi has its grotesque moments, but it's the mystery and horror atmosphere that kept me interested. Not to say that the inventive violence wasn't a nice bonus. I would never doubt your testimony, of course. The fact that you saw two prolific Japanese anime directors eating at a McDonalds in Canada seems very plausible.

    Full Metal Panic TSR looks amazing. The first season, being Gonzo, could have looked better. Yeah, those titles are challenging. Ano Hana's I might learn one day, but Munto... I don't think that's worth the effort.

    Looking forward to the rest of Hyouka then, I'll let you know once I've managed to finish it. No idea when that'll be, but hey, I'll get there. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think about Rinne. I know all about being behind, hell, I haven't finished Mirai Nikki yet. :P

    Awesome. I really liked Himawari's second song, the first one was a little bland. I'll check out Sakurako's a little later. Her entries from the first season really grew on me after a while.
  2. Azuma Denton
    2012-09-26 04:38
    Azuma Denton
    No problem.
    I am not really comfortable using fanfic from unknown people eventhough he has a solid reputation.
    Guess i'll ask around asuki then.
  3. Azuma Denton
    2012-09-26 04:09
    Azuma Denton
    Hi, known anyone in Asuki that has done im@s fanfic before??
    I need someone to write a 4-6 pages of im@s fanfic for my friend's upcoming Im@s fanbook.
  4. Echoes
    2012-09-25 20:17
    That's certainly high art compared to Queen's Blade.

    How thoughtful of you.

    Nothing but poptarts and butter-cubes rolled in sugar, right?

    Higurashi is one of my favorite shows. Latest OVA notwithstanding. The opening is nothing short of divine. McDonalds, huh... is this somehow related to your self-mutilating eating habits?

    I'm gonna guess that it was either the mechs, or the slapstick comedy that turned you off. It can be a little repetitive. Munto came and went quickly, I've never heard *anyone* talk about it even once after it finished its airing. I brought it up once, only to compare its ridiculously long full title to Ano Hana's. (Full title: Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, I think it's obvious why it's also known as Munto.)

    Oh, that's interesting. I'll be sure to get back to you once I've finished the series. The fact that the characters are dynamic could be a big plus. I'll try to catch a few episodes later tonight. I completed Rinne II today, have you finished it as well? If so, what'd you think?
  5. Echoes
    2012-09-25 16:10
    Doctor Who is for nerds. Unlike anime, which only cool and sophisticated people watch. In fact, I'm planning on bringing my copy of Queen's Blade to my next philosophy round-table discussion.

    I'm sure people have been killed for less.

    There's plenty of other painful self-inflicted injuries you could still take pleasure in. How about a little self-mutilation? I mean, do you really need both of those ears?

    Here's comes the shocking, embarrassing truth: I actually love Deen. I mean their animation can be pretty bad sometimes, but that's not a big concern for me; I'm usually much more concerned with art-style than animation. I love the much-berated Higurashi, I love Fate/Stay Night, Jigoku Shoujo, Shion no Ou, Nurarihyon, the list goes on! I'm sure you could argue that these would have been even better if animated by another studio, but that's beyond my expertise since I don't read or play any source material at all.

    Shaft and Kyoto share one thing in common, they both have one go-to director who does almost all of their major shows. For Kyoto, it's Tatsuya Ishihara, who directed Haruhi, Clannad, Air, Kanon and Nichijou. Now that's a good resume! For Shaft, you probably know, it's Akiyuki Shinbou. Everything he makes has a great visual flare and style to it. He's made so much that it can't all be fantastic, but I've enjoyed everything I've seen from him, which is probably about a dozen series.

    I can understand not getting into Full Metal Panic. It's certainly the odd man out among the Kyoto works, even more-so than Nichijou. The first season, which was done by Gonzo I believe, is quite a bit worse than both TSR and Fumoffu, which were done by Kyoto, so that's another reason it's a little hard to get into. (Though I still enjoy the first season.) In my mind, their weakest work is easily Munto TV. I haven't seen the original OVA or the accompanying movie (the only things from Kyoto I'm missing), but the TV series was not very entertaining. It wasn't bad, it was just average, which is a far cry from what I'm used to from them. Gorgeous visuals, but strange and unengaging story.

    /End wall of text studio rant

    Oh, that's a fantastic score indeed. I doubt I'll be as impressed, but anything's possible. I just hope I end up enjoying it. Favorite character, huh. That's a tough one, I'm not sure it's the "favorite character" kind of show for me. I'm more enjoying the group and seeing the mysteries unfold, but I'll give it a shot. Oreki is cool, but (and it's a high standard to compare him to, but it's the first thing that sprung to mind) he's sort of like Kyon if someone sucked the moxie out of him. That makes it sound really bad, but he still works, just more in context of the series than as a stand-alone character. That's not to say I don't like him; I do, he's just not riveting. I guess my favorite will have to be Chitanda. She's kind without being a Mary Sue, her catchphrase and enthusiasm drives the show, and she's pretty funny when she does something silly and feels embarrassed about it. (Again, helps bring her out of that Mary-Sue state that a lot of super-kind/helpful/good at cooking/cute girls tend to fall into.) I'm only at episode 10, which isn't even halfway in, so any-, and everything I say could be thrown out the window by the time I've finished it.

    /End of one more rant. Sorry about this huge post. :P
  6. Echoes
    2012-09-25 13:30
    I think I prefer a swift demise to that, thank you very much. (I think they're roughly at episode number 500 billion now?)

    Heh-heh-heh... yeah. She's pretty clever. Don't know where she gets it from. (Okay, no more taunting. It'll end badly.)

    That first one. That's the one I want. And no enjoying it!

    If you want to talk blown out of proportion, just bring up Deen in any studio discussion. That'll open the floodgates. No studio is really foolproof, but I think that there's definitely a qualitative difference in the level of consistency; Bones, Madhouse and Kyoto being the top tier in my mind. I've hardly seen a Shaft show I've disliked either, now that I think about it. (*puts on hipster hat and sun-glasses*) And I liked them before they were cool!

    I'm anxious to see how it all pans out. I'm finding myself enjoying it for now, but it could really go either way. If nothing else, it's always nice to look at. While I'm not crazy about the show yet, I respect how everything in the show is very understated.
  7. Echoes
    2012-09-24 23:24
    What is this, the summoning of the beast?

    Mari has like the best permanent facial expression. Oh, and I guess Yui's alright too... :P

    All is forgiven, assuming you'll give yourself a good few dozen of whippings before you go to sleep tonight. And none of that soft-whipping, I demand blood and festering wounds! Salt is optional, but preferred.

    They can be hit and miss, a lot of their shows tend to have similar character designs. Usually easily recognizable. (Though I tend to confuse their and Deen's shows sometimes.) I find that they rarely make bad shows, but they make a lot of watch-it-and-forget-about-it shows that never really stand out. But overall I have a very positive image of them.

    I'm finally working my way through Hyouka now, and I'm finally starting to get into it. I actually didn't care much for the first arc, the actual Hyouka mystery. I'm up to episode 10 now, and the last 4 episodes have been a lot of fun. Irisu is gorgeous. Really pushes all of my buttons. Not that that's why I'm enjoying it or anything!
  8. Echoes
    2012-09-24 20:16
    My life is now complete. Finally, I am ready to take my place in the kingdom of heaven.

    Good kids. Very memorable! Solid retorts.

    You cheeky bastard.

    Sounds good. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not at all averse to J.C. Staff anyway. They produce a lot of great stuff. Of course, they just produce a lot of stuff period, so all of it can't be good. Considering I haven't experienced the source material anyway, it's hard to imagine I'll be disappointed.
  9. Kev-kun
    2012-09-24 05:59
    Osu! Thomas how's it goin? Haven't talked in ages! Doing good?
  10. Echoes
    2012-09-24 01:46
    I shall name it... hickory-nuckoms. A name for the ages.

    Agreed. Some things are better left alone.

    Species, huh. I'm not sure I like where this is heading. No wait, I am sure, and I don't like it.

    Out of the Key/Kyoto holy trinity, I think a lot of people would agree with you that Air is clearly the weakest entry. I absolutely love Air, but I'm still forced to admit that it's a little weaker than both Kanon and Clannad. The movie had a few nice touches that I really enjoyed, and the concise approach worked well for it. It really surprised me; I sort of just watched it on a whim.

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