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*Graphic Designer

Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:54
    Speaking of fashion, I wore some Visual Kei stuff three weeks ago and it was pretty well recieved in my town. Kelowna might just be a hick town :x
  2. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:48
    ROFL!!! Sweet Donuts! That is still on my Ipod. It is never coming off! Sweet Donuts~~~

    Oh you've gotten really busy? I am glad you enjoyed a bit of relaxing time. I think next time I will bring more manniezzz so we can do more stuffs. I will probably have my book published by autumn, so royalties might be our funny money~ We'll see, I am still in the talking phase, and they keep sending my manuscript back with red markings (They are bleeding on my writing!!).

    What kind of courses are you working on of late? I am the curious and such~
  3. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:33
    Ah, gotcha. I'll head over to the ol' WP dashboard myself. Can't be too careful nowadays, or you end up with a CSS baby, which have HTML babies, which have Notepad babies, and so on. It's like one big internet Matryoshka Doll of babies.
    Hahaha~ I lol'd loudly~

    It did indeed, but I must confess it was such a relaxing time. OH! I don't oversleep anymore too. I'm immune to the effects of my medicine now. So I sleep the regular amount and am up in 7hrs or so. Pretty spiffy~ If I choose to ambush again, I will have more money next time rofl.
  4. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:29
    Once I figure out how... rofl
  5. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:26
    Oh whoa how cool, you have your own youtube too~ I'm going to add your channel to my channel~
  6. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:24

    You're very right. By the way did you enjoy my visit? I know it got fubar'd because of me being caught up in some stuff. However, I did enjoy my time there meeting Brody and all of your friends.

    My site is actually I changed it to be more of a self-help site for people like myself. I also do let's plays and things like that with it. I'll go about adding you. Don't worry I told my site about birth control. I don't think I am up for a bouncing baby CSS either.
  7. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:17
    Or something like that~

    (16 seconds wait time! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE, I've already died and reincarnated six times while waiting for this)
  8. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:16
    All is much better. I had a bit of a break down. Though my mother is now back in China and things are looking up for me. How are things for you? Want to link sites again? So that maybe they can have baby sites like ASKFM or something?

    I'm sorry for disappearing like that, especially after you met me in person and all. Let's just say I have been through a lot in my private life. I intend on focusing on me from now on. So that way I can meet people and engage in people whom I can love and respect and they can me~
  9. Yuno
    2012-06-18 00:10
    I'm sorry, can you friend me~ I R NOT DAB Anymoarz
  10. Patchy
    2012-06-15 03:03
    skills? hee hee I'm good at recovering XD it's one of my talent that I recently found out

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