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  1. Ryonea
    2012-04-03 21:01
    Yeah, that's how it is. Lots of assignments every week ~_~ so although my Skype is mostly online, I use it for discussing the assignments with my friends. Thanks for the wish I really do hope everything will go well XD Oh, so you've been busy too. I guess you have a lot to do aside from the studies then.

    I see... was it because an unwanted member or something else? because the last thing I knew that there weren't any traces of conflict in the chats, and you guys were having a conference call~ so the problem originated from that call, then?
  2. Echoes
    2012-04-03 16:07
    Practice makes sadist.

    There's already the expression "Gainax ending", but this one just came out of the clear blue sky, and barring any second season, made no sense. >_<

    But visitors have such a refined taste to them. A mix of blueberries, nougat and orange, with a hint of peppermint.

    There's enough awesome characters to go around in the show, that's for sure. Hina is the most popular, so you feel a bit like a tool for liking her so much, but I was doing it before it was cool! :P
  3. Echoes
    2012-04-03 06:16
    Now you're thinking like a sadist. Get those creative juices flowing.

    You're not used to being weird yet? Get with the program, man! I almost want to rewatch some of those episodes again myself. So much fun. But that ending... Gainax are just plain mean.

    No, no. Nothing so elaborate. Just plain old gluttony. I might check that series out one day if I'm looking for something short and lighthearted.

    You've done good. Now get some rest. I read the post. The only way I'll agree to Hinagiku's fanbase being too big is because I want her all to myself! Seeing her up in that tree unable to get down... probably one of my first moe crushes way back when before I knew what that word even meant.
  4. Echoes
    2012-04-03 05:47
    I'm feeling the innovation. But where is the love? Where is the pure, undiluted sadism? That magma should be filled with poisonous spiders and anthrax!

    Agree that what sucks; Power Puff Girls? You hit the nail on the head again, hearing those titles read out loud in that hilarious voice was great. I particularly liked "Chuck to the Future."

    I got greedy. I wanted all of those categories for myself. Those sweet, juicy categories. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back and tick off every single one of those bastards. Another post? Man, you're relentless! I just read your last one, and listened to the A Channel ending. I never did see that show. Wasn't too fond of the character designs. Do you recommend it?

    (You totally picked a great topic for your newest post by the way, Imma read that real soon.)
  5. Echoes
    2012-04-03 05:25
    How long are you going to ride your disease-successes? It's time to innovate, come up with some new horrible way to afflict mankind.

    That all went right over my head. All I knows is, cars make you go places.

    You've been both version, huh. You're in pretty deep! No judgment here, of course. We looove colors and moe. That cursing was absolutely hilarious, I agree. One of the best uses of English in anime... ever. I loved how every episode title was a movie/pop culture reference too. Even though the episode often had nothing to do with said movie. xD

    Sweet. What you've told me so far is definitely not nitpicking, it's helpful stuff that actually made the article a lot more easily read and better structured. Sorry, I misunderstood how those categories worked then. But now I know... and knowing is half the battle! Certainly nothing to apologize for on your end.
  6. Echoes
    2012-04-03 02:46
    Oh, don't get all preachy on me. Just because you infected that country with smallpox. What was it called again, China? Get over it already!

    I know less about cars than just about any subject you can name. I think they have some tires and a steering wheel maybe? Also Al Gore doesn't like them because the make a lot of black air. =/

    I've never once in my life seen a single episode of the Power Puff Girls. I imagine it's... puffy and.. girly? But hey, strangely related, I watched Panty and Stocking last week, and totally changed my tune about it. Did a whole 180, I did. I was enjoying it so much despite myself. My prudish, sane self wanted to dislike a show that's all about sex jokes, (literal) filth and every bodily excretion you can imagine, but damn if it wasn't fucking funny. Also, Stocking, totally moe.

    Thanks, no pressure to do it either of course, just do it if you want and scrap it if you want. :P I'm trying to improve, but small things still slip through the crack.
  7. Echoes
    2012-04-03 02:13
    Awesome. I always wanted to be in the history books, but not until now did I consider that I could get there through non-genocide means!

    That area's too competitive and territorial. Those guys can't take a joke!

    That's commitment right there. I'm probably too lazy to go out sifting through series to find music.

    Don't be sorry, man, you were right. It does look better like that. When I laid it all out I wasn't sure what sort of screenshots I was going to use, but when they turned out to all be from series I discussed in detail, it made a lot more sense for them to appear in order. And please, do point out stuff you notice like that, I really do appreciate it.
  8. Echoes
    2012-04-03 01:49
    We'll need a search party of 50 men, willing and able.

    That's a good point. It's in high demand in certain professions and geographical areas of the globe.

    A few of mine do to, but not a lot, since I generally don't go out looking for music from shows I haven't seen. Plus you get more attached to music that has context, at least I do.

    The screenshot thing was intentional, they weren't really supposed to be in complete order, just in the general vicinity, but now that you mention it, it might be a little confusing, and easy to remedy, so I did fix it.

    There was actually a line that said "here are the good and greats of the season" before I started listing the ones I liked, but it actually ended up above the screenshot of Tsubasa, not below, which makes more sense (and was what I intended), so I fixed that too.

    Thanks for pointing that stuff out!
  9. Echoes
    2012-04-03 00:20
    It would appear not. >_<

    I can loot and vandalize like it's nobody's business.

    I'm sure quite a few purchases are made that way. It reminds me of this hilarious TheOnion clip.

    That's true. And horrible series can spawn great openings/endings as well. That I can think of several examples of. (Dragonaut, Maken-ki, Dears etc.)

    Damn, you're back in full gear, man. Writing like it's going out of style! I got to think of an opening/ending to write about, and soon!
  10. Echoes
    2012-04-02 23:48
    Yeah, sometimes you want to discuss the intricacies of a certain series' plot, and other time you just want some camaraderie from fellow fans.

    Neat. I already lit a couch on fire and put it on your tab.

    Oh, yeah. I was referring more to the ones with actual pictures of characters in... compromised positions.. on them. You know, the ones you... do ungodly things to.

    Aye, that is rare. They can often be forgettable, but rarely so out of place or horrible that they take anything away from the show. The only example I can think of off-hand is the opening to Genji Monogatari. That opening was so out of touch with the anime it felt like they just picked it out of a hat or something. I'll try to find a nice one to write about myself. *puts on thinking cap*

    I'm also writing a season review right now. To usurp your position as sole season-reviewer so far, of course.

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