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  1. Echoes
    2012-04-17 19:17
    You got it. Expect it in 20-30 years.

    It's true that he's not making Micheal Bay quiver with his numbers because of the low number of movies he produces, but both the Dark Knight and Inception were box office miracles, making almost 2 billion in combined. That has to be making some waves. Hotcakes are pretty good, but I dunno. I guess the same reason people say "best thing since sliced bread." Both are fine products, but hardly the pinnacle of human accomplishment.

    Aye. Anime is one of the very few fields where I'm *not* a cynic! At least not yet. xD Maybe we could trick Bores into thinking we found a ghost, and then kidnap him and force him to teach us about writing and acting?

    We're on the same page here. That sounds like a neat class indeed, reading manga and watching movies! What else are you taking... candy tasting and boob measuring?

    I know exactly what you mean. I'm just very easily embarrassed by social awkwardness... even, and maybe especially, in video form... hell, I have trouble watching his dribble when I'm *alone*

    Oh, that sounds cool. I liked Bungaku Shoujo a lot. Always felt it would have made a cool series... so looking forward to Hyouka now. I hope it's a genuine mystery show.
  2. Echoes
    2012-04-17 17:57
    Oh. Awesome. If that's true, I should have a whole bunch of good stuff heading my away soon. :P

    What I'm hoping is that the precedent will be set not just for him, but for other directors. Maybe there will be a bigger market for movies with some intellectual merit to them. I'm not asking much... just a handful of movies a year.

    Keeping it honest is the most important part I think. If one of us genuinely dislikes something, that's fine. We both obviously like anime, so the positive stuff will come naturally. We should probably ask Bores for help on special effects though. I want some of those snakes that make Anaconda look good in comparison in our video. xD

    Oh wow, yeah. I mean, I don't expect people to pronounce every Japanese name correctly or anything (that stuff's not easy when you're untrained... like me), but a little effort goes a long way... At least pronounce the right letters, even if your enunciation isn't perfect. (How's your Japanese classes going by the way, still taking them?) I think we might've created a dangerous positive feedback effect here. One of us might just blow if we keep this going!

    Schadenfreude, I suppose. :P But that's okay, because he's more than deserving of scorn. I actually find his videos really embarrassing to watch... I dunno if I could even do that with friends.

    Alright cool, I'll take a look at it right after this post. Hyouka is the Kyoto Animation one? I don't know anything about it (including when it's supposed to air ) but hey Kyoto justifies a look. They don't make bad stuff. (Munto came close, but meh.)
  3. Echoes
    2012-04-17 17:19
    I'm not sure I follow entirely, but I think you're cheering me up. I like that.

    I think he's made only seven movies, but hey, quality over quantity is easily the way to go here, especially given that there's an enormous quantity of mediocrity being produced already... I can make do with waiting a few years between each of his movies if that means I'm guaranteed a success.

    I'm pretty confident that I can bring some balance. You're a pretty nice guy, and I love the medium too, but I can have a mean streak now and then. I'll let the beast out if you're being too gentle!

    You know, I think you're right. I used to try to look for good anime reviewers, but there are actually very few. (Gigguk and Arkada on Youtube I've found to be pretty cool, YMMV) Most reviews of anime, especially newer stuff, is sadly a 15-year old doing episode-by-episode reviews of stuff coming out. And those are really painful to watch... usually just some dude or gal frantically recounting the events of the episode with a few "omg x character is awzum" inserted here and there. :P I'm liking your optimism. It's contagious.

    Hahaha yeah, don't worry about watching him, I'm sure it's entertaining in its own way. Hell, I've seen Troll 2 three times, so I'm not one to judge. :P

    No worries about that man, glad you got some work done! I'm actually writing up a season impressions thing right now myself... you got a chance to check out anything besides Saki yet? I know you weren't too optimistic about this season, so maybe not.
  4. Echoes
    2012-04-17 11:00
    At least you transform into it. It's my main form. And I have yet to discover any latent morphing abilities I might possess.

    Well, yeah, that's the way the cookie crumbles these days. Nolan is one of the very few directors who has managed to be extremely commercially successful without losing any of his integrity or depth. Inception and The Dark Knight work on several levels, serving as nice blockbusters for those in it for the ride, while there's a nice level of depth for those who enjoy more cerebral movies. (Calling The Dark Knight cerebral might be pushing it, but there's some depth there too, especially considering it's a freaking Batman movie. )

    Oh, certainly not. If we are to talk about anime, that would be pretty hard to accomplish anyhow. You'd have to really cherry-pick your topics to find something we hated every however-often-we-did-them. I like the vast majority of the stuff I finish. 9/10 shows I finish at least have a silver lining or are mixed bags. That's one thing I really enjoy about anime in general too, there's often some commendable artwork and voice-work you can mention even if the plot went completely south. Sort of an easy way to bring balance to a review if you have to.

    Angry reviewing just doesn't have longevity. It gets old, fast. The only reason AVGN kept it going for so long was because he has a ton of personality he brings into it. (Not to mention he's pretty much the guy who, if not outright started it, certainly popularized and perfected it.) I assume what we'd be doing would be more just an honest discussion, without gimmicks or "characters."

    Guh... I hate to harp on the guy (who am I kidding, I love it), but I've never really seen a bigger mix of ignorance, lack of acting and writing talent and charisma than him. It also takes a huge ego to make videos where you're the star and someone else is essentially a punching bag to make you look like a bigger man than you actually are. I guess audacity would be the word. Or undeserved arrogance. Lots of words to describe him.

    I aim to please. :P
  5. Butter Fly
    2012-04-17 07:01
    Butter Fly
    Hey there! Thanks
    It's really fun at this point of time in schools And how have you been?? Anything you are upto nowadays? ^.^
  6. Echoes
    2012-04-17 06:26
    That's right, embrace the spirit of the 21. century.

    It's probably his least known movie, which is a real shame. It's not as action-packed or polished visually as his later monster-budget movies, but in terms of composition and story, it's simply a masterpiece of cinema. All of his movies are great, so I don't mind which one people say is the best, but at least watch Memento damn it.

    Yeah... let's not go down that path. There's nothing but despair waiting for us.

    I thought he was funny, but I didn't watch that much, so he might bash everyone. Not that there are many critics I even consider above the "free to bash" threshold at this point anyway. That was probably it... he was with some obnoxious little twerp who was only there to try to make the iRate gamer seem smart and professorial in comparison. They went to the leaning tower of "Pizza." And repeated that joke... 5 times or something. It was worse than... well, pretty much anything.

    Right on the money there. It's a myopic solution to a serious problem.
  7. Echoes
    2012-04-16 15:39
    You're a super-villain, man. But hey, you need to make a few moral sacrifices to make sure you get those autographs.

    I just rewatched Memento last week. That's his magnum opus in my opinion, though all his movies are fantastic. (I've not seen his pre-fame feature The Following, but everything else.)

    Aye, that's one of the ten billion reasons why I prefer anime over cartoons.. :P

    The details aren't fleshed out yet. But science will find a way.

    Never seen anything in that installment, thankfully. I was watching a guy who reviews reviewers (pretty funny concept), and he had several episodes of the iRate gamer... he had a traveling show that was possibly the worst thing ever created. You can't even make a parody this stupid.

    Yup, intelligibility is key.

    That is a sad state of affairs, and your example is just bizarre. Don't take this as me being anti-academia or anything like that, I'm not, but it seems like a lot of degrees don't guarantee the same degree of knowledge they used to. I can't speak for other countries, but here education has taken a dive, requirements for grades going down to mask the decline in results and the prestige in having a degree slowly sinking. Doesn't apply across the board, and you're still of course much better off with a degree than without, but still.
  8. Echoes
    2012-04-16 07:42
    That does make me feel better. Always happy to spread the love.

    I knew you'd come prepared. I figured you might still need my tip, though. It's pretty much foolproof.

    Me neither. Looking forward to Dark Knight Rises, but that's about it..

    Got to love colors. Otherwise you're in trouble if you want to enjoy modern anime, that's for sure. I can imagine it being hard, I don't think I could come up with anything like that.

    They either have to take special courses to become nurses (generals and colonels can apply to become doctors and surgeons, respectively.) Executioners will have their place once euthanasia is legalized. Some people will want to go out with a bang, you know.

    Alright, sounds good to me man. The only thing about the iRate gamer I like is his name... it's actually a clever pun, but somehow I doubt he's the one who came up with it judging by the rest of his performances.

    European accents are a mixed bag, I find. Norwegians speaking English, especially if they're unfamiliar with it, sounds pretty horrible.. but it's usually at least intelligible. It can also lead to some very funny misunderstandings because the languages have many similarities, which are often overestimated by people who end up translating things too literally and getting at best something odd-sounding, and at worst an incoherent mess.

    Oh, wait, wow. He asked you because he didn't know? I thought it was to test you, haha. That's even worse. I don't know how anyone gets a job teaching without even the most rudimentary knowledge... that's actually sort of frightening.
  9. Echoes
    2012-04-15 19:21
    Oh. And here I was thinking I was going to wow you with my plan. My hubris knows no bounds.

    Certainly you cannot. You're probably fiscally responsible enough to handle it anyhow. Although I worry the moe might kill you. Just remember to look at the sweatiest, most obese guy close to you if you feel yourself overwhelmed by the cuteness and compelled to shop beyond your means.

    Yeah. I actually haven't seen a single movie in the theater so far this year. That's a tragedy.

    Oooh, nice progress. They're looking nice, detailed and unique. They really stand out. I'm not too concerned with fashion personally. It's fine if you want your clothing to make a statement, but it's just not something I'm too concerned with, at least not currently.

    Hey, science marches on man. Soon hospitals will be nothing more than sophisticated shooting ranges.

    I love how we live in a world where he gets paid.... at all. If anything, he should be fined for what he's doing. That's really cool that you're willing to wait. Just don't ever let me hold you back if you feel like diving in, that's the last thing I want.

    Well, you know, I might have embellished my part a little. I'm not Scottish or anything... that's like the Rolls Royce of accents.

    So... those are some weird questions. Spelling in science class? Why would whether they were flushed down the toilet affect whether their souls lived on (if you do indeed believe goldfish posses souls, that is)? Life, huh. I hope you taught him, because I really don't know what else to say about that one...
  10. Echoes
    2012-04-15 07:32
    I recommend a healthy mix of nicotine and methamphetamine for the first two months(or however long it keeps you awake), followed by a month of extreme withdrawal symptoms. After that, anything else you'll experience down there will feel like a breeze in comparison. Meth and cigs are pretty easy to pack too, so I'm really doing you a favor with this tidbit of advice.

    I bet. I'm sure there'll be a lot of cool stuff to get your hands on there. (Probably way too much for any non-millionaire to handle, but I'm sure you'll manage. :P)

    I hate wearing those glasses too, and like I've mentioned before, I got an eye condition that actually makes that increased darkness a nightmare to sit through. I don't even want to know what the next fad is going to be. The present is bad enough, don't make me imagine the future as well. I'll lose my marbles.

    I'm not fashionable myself. To say the least... but it looks cool to me. I think it will appeal to the target audience, and that's what matters. Real life fashion is such a cesspool anyway.

    Hey, I'm sure there are bullet wounds who did good out there. Don't be a... woundist? Maybe some guy had cancer and the bullet passed straight through the malignant tumor, tearing that bad-boy in half and saving the guy's life. That sounds plausible to me! If you're worried about your reputation, just go in costume when you perform the deed. It's a convention, it's the perfect place to disguise yourself without standing out! Then run into the bathroom and escape through your pre-dug hole. Just remember to dig the whole, that's the key.

    Red button... push.....move... Okay, got it! I can't wait to be the next iRate Gamer! We're going to have bananas falling on our heads, great jokes about animal dung, angry rants with poor grammar and no internal logic, the whole shebang! Now, as great as all that no doubt sounds to you, you might still want to find someone else, as it'll probably take me a little while to get my hands on a camera. Depending on how a couple of things pan out, I might even have to wait for my tax returns (two months from now, if the bureaucracy is to be trusted), so don't save yourself for me. Go out and have there and have fun! Then, when you're exhausted and tired of the bachelor life, I'll be there to exploit your vulnerability and pick you up on the rebound! Or at least have a one-night stand with you.

    I hope so. Maybe my, uhm, sexy accent and poor pronounciation and your rugged handsomeness can woo the internet! What sort of ludicrous questions are you asked? Just so you know, if the man asking them is in a windowless van, you probably shouldn't answer. There's never any candy... not even in the very back.

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