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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Echoes
    2012-02-08 06:57
    I think Un-Go's largest problem (except for its ridiculous name) was the self-indulgence of the main character. At the end of the second episode, I believe, he gave one of the most shallow and pretentious speeches, completely unprovoked, that almost made me enunciate "What. The. Fuck." out loud. But on the whole, I found it original and fairly captivating. I loved the "Darker Than Black"-like character designs too, that sort of art style is one of my favorites.

    Yeah, he's an eccentric character, and I rather like him too. I don't watch reviews all that often anymore, but he is one of the guys I do check out once I get the urge.

    Well, good on you for doing alright on the midterms, at least. That's too bad about the blog, just when you snagged someone who matched your posting capacity. I shan't push the issue, I can only hope it wasn't anything too troubling.

    Sounds like there's a lot of cool stuff going on. I've watched a bit of Zero no Tsukaima and Amagami, both of which have been largely entertaining, but none of the other as of yet. I'll try to get my act together soon. I just can't force it, you know, it has to be natural, otherwise it'll be half-assed enjoyment, and great anime deserve better than that.

    It's quite a list, man. I really appreciate it, thanks for taking the time to do something that elaborate. I'll surely check out the songs I haven't heard yet (which is like 80% of the list.) I'm sure I'll find a lot of stuff to enjoy, thanks!
  2. Echoes
    2012-02-06 06:17
    Hook me up with a top ten or something so I know where to begin. Some of my favorites are Go My Way, Kami Summer, Change, It's Show, Omoide wa Arigatou, Metome ga Au Shunkan and Relations.

    Yeah, that opening had a lot of energy, I liked it. I actually like the ending even better. Although it's far from perfect, I dig the show too.

    That guy is pretty funny, I used to watch his reviews, and still do now and again.

    Hope you got out of your midterms alive and with something to show for it. Except for bitingly cold weather, I can't complain too much. I've been low on energy lately and sort of not been watching anime at all, though. (Still haven't started Nisemonogatari, sigh.)
  3. Lost Cause
    2012-02-02 20:57
    Lost Cause
    Here's another one Thomas! Enjoy!! Linda
  4. Lost Cause
    2012-01-31 21:10
    Lost Cause
    Anytime! Linda
  5. Lost Cause
    2012-01-31 20:46
    Lost Cause
    Me too! And I hope that "thing" you mentioned doesn't bug you too much, if you need my help though just let me know! Linda
  6. Lost Cause
    2012-01-31 20:40
    Lost Cause
    FOUND IT! Hope it works this time! Linda
  7. Lost Cause
    2012-01-31 20:05
    Lost Cause
    So what's up with Hooves?! Jeez that kid can get me upset! I really love the little guy ya know? He's like an adopted child to me, much like most of you guys! And while I can understand how life can sometimes drag you down, overwhelm you, and such, but when you have friends like us, you can talk about it! And besides I am the "Forum Mom" you know!
    Let me do some digging and see if I can find those tunes I tried to send you, I always like sending people stuff! Linda
  8. Lost Cause
    2012-01-31 19:54
    Lost Cause
    Hi Thomas! Hey how come you don't stop by anymore and yak with me?!
    And what were the songs I tried to send you awhile back? I got a new setup that is easier to post YouTube vids with. Linda
  9. Echoes
    2012-01-31 06:54
    No worries, it was still delicious.

    Oh, I bet there are. :P

    Indeed. Worthy openings of a great series.

    Something along those lines. I heard Hostel III came out recently. That just has to be good!

    You get real desperate, trying all sorts of measures, until you break down crying in the shower, praying to Thor and Amun-Ra while the last sliver of your sanity disappears down the drain, until you finally collapse from exhaustion and wake up wearing a clown suit in a completely different room.
  10. Knightrunner
    2012-01-31 05:58
    I'm just catching up on some readings for my ornithology (study of birds) and thinking of ways to write better about myself for summer internships.

    I'm thinking about using skype during the summer if I win any internships.

    Any anime that catch your eye?

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