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Hiroi Sekai Hiroi Sekai is offline

Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Patchy
    2011-12-24 02:36
    I joined in the banner-con leader! ^^

    Wahhh though I don't know myself if mine was good... >_<

    So, ^^ Happy Holidays Leader! neh neh do you have a date later? lol <3 XD
  2. Echoes
    2011-12-23 21:55
    People say that. But they also say that the best meal is one you worked hard for. What a tangled web.

    Don't dis it till you've tried it, man! It gets you that coveted tan faster than you can say "third degree."

    T'was probably just a short lapse of judgment. Glad you're back on the right side.

    Consider yourself snuck, brother.

    All gremlins are magic. He doesn't just growl when I'm hungry. Sometimes he tells me to hurt priests and convenience-store clerks. Also sometimes he says really stupid things in conversations and makes people think that I said something silly! I hate it when he does that.

    Sorry about the late reply, been busy Christmasing it up. Joy to the world and good-will to man sure keeps you occupied. I hope you're enjoying yourself too. I'm writing this just before going to bed and tomorrow is Christmas Eve here in Norway, so if I don't speak to you again before you celebrate it over there in Canada, have a very merry Christmas!
  3. Flower
    2011-12-21 17:16
    By the way....

    Jus sayin....

  4. Suomi
    2011-12-21 01:11
    Thanks! I love Photoshop so much. I tried to use GIMP to make a banner for the last contest and I hated it, haha. My skills have also grown quite a lot, and I got Photoshop CS2, which the added features helped me, and downloaded some special fonts and brushes. BRUSHES ARE KEY in photoshop c4d too, but I don't use much of it cause I'm not a big fan and my style is softer. Also key are layer styles (outer glow etc), brush "styles" (size, angle, jitter, etc). What I hate most are text and blending stuff. Which is why I'm glad we don't have to blend for the banners :P
  5. Echoes
    2011-12-20 03:02
    It's free too? Well, hot damn.

    No worries, most of the people actually die during the raiding. The village is actually burnt afterwards, as an offering to our gods.

    What's so mad about a little holy war? About a little torture in the name of all that is good and righteous? About GLORY AND PURITY!? It would be mad not to.

    Sometimes. And sometimes we even do some crazy stuff too.

    It always picks the worst times too. It's out to get ya. There's a gremlin living in there, I'm sure.
  6. Echoes
    2011-12-20 02:05
    Mmm.... bird *drool*

    Soon the viking empire will stretch from Ireland to Siberia. (The rest of the world will have to burn, unfortunately. All part of the prophecy.)

    It can be a good thing in fiction, but not in real life. I mean, it's fine to be a fan, even a dedicated fan or huge appreciator. But making actual idols of, or deifying someone often leads to bad, uncritical decision-making and frequently misplaced fervor. (At best fanboys, at worst fanaticism.) But this might be digging a bit deeper than anything you were implying at all. Of course none of this applies to the girls from Idolmaster anyway. In their name you are free to wage Jihad, Crusades and global suppression of opposing views, as well as make shrines dedicated to them in your bathroom. In fact, all three are highly encouraged.

    We touch statues in inappropriate ways under the cover of night. Well, "we" might be an overstatement; usually it's just me. Plus it actually takes place in my dreams, not in real life. Interested yet?

    It is fascinating, even more-so in other animals with a capacity for toothy destruction that far surpasses ours. We could still eat without them, if only our stomach was willing to do more of the work. I say, put that lazy SOB to work and let our teeth rest. Just swallow everything whole. Even bone.
  7. Suomi
    2011-12-20 01:03
    Hey, I really like your entry into the banner contest. It's quite good for only having used PS for ~5 times
  8. Echoes
    2011-12-20 00:34
    I dunno. Who are you?

    It's all thanks to your infuriating suggestion. The cities will burn in your name.

    But that's what everyone says about their objects of adoration and deification. Yes. Love idols. Love them unconditionally. Love them endlessly.

    I'm sure I could sneak you in. However, the group is just a front and money-laundering tool for my molestation activities.

    Quite so. I wonder if these damn teeth are worth it sometimes. So much trouble, not to mention death and pain in the past, just to chew. I guess it was, since we're here today talking about it, but there sure are a lot of drawbacks to them. (Like being too big to actually fit in your mouth.)
  9. Echoes
    2011-12-19 23:44
    His sons give me the creeps. They're serial killers in the making.

    The mere mention of their names has angered my brothers so greatly that there might be time for pillaging and conquering before Armageddon after all.

    I don't believe in idol-worship either, and yet I'm watching Idolmaster. Guess I'm nuts. =<

    Free hats for all participants? It worked for my NAMBLA meetings. (Referring to the "Norwegian Anti-Molestation Boy-Lady Alliance", of course.)

    Sounds unpleasant. I guess it's not a true trip to the dentist without at least some moderate discomfort before and after. Thank God for dentistry though, dental problems was one of the leading causes of death in primitive man, usually around my age. (25~)
  10. Lost Cause
    2011-12-19 21:14
    Lost Cause
    Hi Thomas!
    Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healty New Year! Linda

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