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  1. Echoes
    2012-10-02 04:09
    What a bitter defeat.

    You have my most sincere sympathy. Here, take all of my remaining children hearts as consolation.

    Yeah, that was just brutal. That woman will put up with anything for her mission.

    Sorry, I didn't meant to drag you into an international incident!

    I'll have to resort to uncouth methods to pull this one out. I'll go watch some Oz for inspiration.
  2. Echoes
    2012-10-01 18:50
    There's just no beating you. I'll have to taste those lemons.

    No problem. I've got elven, dwarven, troll and human child hearts in stock.

    I can understand their point of view, but for me, it's still Haruhi, and that's still a good damn deal above just average. The characters, visuals and music alone put it a step above most of the competition.

    Gee, free health care? What a novel idea! *Insert stab at the US for being just about the only first-world country without it here.*

    I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew.
  3. Echoes
    2012-10-01 04:49
    I only like caviar, oysters and dodo eggs. Well, anything that's extinct is acceptable.

    I'll get the bottle from my freezer. Anything else I should pick up while I'm down there?

    I'm not a virulent hater of Endless Eight as a whole, I just think they went way too far with it. I don't know if it was hubris, laziness or just a disconnect with me and other dissatisfied fans. If it was 4, maybe even 5 if they changed it up a little bit more than they did, I probably would have loved it. I gave the season as a whole 7 (which in my rating system equates to "very good"), there was a lot I liked. The rest of the episodes were very enjoyable, especially the ones that followed Endless Eight, and the first 3 or so episodes of Endless Eight were a lot of fun taken on their own merits. There later ones had their moments too.

    Oh, man, Canada must be a blissful place indeed. Here, saying "anime" doesn't even get you off the hook for shoplifting. And they call this justice!

    I yield, you are a far greater fan of Idolmaster than I am. I'm just a casual lover, and only of the anime at that. I might just rewatch it at some point and stump you with some useless trivia at some point though. You better watch your back.
  4. Echoes
    2012-09-29 10:19
    That's the drink of the unwashed masses. You're not doing yourself any favors!

    Glad we agree on that, at least.

    Yeah, that's a good thing for sure. Though it is sometimes counterbalanced by the second season not having as many interesting situations left. Not the case for any of those series, though. I watched all of endless eight too (though not while it was airing), and it just sapped the joy out of the series for me. It'd been cool with maybe half the number of episodes. I was so relieved when it ended and there were actually some cool episodes to follow. It's definitely a neat idea, but I stand by my statement that it was extremely indulgent, and that eventually begun to make it a chore to sit through on my end.

    I'm just a crude male chauvinist. It's not my fault, anime made me this way. That's what I'll tell the judge, anyway.

    Satan finds a way. He always does.

    In my defense, the series does have a lot of endings! It actually really stuck with me though. I was out in the woods gathering mushrooms today (found a whole bunch) and couldn't get it out out my head. I guess CRT is what you call'em, yeah. I think mine was like 37 inches, just a total beast... nigh-impossible to even move down a flight of stairs. Sort of glad to be rid of it, it *really* frees up the room. From your story, it sounds like I'm not the only one who struggles with transporting them, even the pros have trouble!
  5. Kev-kun
    2012-09-29 07:19
    Pretty good on this side (woah 4 days already ==) Holidays atm. Anythin new??
  6. Echoes
    2012-09-29 00:25
    No lemons? I give your chateau zero stars!

    Yeah. Nothing creepy about "taking people home" because you find them cute.

    That's a large part of it. Additionally, sequels often get made because the original was successful, and it goes without saying that this doesn't usually result in the same creative brilliance. Working and Yuru Yuri remained remarkably consistent, I thought. Which is a feat in and of itself. Of course, a lot of two-cour anime like that are just split up for financial reasons and are actually closer to being just one series when you think about it. I actually liked the first season of K-On a little better than the second, but not by much. I might just have preferred the shorter format. You've told me about liking Endless Eight, and when you did, I did consider crucifying you. I gave up when I realized that bringing a massive crucifix onto my cross-Atlantic flight would be a little difficult. Endless Eight took up over half the season; that's just indulgent. But hey, I bought the second season anyway, so who's the bigger fool?

    Heh, yeah. The hair color doesn't help in that department either. And, uhm, their other physical characteristics. Muginami lacks the trump card Mikuru had with the time-traveling shenanigans too.

    I imagine they probably ruin all good songs in hell. Nothing really sounds good when you're getting sodomized with a pitch fork, you know? At least I'd imagine not.

    Nice. It's a good song too, don't really think I've listened much to it before. The game looks good, I'm sure it's worth every penny. I can't appreciate the finer details of how hard it is do to, well anything, in the game, but yeah, it looks cool. I actually went to the landfill today to toss away my old television set today, it just took up too much space and I wasn't using it, so I won't be doing much gaming in the near future. The beast was so heavy it was virtually impossible to move, even with two people... but we got it done eventually, and I got the bruised fingers and knuckles to show for it.
  7. Echoes
    2012-09-27 22:53
    Tell her to suck on a lemon.

    Her laugh is great. I love the scene where Keiichi had found a needle in his lunchbox and Rena is trying to convince him to let her in. Keeping everything bad inside and never admitting to any of it is very psychologically healthy, I've heard.

    The original tends to be best, for a myriad of reasons. But sometimes we get lucky, and in anime, the odds are slightly better I've found. At least compared to movies, where the odds are HORRIBLE.

    Yeah, that's not too bad of a comparison. Aye, Muginami isn't bad, I don't hate her or anything, just sort of boring, especially compared to the knockout duo of Lan and Madoka. I absolutely loved what little I saw of HanaSaku, that's why I decided to wait until it was done airing to finish it, but it ended up working against me.

    In Clockwork Orange, great music is ruined by a horrible event, and here, horrible music would ruin..... well I suppose being in hell would be pretty bad already actually.

    Oh, neat. Damn, you're already putting a lot of effort into it. 24 tries, that sounds like an absolute pain. I'm sure Idolmaster aficionados will appreciate the little touch.
  8. blaze0041
    2012-09-27 20:59
    Looking at your current signature, I couldn't help but think of these...
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  9. Echoes
    2012-09-27 03:28
    Higurashi is almost a deconstruction of the moe character types, showing them first as cute and lovable, but then showering us with horrifying scenes of them inflicting gruesome injuries on others and just plain acting scary. I think it's even scarier to be thinking "moe" for Silent Hill than Higurashi though. ^^

    It's pretty rare that a sequel is better than its predecessor, but it does happen from time to time. I've actually noticed that anime has a more positive trend towards this than media. Nanoha A's and Nurarihyon no Mago's second season being some more examples of great positive leaps from first to second installment.

    The characters are still fun, but since the show is actually surprisingly plot-focused, I got a little bored during the build-up/scene-setting episodes of the second season. I'm not actually too crazy about Muginami either, she's such a blank slate. Whooo said that? ......
    The show is never bad though, just goes from great to decent for a couple of episodes, I thought. Sort of making mountains out of molehills. When it comes to HanaSaku I haven't checked out diddly. Barely watched a few episodes. Just talking about it makes me want to start up again though. I loved what I saw, it's just one of those things that ended up on the backburner.

    I'd probably die within the first three auditions. At that point, it'd be a blessing too. If there's a hell, they're playing Kesha and gangsta rap there 24 hours a day.
  10. Echoes
    2012-09-27 01:35
    Oh dearie dear, you're just too much.

    Silent Hill only has one moe girl though, and she's an unlockable. Freddie Mercury flying through space on a disco ball isn't even remotely unbelievable. He can pretty much bend the rules of the multiverse as he sees fit.

    I guess you could check out some of the action scenes or something since you don't mind being spoiled. TSR is just on a whole other level than the first season.

    Rinne's second season had a really slow, I'd even say boring, first three episodes, but it really picks up after that. And the characters are cool, so you can deal with the plot grinding to a halt for a little bit. Mirai Nikki isn't even the oldest thing I've got on hold, I'm still only 5 episodes into Hana-Saku Iroha. Yeah.... I really want to watch that too, just the way things go sometimes.

    You've got a good point, I just picked up on the signing sounding sort of... bad. That's about as sophisticated a criticism I've got. I should, like, be a judge on American Idol.

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