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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Echoes
    2011-12-20 00:34
    I dunno. Who are you?

    It's all thanks to your infuriating suggestion. The cities will burn in your name.

    But that's what everyone says about their objects of adoration and deification. Yes. Love idols. Love them unconditionally. Love them endlessly.

    I'm sure I could sneak you in. However, the group is just a front and money-laundering tool for my molestation activities.

    Quite so. I wonder if these damn teeth are worth it sometimes. So much trouble, not to mention death and pain in the past, just to chew. I guess it was, since we're here today talking about it, but there sure are a lot of drawbacks to them. (Like being too big to actually fit in your mouth.)
  2. Echoes
    2011-12-19 23:44
    His sons give me the creeps. They're serial killers in the making.

    The mere mention of their names has angered my brothers so greatly that there might be time for pillaging and conquering before Armageddon after all.

    I don't believe in idol-worship either, and yet I'm watching Idolmaster. Guess I'm nuts. =<

    Free hats for all participants? It worked for my NAMBLA meetings. (Referring to the "Norwegian Anti-Molestation Boy-Lady Alliance", of course.)

    Sounds unpleasant. I guess it's not a true trip to the dentist without at least some moderate discomfort before and after. Thank God for dentistry though, dental problems was one of the leading causes of death in primitive man, usually around my age. (25~)
  3. Lost Cause
    2011-12-19 21:14
    Lost Cause
    Hi Thomas!
    Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healty New Year! Linda
  4. Echoes
    2011-12-19 20:29
    You so evil.

    They need to be skilled in the art of poetry, and their voices should be soft and pleasant to their ear.

    He did exaggerate a few of the points in his film, so why not just toss everything else out the window and go for some entertainment instead? Guess that might not have won him the Nobel Peace Prize, though....

    But I don't believe in hypnosis. /Goes mad

    Don't worry, there are a lot of nutters out there who believe in the 2012 prophecy who are completely unrelated to Harold Camping. We don't need that phony in our group.

    Good, good. I hope it doesn't taste like the stuff they used to numb me, it was one of the most offensive tastes I've ever encountered. Sounds like a good strategy, getting them early just to be sure nothing more comes of it.
  5. Echoes
    2011-12-19 19:28
    You'll rue the day you turned down my generous offer, neighborino.

    Don't forget your daughters and sisters. That's the most important bit. We could also use a few child slaves with good vocal chords.

    Elves are just filthy. It's a bold-faced lie that they're connected deeply to nature; they're just a bunch of no-good-polluting-bastards. Al Gore's movie should have been called "An Inconvenient Elf."

    Cool. (But now that you've asked me not to think about it, it's the only thing that fills my mind!)

    I think we can wrap up the two next points by saying that death is imminent, and we welcome it with open arms. Come to think of it, I might not even have time to pillage your town. For shame...

    That's a long time, it's usually passed after around two hours when I've done it. However a small lingering feeling of strange discomfort in my chin often stays for a bit longer. They must've given you the good stuff. Five tiny holes huh. That sounds almost like preventative treatment. I don't think I've ever been in for a "tiny hole".
  6. Echoes
    2011-12-19 17:06
    Alright! Let's start with a reading of the Bible from start to finish, then move on to my home-made recipes for low-fat muffins. We've got a long week ahead of us!

    No problem, though we will have to raid your town in retaliation now.

    Yes... he certainly plays a part in this too. I haven't figured out how yet, but it might be his enormous factory up on the North Pole. Contrary to popular belief, elves actually pollute quite a bit.

    Thanks. I wasn't trying to say that you were being disingenuous, just that if I did come across as negative, that would be fine too, I wouldn't be offended.

    Neat. Free body-disposal too. Is there *any* drawback to this method, because I just can't see it!

    That's the nice thing about it: no need to plan. The great equalizer comes for us all.

    Mmm... I've been there, man. Another visit, huh? They couldn't do it all in one go?
  7. Echoes
    2011-12-19 07:32
    No problemo, neighborino.

    Not our own towns, of course, mostly Irish settlements and cloisters. By the way, that's a racist stereotype, and I find it offensive!

    I blame global warming for these wet Christmases. They're not as fun.

    Hey, thanks. It would be fine even if you did, I wouldn't deny it, but it's still nice.

    That defeats the purpose, silly.

    All a prelude to the 2012 apocalypse, I'm sure.

    It's cool, you know that. Good luck with that, as long as it's a standard procedure, the anticipation is usually a lot worse than the actual thing, so just try to stay positive. >-<
  8. Flower
    2011-12-19 03:15
    BTW - before I forget, a very merry Christmas to you.
  9. milan kyuubi
  10. Yuno
    2011-12-17 22:12
    Thanks so much! It means a lot to me to hear happy birthday. As I said hearing happy birthday from people who are important to me is like hearing it 1,000 times.

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