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  1. Echoes
    2012-02-19 01:19
    Awesome. He's a human quote-machine, I tell you. Hit me hard when he died a couple of years ago, still feels fresh. It's definitely something to be avoided, but we've got a culture (both here and on your side of the ocean) of rampant consumerism. Some people just can't be trusted with money. I'm certainly guilty of waste as well, but at least I don't spend money I don't have.

    Now we're talking. You might just have a chance of realizing what at first mention seemed like a fool's errand.

    I still haven't caught up, but from what I saw, it wasn't bad. We're pretty much on the same page when it comes to ZnT. I'm willing to bet I'll like BRS too, but my predictions of enjoyment are notoriously dubious.

    Dooooo it. I love lists and collections. I've been wanting to put together something like a top 20 favorite anime list, but that's going to be so damn hard I keep putting it off.
  2. Echoes
    2012-02-18 19:22
    I can't help but quote George Carlin here.
    People spending money they don't have on things they don't need . . . So they can max out their credit cards and spend the rest of their lives paying 18 percent interest on something that cost $12.50. And they didn't like it when they got it home anyway.
    You're going to need something stronger than coffee to get through this one, soldier!

    They're great choices, from what I can gather. Haruka's my favorite girl, but I like them all. I like how they're going with natural color pallets for the hair too. Not that I dislike the usual rainbow-prism, but it's nice with some variation, and it fits the show very well. I'll definitely pick up BRS, time, or no time!

    You should do that. I should do that too. But you first!
  3. Kev-kun
    2012-02-18 16:17
    Hello Thomas, just dropping by to say hi ^^ How've you been as of late?
  4. Echoes
    2012-02-18 14:20
    Awesome! If that is our purpose, I'm already living up to my full potential!

    Take it down. For mankind.

    Yeah, that's more like it. Those four might just do it! I've watched a little bit of Amagami, and I am enjoying it. I pretty much like all the girls, and the main lead is... okay for rom-com standards. :P

    Me too. My room used to be a bit of a mess when I was younger too, as I guess is the case for most people. I'll definitely check out some more of the Ika Musume songs, I just love that show.
  5. Echoes
    2012-02-15 17:30
    There's still that whole "why are we here question" lingering around. I was wondering if you could get to that one soon too?

    It will be a battle of will. Man against machine! Lame, poorly programmed game versus irrepressible gamer!

    Yeah, that's what I figured. But once I'm in a lull when it comes to anime-watching, it's going to take something a little more enticing than that to bring me back in. :P

    Yeah, it can be a benefit in a few, select circumstances, and this might be one of them. I downloaded one of the Ika Musume character songs too. It was awesome, can't believe I haven't checked those out until now.
  6. Echoes
    2012-02-13 12:08
    You've solved all of life's quandaries in one fell swoop. Well done.

    Your retro-gaming skills and sensibilities certainly seem to be finely honed, I would not put it past you. Though I hope God takes mercy upon your soul once you decide to plunge in.

    Oh boy, I'm only up to episode 4 at the moment, but now you've totally given me reason to.... not hurry with the continuation at all. You're also stepping it up, combining both butt and breast jokes into one fierce and potent mixture. I hope you're proud of yourself!

    That's certainly the biggest benefit of being organized, nice and easy access. I'm fairly organized as well, though not necessarily across the board, and some of more of a manifestation or my OCD than anything truly practical. I just took a look through your mediafire collection, it's a nice and sizable one! Just ignoring the anime soundtracks for the moment, I love Queen, and I've got a fondness for some of Billy Joel, Elton John and Dire Straits' stuff as well. I downloaded and listened to a few of the songs from Claris which I hadn't heard yet, I've really liked what I've heard from them in the past.
  7. Cyz
    2012-02-12 17:56
    Thanks a lot!
  8. Echoes
    2012-02-12 11:26
    That's certainly the right attitude.

    Good luck with that, it seems like an ungodly frustrating game, especially those driving stages. Just watching them was painful.

    I don't imagine it'll get that much better, but if there's a sudden spike in quality, I'll be sure to let you know. I've said this before, but I just wish the character of Tifania wasn't in the show, it seems like her primary function really is boob jokes, and that's dumb and wrong on so many levels.

    They're not pressing them in our face like before, so it's okay.
    I see what you did there. You made a boob joke yourself!

    That's good to know, you're highly organized. I like that. It's rare that I find a soundtrack like that, but it sure is great once it does happen.
  9. Echoes
    2012-02-09 10:20
    I hope you do find some gold, he has a treasure trove of goods under his belt if you dig his style.

    I concur completely.

    Aye, it's certainly nothing approaching Clannad level by any feasible stretch of the imagination. I'm just hoping it won't be outright exploitation. I have a relatively high tolerance level for that kind of stuff, but if they keep downplaying the loss of both parents and abuse that premise for lame sexual jokes, I'm out of there quicker than the roadrunner. As for ZnT, I'm expecting a few more breast jokes per episode, really. But as long as it doesn't get as bad and frequent as it was in the third season, I'll tolerate it.

    With a torrent of that size, it would be a downright proof of divine providence if there wasn't something I didn't particularly love. As long as I find even a few songs per album, or even per folder, in there, I'm golden. I'll be sure to try out some of your other favorite soundtracks eventually, I'm sure there's a lot of good stuff in there. I download soundtracks far too infrequently, really.
  10. Echoes
    2012-02-09 07:21
    Something worth looking into when you get the time, but I know how it is, there's always a hundred things on the agenda. A lot of his shows are quirky comedies too, so there's a substantial element of hit and miss to his works. (Though I've never seen one I didn't at the very least "like.")

    And at the risk of sounding like a far-left corporate-hating hippie, things tend to get messy when money gets involved. It's just not the same when he has to make a video every week to keep the revenue flowing as it was when it was just spontaneous passion.

    I would tend to agree. If the build up is just plain uninteresting entirely, then it's hard to justify sticking with it. I actually saw the first three episodes of Papa, and I'm unsure as to whether or not to continue it eventually or not. It has cute character designs and decent humor, but I'm just not sure if they're exploiting something as serious as the death of three young girls' parents for plot convenience or not. Also not working in its favor is perhaps a new low for anime; a three year old grabbing someone's boobs. I really don't want to know who wanted that scene in there. ZnT does focus a good deal on the plot so far, but to me it's more of a backdrop to the characters. It's enjoyable, but not really engaging. They have, like you mentioned, cut down significantly on the oh-so-hilarious breast related humor that seemed to permeate every second of the third season, and that's certainly a good, good move, and one I really hoped they would make.

    I likely won't be needing any more suggestions in the near future when I've got that list to work with. In large part due to me often listening to the whole album if I end up enjoying the song you first suggested. I'm really, really loving Agent Yoru wo Yuku still, as well as Watashi wa Idol from the same CD. I'll be stuck on those two for a few days, I think. I'd love to check out some more anime soundtracks once I've run through, or need a break from, the Idolmaster collection though!

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