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  1. Echoes
    2012-03-24 16:52
    Ah, alright, I see. My access was sort of limited as well. Looking at the bright side, that did make every gaming session I got something to really look forward to. I think we're pretty much on the same page when it comes to background, my family never even had a car, so I'm not exactly from money myself.

    That sounds like a plan. Then there's only one course of action!

    It's "unexplained anime weakening illness." I think Shiori from Kanon had the same thing. The prognosis is very negative... unless you make some great videos, of course.

    Aye. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I'm sort of envious. I need to shed some of my apathy and raise my hype-ability a little bit.

    I really do want to start writing a bit for the blog again. I'm just horrible at keeping habits... goes for just about anything. If it can be quit, I'll quit it. But it's time to get back on the horse, and whip it good!
  2. Echoes
    2012-03-24 07:51
    I think I actually got a TV around that time myself. There was always one in the living room, though, so I used that up until that point.

    It ain't easy, keeping up with everything, especially when you've got a lot on the plate. Don't feel bad!

    I've got a horrible illness. And whatever you're going to end up making is the only cure!

    I'm fairly moderate when it comes to hyping. I just don't get as excited until the thing actually hits, for whatever reason. It has its good and its bad aspects.

    I had just (finally) been thinking about it a bit myself, actually. The last two weeks I've finally gotten solidly into anime again. I definitely want to do a season wrap-up and find some shorter series to review. I want to do like a top X list too, but those are so hard to compile. >-<
  3. Echoes
    2012-03-22 05:47
    Boy, that takes me back. I remember those ads like 7 years ago or something. Back when I still watched my telly.

    Gotta set some limits.

    Neat, congrats man. You better make the best videos in the history of the internet now! I'll be expecting Mark Twain level of wit.

    You're right, telling it like it is. Let's approach with cautious optimism.

    Think nothing of it, man. I know you're super-busy. And that's great, I hope you keep it up until you've crossed that finish line.
  4. Soverence
    2012-03-17 11:09
    Probably one of the mos famous scenes in gaming history, not just FF. Alright, well I should still probably enjoy it at least then. I have a 360 and a Wii, but no PS3, I have never been a huge fan of the playstation. Honestly, I hate console restricted games, I think its the stupidest concept. I have heard of all of them and would love to try them . Yeah, whenever I ask for a great RPG to place I usually hear something about Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross I don't think is as widely known, but It was still one hell of a game. I actually played that one, and its not like I didn't play any of the campaign, but there would always come a level later on where I would be like three hours in and the two sides would be at like a stalemate. That they were.

    I think pretty much everyone watched those series as a kid. It was actually FullMetal Alchemist that got me to start watching Anime more seriously, the original language is just so much nicer. I am planning on it (I felt like I have said I am planning on it at least like fifty times in this conversation).

    Well he has a pretty out there style, even though he is called nostalgia critic, I always just viewed him as terrible movie critic, cause those were the best reviews xD. Yeah, he might be a little past him prime, but he is still a decent laugh I would say. I actually haven't been on to his site, I will have to check it out and look up all the rest well I am at it!
  5. Echoes
    2012-03-17 02:56
    Time machine, maybe. Benevolent government? Never.

    I'd love to take recommendations, but when there's so much I already want to watch that I've yet to...

    Ah, alright. I guess nothing worth having ever comes easy. 800 dollar software? I'll be... that's one hell of a price tag. Being able to access something like that should be a great boon!

    No Senjougahara? Heresy. Heresy, I say!
    Just kidding, I sort of expected that actually. I'm sure it'll still be great. I mean, just about every scene of the show, with or without Gahara's presence, is fantastic.
  6. Soverence
    2012-03-16 23:32
    Yeah, I don't know how many times I see / hear about that scene when I bring up the FF series. Yeah, I have heard that, I probably should go around and give the game a try, but I do have quite a few games lined up ahead of it. Have you every played a JRP called Blue Dragon? It is next on my list to play, I heard it was a decent game. FF runs with a basic combat style, which I never minded, but as you said it was the setting that made the game. I have played Chrono Cross but never Chrono Trigger, although Chrono Cross was really awesome (even if I barely remember it since I played it when I was like six xD). I have played Advanced Wars, but I never really could get seriously into playing them for some reason, I would always just end up making player maps with a absurd amount of units on them xD. Yeah, that was one series I did enjoy. In my opinion though, the best turn based game out there is Shining Force and Shining Force II, they were both for the playstation I believe. They had some of the best story and characters out there, they are just that unique. Vandal Hearts was another great turn
    based series, although it wasn't quite as great but still a decent play.

    I have been watching anime since I was little, but when I was little I pretty much only watched the anime that cartoon network aired in its toonami block. It was mainly common stuff like Zach Bell, Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (lawls) which just sparked my interest. Best show on there was Samurai Jack but that was a American Anime, but I digress hard here xD. I have heard a lot of good things about it. Bakugan reminds me of like a newer Duel Masters for some reason, both series just being bad. If you are going to make a game, make sure you know the rules xD. I have been reading the manga adaptation of Another, but I feel like I am not getting the full effect in the manga so this might be one of the rare cases where I drop reading the manga to go to the anime.

    I am sure you will be lol. You should watch NostalgiaCritic (I think I spelled that right), he reviews movies not games, but he only reviews like the worst movies of all time so his reviews end up being hilarious, hes like the Yahtzee of movie reviewers.
  7. Soverence
    2012-03-16 21:12
    Who knows? Honestly I think its just because everyone knows the scene where ... the angel guy stabs the girl (I am horrible with names x.x), I have never played VI so I can not say. Well the most recent games are not really even really games anymore, they are more like movies. It really is, just everything, the gameplay, the story, the characters just smell of not caring anymore. I heard that whatever company owns the rights to FF wants the developers to release a new game every single year now I am like no :'( , please god no. I have played all of the Fire Emblem games that have came to America (I have tried some of the non-ported stuff, but my inability to read Japanese somewhat hinders that experience). I have played a couple different turn based RPGs, One series name begins with a D (the title eludes me) and one called Operation Darkness which despite its bad rating and a silly story (about vampire hitler xD) I actually quite enjoyed it.

    Ahhh, nice list oh series watched there (well it is still a very massive list and impressive at least in my opinion). Yeah it was organized by score. I enjoyed Summer Wars and Angel Beats! quite a lot, I want to watch Clannad as well. I can see why it is you gave Bakugan a 4, that series is just horrible. On another side note, how is Another? that is another series I have been seriously considering watching (I have a lot of series I want to watch, just never end up actually watching them xD).

    Huzzah! All hail our lord and savior! XD. I will check them out then! If I don't have boats loads of fun though I am blaming you .
  8. Soverence
    2012-03-16 15:33
    I have heard that III and VII were the best two in the series overall, I didn't think VII was that bad, it was just a new direction in my opinion. The main problem with the FF games is all the ones that come after and especially everything past X and X-2 (those games were horrid in my opinion). I usually don't play any single player games campaign through more then once honestly, what i like best about them is the story and the surprises of it, I don't really play them for all the side collection quests and stuff. Only series I have played through repeatedly is the fire emblem series, mainly just because I love that series a hell of a lot xD.

    May I ask then what are the other four 10/10s that you have given? I have honestly probably only watched maybe 15-20 series through I would have to say. I don't honestly know a single one of those series, but I will take your word for it that she is one hell of a voice actor xD. Yeah, I have probably read a good like 150-200 series of manga, I can read a lot quicker then I can watch anime and I like looking at all the different art styles people have (well there are different styles of anime as well on that point).

    I won't xD. That guy is crazy, i love his reviews, but he does actually make some good points if you think about some of the stuff he says, even if he is mainly trying to be funny.
  9. Echoes
    2012-03-16 15:00
    It might. Maybe one day television will have less advertisement than the internet. Then we'd come full circle.

    It's been a good long while since I watched anything due to a recommendation. There's just so much around that I already want to see. But word of mouth in general affects me, so it's not like I'm an island. No man is, as they say.

    Damn, that's a lot of guys. And gals. I'm guessing the programming is going to be hardest to acquire? Sounds great that you're getting yourself that program. I don't really know anything about that sort of stuff; is it a particularly good piece of software?

    Yeah, in general, Bake definitely has the edge in just about every way. It's one of my favorite shows from the last few years. I don't know anything about Kizu except that it's supposed to be a prequel? But the fact that it's in the same universe is more than enough to make me optimistic.
  10. Soverence
    2012-03-16 09:28
    Thats what I like to hear .

    Yeah, there are certainly a lot of games out there in the tales series, honestly I like the Tales games better then most of the FF games that everyone always loves. (I will if I ever play). They make them too kiddy I guess you could say. That is true, some of the most interesting characters that I have seen do come from either JRPs or Anime. Although I really do love Alan Wake (The character and the game but I am referring to the character here).

    Okay, I think I get the general pictures of the combat system now, sounds interesting to say the least. Yeah, I would be really disappointed if it wasn't in real time.

    I have heard that, which is why it is the next to watch on my list. Yeah, I am assuming that he is a Jap. voice actor? I don't really know voice actors that well by name, I would probably recognize the voice more then anything. I still need to watch Baccano, I am more of a manga reader then I am a anime watcher so there is still a lot of anime I need to watch.

    Lol xD I heard no name what so ever. You should look up a game reviewer called Zero Punctuation (if you haven't already heard of him) , the guy is hilarious.

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