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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. blakstealth
    2011-12-13 20:11
    In spirit, silly!
  2. blakstealth
    2011-12-13 15:04
    Bah, too much of a hassle. I'll provide you with moral support instead. :P
  3. Echoes
    2011-12-13 07:12
    Sounds like we have reached a mutual understanding, I'm sure nothing more will ever come of this. At all.

    Why aren't you dead!? Damn hallucinations.

    You filthy, vile beast of Satan. You should be censored, scorned and reviled by the community, you hedonistic moe-indulger! *Imagines Yamada in cat-ears* *Whips himself violently as penance, then continues tirade*

    Yes... quite. Doesn't help that a lot of "edutainment" genuinely sucks too.

    Nothin' wrong with a little bit of word association. I never owned any Nintendo, so I'm not familiar enough with the game to remember most of the tracks or anything, but Mario Kart was one of the games I played quite a bit at friends' houses and enjoyed.

    Dude, that's pretty awesome.
  4. Echoes
    2011-12-13 05:50
    I got it, I got it. You sick bastard.

    Oh maaan. Put in a good word for me. I didn't mean it. I swear!

    True that, it's seen a lot of love. It got bent and messed up when I just threw it into my backpack.

    And thus the story came to an end.

    You know it, man. Ain't nothing like it. Too damn cute.

    That's too unrealistic, man. No one would watch something educational that much these days.

    Ah, alright. Build up that fort!

    It's a sphere... a Jupitersphere!
  5. Echoes
    2011-12-13 03:49
    Yeah, you're not a sadist, and neither is Souma, right? :P

    I think that goes a little bit beyond masochism, dude. Heck, this even goes beyond Catholic self-flagellation.

    This was in my high-school days and I was really into the subject so I carried it around and read it at school and stuff. Luckily I at least finished it before it got so messed up I had to get rid of it.

    *Readies the cauldron*

    No other features necessary, my good man. For some reason, I feel a little creepy now. Can't quite put my finger on it... something about abducting, cloning and enslaving cute girls just makes me uneasy. Weird.

    It could be a new sequel to The Ring.

    I'll try to keep up with it if I ever even get any more. :P What would be the issue if there were too many comments? Hard to locate and respond to them? And yes, you should be prepared for some sort of showdown with other bloggers. I'm sure they don't take kindly to you invading their turf.

    I love that word. I think it's somewhere near Jupiter, actually.
  6. Echoes
    2011-12-13 02:57
    Nah, things aren't a lot worse, those are just an example of the worst of the worst the system produces. It's flawed, certainly, and I know you're not too into politics, so I won't go into a rant, but it brings a lot of good things as well. The worst thing about socialism is how there'll always be a lot of bottom feeders who take advantage of it.

    Well yeah. You're right. I over-generalized, and I apologize to those whom I might have offended. Ice is alright! Just stay off my sidewalk.

    I used to carry it all over the place too, it looked like a complete mess by the end.

    Dave; who's that? Never heard of him. Far as I can recall, this organization never had any members by that name.

    Maaaan. You better make sure that Yamada clone is a perfect one. I'm paying hard cash for this deal. By the way, YES TO CAT EARS. YES.

    Nothin' like a whole well of knowledge to drink from.

    First you get the blog, then you get the views, then you get the comments. Man, I want to watch Scarface again. If you happen to catch one, I'd love for you to tell me, but don't go out of your way, I don't want to put any burden on you, you're doing enough with the blog and whatnot.

    Those are some great results, you're shootin' on up through the blogosphere.
  7. Echoes
    2011-12-13 01:54
    Yeah, expectations are too high I suppose. I can understand hating your job if you work at McDonald's or something, but not because it's hard work; but because it's unfulfilling to do every day. Things are probably even worse here, since it's highly socialized even by European standards, and some people end up wanting everything for free. (I've seen people complain that they want a bigger house... for free... because they have too many children (who they by the way get huge government support for already.)

    Ice just sucks in general. It needs to go away. That'll be my road to fame, some sort of ice-removing magic powder.

    Awesome, that's a treat. They tend to stay with you for a while. One I had and really enjoyed I just ruined, it wasn't salvageable, and I learned my lesson from that.

    I was just chanting a spell. And you interrupted me. Now let's forget whatever we were talking about and move along.

    I want the original. Also, make sure no flies get into the cloning machine. I hear bad things happen. I'm sure you're experienced in this field and know what would be the most prudnet choice. I trust your expertise.

    It just depends so much on what series/work you're writing about, since some things stick with you, and some things get blurred in your mind. It's always a good idea to take a quick little peek beforehand if it's been a while, though.

    Yeah, I appreciate that, I'm sure you'll be making a lot of nice discoveries from now on.

    Alright, got it. That's probably not a great way for me to check it, since the vast majority of the posts are yours, and hence the vast majority of the comments will be on your posts. At this point, I can just sift through all of my posts pretty quickly and take a look when I stop by and deal with it that way. Too bad the email-comment feature doesn't work.

    Oh, that's nice. Entering a mutually beneficial network of blogs sounds like a nice way to get the word out there and boost those visits.
  8. Echoes
    2011-12-13 00:01
    Yes, I would tend to agree with that. People just take things for granted, and when that happens, they want even more, and come across as spoiled, ignorant jerks to everyone who's thought a little bit more about their privileged position.

    Oh, I can imagine, I've never been in any sort of automobile accident, and I'm still pretty wary of that. (Of course, I don't drive.) When it comes to ice, there are certain places it always accumulates, wherever there's a slope and certain areas of the sidewalk etc. I'm sure people who know they have trouble walking are more aware of those sorts of things, while I just stroll around wherever, and almost break my back.

    That's nice, a good gift indeed in these times. My mother's always pushing me to read too, she's an author, so she's probably even more distraught with the trend away from reading than I am. Books can be surprisingly expensive, and that is part of why I don't buy them either, and the other part's laziness. I own some nice books on science, religion and philosophy, but they did cost me a pretty penny.

    I think so. In fact, I remember it vividly now. I found out he was a spy, and that's why I had to dispose of him. Yeeees, that's how it went down.

    No wonder you're so invested in the outcome of this series. You privileged bastard, you're killing me here. Could you do me a small favor? Kidnap Yamada and mail here to me in a brown cardboard box? Just mail here to Oslo, no need for specifics, I'll pick her up at the airport. Oh, and remember to make a little hole so she can breathe. But not too big of a hole, I don't want her escaping during flight.

    You're right about the fresh thing, that's why I find it easier to review shorter things usually, since not every series sticks in my mind to the same extent (ZnT and SnS are series I love, so I remembered a lot about those.) Both Tsumiki no Ie and Voices of a Distant Star I actually rewatched beforehand, since they're both very short and it had been a good while, especially with the latter.

    Okay, I'll keep that image thing in mind and look at it in my next post. The ones I just posted are from a rather low-quality source to begin with, so I don't think in this particular instance there would be a great benefit, but I'll try to figure it out for my next one.

    Oh hey, you're right. That's awesome, someone liked it. I'll definitely do that, it just didn't even strike me that someone might've commented. Is there an easy way to keep track of that?

    Damn, that's crazy. Congratulations, man. I don't know anything about average traffic or anything, but to me, that sounds damn good for a blog this new.
  9. Echoes
    2011-12-12 22:56
    The problem, as I see it (and we're living in a blessed time indeed for this to have become a problem) is that the generations growing up now, mine included, grow up in complete peace and with a lot of luxury. A lot of them literally don't realize how much has been sacrificed for their freedom of speech, thought and action. And if you're handed all the money in the world from your daddy as well, then well, it's a recipe for Paris Hilstonism. You know, Stalin's soldiers were often sent into battle without any sort of equipment. No armor, no guns, not even a weapon. Just run out there and waste some of the enemies' bullets. If they can do it, so can you!

    Ah, so that's what happened. Some places are really bad, but I guess when you got that sort of disposition, you're a little more aware than me, who'll walk right into that sort of stuff.

    Sure, but the fact that you're actually reading a book on the subject says a lot. I only buy books on the stuff I'm really interested in, and I own less than a dozen non-fiction books right now.

    He wasn't very tasty. I think he was lying about his magical aptitude, magicians are supposed to taste wonderful, but he was just sort of bland. Guess that's why he's dead, karma and whatnot.

    Damn. Why didn't I think of that. I didn't even know Wagnaria was in Canada. Oh, woe is me...

    I think there was over three weeks of gap between this, and that's way too much. I'll never match your enthusiasm, but I'd like to write about one a week at least, as long as I find a series suitable for review. Both because you went to the trouble of setting it all up, and because it gives me the ability to do something semi-creative related to anime. I've watched a good deal over the years, but never really done anything with the knowledge. Except for sporadically posting about it here, that is.
  10. blakstealth
    2011-12-12 21:44
    Right. Let me get my time machine first.

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