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  1. Echoes
    2011-11-17 23:05
    Hit it, man. I love blues.

    When you're young, there's so much stuff you don't appreciate. It's often like "Why should I bother learning this? This is boring!", but when you're all grown up, you're damn glad you did. Well, those of us who actually grow up think like that, anyway. ~~

    Ah, yes. My relationship with Gurren Lagann is complicated. When it first aired, I had just started watching ongoing series, and was following it. I thought it had something going, but it never drew me in entirely, and around episode 15~ I just got so fed up with the series that I dropped it. A few months later, I decided to finish it after all, trying to just ignore the parts that irked me, and I ended up enjoying it a little more. Something I'd put in the category of "good, not great" at the time. Then the movies came out, and I decided to watch them too. Something just clicked for me then. I loved the movies, they were excellent, and I "got" the epic feel of the show to a much greater degree. Since then, I've rewatched the series and grown to appreciate it more than I initially did, though for some reason, I still prefer the movies.

    RTS is definitely a niche-thing, I think. With the release of Starcraft 2 and all, a lot of people are playing them, but the thing is, to get a lot out of them, you need to put a lot in. I probably wouldn't have even played RTS myself if it wasn't for Blizzard entertainment. I grew up with Warcraft II, Starcraft, then I matured into Warcraft III and that actually played a pretty big part in my life and was my main hobby for several years. I played it a lot and made some achievements I'm actually sort of proud of. Within context of course, there's a limit to how proud you can be of an accomplishment in gaming. :P

    I used to play a little bit of chess back in the day. Haven't played in ages now, but that's good brain exercise for sure, and can be really fun and intense if you play with someone who's on your level. Incidentally, the chess (Too Many Queens) puzzles from Layton were some of my favorites.

    Drive safe, don't get lost in the snow! Terrifying things happen when it snows. At least in horror movies.
  2. Echoes
    2011-11-17 22:16
    Don't let them commercials keep you down.

    Well, not everyone has the ability to pick things up to the level you do I'm sure, and even more unfortunate, there are a lot of people who just aren't that interested in speaking correctly or learning a language properly. I know guy who's older than me, born and raised here, but his written work is close to incomprehensible. He failed his Norwegian exam five times... and he still doesn't think it's his fault. >_>

    With all those 7-episode trials, I'm sure your mecha-exposure adds up to a couple of full series. :P I haven't seen any of the other Macross series personally, but it's something I would be willing to check out if I were to break the mecha-barrier.

    It's working out pretty well. Of course, I haven't yet met anyone who could only speak French, so I'm not sure how impressed they would be with my gibberish imitations of French-sounding words. Lots of people dislike Starcraft. I mean, it's a 15 year old game, it's a wonder it's still popular at all. But it has a solid fanbase, even outside Korea, which is largely due to its nigh-perfect and incredibly innovative engine. Watching pro-Starcraft was a lot of fun, the amount of mind-games, and the out-of-this-world micro-management with keyboard and mouse that takes place is simply mind-blowing. In Korea, it's a damn art-form. It's not something I do much anymore though, the English community sort of died down. RTS games certainly aren't for everyone. They require a very high level of concentration at all times, and you have to start from scratch and build your way up again each and every game. They're simply exhausting to play, the stark opposite of what many people want from games: to just kick back and have some fun. Of course, that might have absolutely nothing to do with why you dislike them at all, but I know it holds true for several people I know. RTS are simultaneously the most frustration and the most rewarding competitive games I've ever played, by a long-shot.
  3. Echoes
    2011-11-17 21:06
    Yeah, do that, it's a godsend when it does work, so don't discard it unless you absolutely have to.

    Learning a language is just one of those things you have to sit down and really study for, it cannot truly be summarized in any meaningful way. I mean it's nice to learn little things here and there, but to get a real understanding, you gotta buckle down.

    Ah, I've seen some people compare it to that, yeah. I don't think they're all that similar myself. Azumanga Daioh is completely down to earth, while Nichijou is insanely spastic and over the top and experimental. I like both, but Azumanga Daioh is easily my favorite of the two, that's a great show.

    Ah yeah, that's the image I got of a cliche mecha show too, although I've never really seen one. Macross Frontier has a lot of good stuff going for it, have you been any of the other Macross series or movies?

    I know no French at all. I'm probably at negative knowledge, I know -5 French words. I know a tiny bit of German, but even calling it a tiny bit would probably be an insult to German people everywhere, I know even less German than I do Japanese. You know, I've actually been exposed to a lot of Korean, but I never really picked up any of it, too hectic of an exposure. I used to watch a lot of pro-Starcraft. That used to be one of my main hobbies, and everything was commentated on and narrated in Korean. I memorized some Korean names and stuff, and bisu apparently means dagger, that's the only one I remember. I liked how serious they took Starcraft; players were usually referred to by their real names, not their accounts/nicks.
  4. Echoes
    2011-11-17 20:32
    Hmm, weird, that's too bad, it does a great job for me.

    I appreciate the offer, but I doubt that'll do much good. Learning a new language takes hundreds, if not thousands of man-hours.

    A lot of people were. That was part of the backlash. A lot of people just plain didn't care for its style of humor either, it wasn't *all* failure to deliver as expected. I too had no real expectations either way, and ended up quite pleased with the outcome. It was on shaky ground with me for the first 10 episodes or so with me, as every episode was a mixed bag, but in the second half it really picked up and I enjoyed every episode to a great extent from then on.

    I have very little experience in the genre. I tried picking up Gundam 00 when that aired, but I didn't end up following it because the first two episodes bored me. That was 3-4 years ago though, and I've never experienced much with any hard-mecha shows other than that. I plan to someday, but it's a genre that has failed to draw my attention yet. Like you, I need another carrot dangling in my face to try out a mecha show, like sparkling colors, moe, a thoughtful plot etc. If giant robots is the main draw, then I'll probably pass. I plan to try to watch the original Gundam at some point in the future, see if that sparks any interest in me, but it's not imminent on my agenda.

    Ah yes, that's right, it's the ending from Chobits, isn't it? There's a song called that in Code Geass too, damn. I actually remember it most fondly as the opening (performed by Nightmare) to Claymore, one of my all-time favorite shows. I guess the Japanese got a thing for that expression. Can't blame'em, using French words like that makes you sound smart!
  5. Echoes
    2011-11-17 19:43
    Adblocker doesn't even block stuff on for you? Have you configured it to do that manually?

    That's wonderful. I'll never reach that stage, I just don't have the motivation and discipline to start learning it properly I think.

    I don't know if that was the problem. I don't think anyone mistook it for anything but a comedy, I mean, how could you? I think it had more to do with expectations. People were expecting Kyoto to make, well, a Kyoto-show. I.e. plenty of moe, with some comedy and drama on the side. Instead they got a wacky comedy with an art-style not optimized for moe-fication and with nothing but skit-based antics. I can relate to not liking the humor, as I didn't care for all of it myself, but I don't think the show was judged fairly; i.e. on its own merits.

    Ah, alright. I know you love the show, s'why I asked. I think it's a great show too, but I can't match your enthusiasm. I will probably see those movies eventually though, as the show more than warranted a second look, even if the movies didn't add any new scenes at all, I'd probably still watch them just for a revisit. It's been, goodness, 3 years apparently, since I saw it. When it comes to Ranka, a lot of people found her annoying and useless as a character. That's never a charge I've really levied against anyone, because I don't view characters as pieces on a chessboard with a strategy to fulfill; i.e. I don't think they need a raison d'etre. I just want them to be interesting or compelling, and I thought Ranka fulfilled at least the latter, if not both.
  6. Echoes
    2011-11-17 18:55
    No pain, no gain. Which must mean, if we maximize the pain, something wonderful will happen.

    It might be a North American thing when it comes to Youtube, as I've heard complaints, but I've never seen a single ad there. (Even without Adblocker.) Advertisers probably mostly cater to Americans, and Canada gets included. After all, most of the ads I did see on etc were for things that do not exist here anyway, so they're completely pointless.

    Class can do wonderful things when you've got a basic vocabulary from anime-watching, I'm sure. Never tried it myself. Taught myself to read kana, but anything kanji-related I'm completely blank on.

    Nichijou is a real hit or miss show for me. It can have sketches that I absolutely enjoy, and some that just bore me to tears, all in the same episode. Overall though, I think it's a very good show, the bad is heavily outweighed by the good, and it gets a lot more flack than I think it deserves. Guess it wasn't moe enough for certain crowds. I love the Hakase segments particularly, wish the entire show was about her personally.

    Oh, cool. I've been considering watching those movies. Would you recommend them (if you've seen them), how are when compared to the series? Ranka is another subject of insane amounts of hate, boy I remember when the series aired, every week. :P
  7. Echoes
    2011-11-17 17:45
    I like the way you think!

    Ads suck. I understand that people add them if they want video-making to be their main source of income, but I just use Adblocker to remove all that stuff, I can't deal with it. Pretty insane how much money James has received in donations for his movie, really shows how much people appreciate what he does.

    Ah, you can understand, even read, some Japanese? Neat. I hardly know anything at all.

    Indeed, but an educated person is more likely to have a more open mindset. It's no guarantee, there are a lot of factors, but the probability rises.

    I hope so, sounds like he deserves some spotlight. A lot of people hated Nichijou, so I hope that doesn't backfire on him though.
  8. Echoes
    2011-11-17 15:59
    Luckily, there are no diseases that transmit through blood. Right? Right!?!?!?

    Let's revive the decade! You know, minus the Cold War and everything.

    Yes, fame does kill most people. It's like they turn into a completely different person, I've followed people and seen it happen to the least likely of suspects. That's another reason I respect James Rofle a lot. I feel like he's never given into the drama and popularity. He's always very humble and nice, and doesn't really bring anything but his talent into his videos. One of the few people I feel has tackled fame well.

    As long as you can navigate it, I guess that's alright. Won't you have trouble understanding what's going on story-wise, though?

    Some people truly think like that, but they're heavily outnumbered by bigots of various stripes, especially if you consider the global picture, and not just the privileged West. Education is probably key, though not even that is a panacea.

    Hah, that's awesome, I had no idea. I've been listening to the second opening to Nichijou a lot on my phone, to believe it was only his voice in that song. Impressive and broad talent, that's for sure!
  9. Echoes
    2011-11-17 15:07
    It tastes just like chicken. Have a bite. *grins*

    There you go, now we're both wiser!

    People do sell out. It's a cliche, but it's true. Often-times they just lose sight of what made them great to begin with. I like things that are down to earth and basic, I hate it when everything gets overblown and turns to drama and ego-masturbation. That clip lol. I have seen a few of iRate gamer's videos, and they are EMBARRASSINGLY BAD. I'm embarrassed for him when I watch his videos, and I literally have trouble watching it because I feel so awkward. He has no wit, no charisma and no acting talent. How did he become popular? The funniest thing I ever saw was his "ghost hunting" show, where he and some other clowns go and investigate supposedly supernatural occurrences... you don't even want to know how lame it is.

    Damn, that's a lot of money, but hey, the girls are worth it, I suppose. Are those games released in English, or do you actually buy Japanese ones?

    It's good when diversity is valued, unfortunately it's usually the opposite, that small differences drive people apart.

    You can say that again, I'm not leaving my bed. Those guys are just crazy... didn't they make the Nichijou openings?
  10. Echoes
    2011-11-17 14:00
    It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. At least according to my highly dubious philosophy.

    Yeah, there's those, I think some of them are a bit later than the 70s though, at least the back to the future movies. From the 70s that I've seen there's also the Exorcist, some of the Dirty Harry movies, Jaws and Jesus Christ Superstar. And of course, A Clockwork Orange! Also the Godfather. Guess there is a bit, after all.

    Man, I watched it again too! Love old-school Spoony... why did everything use to be so much better?? >-<

    It's not an easy scale to balance when you're interested in so many different things. "Luckily", I'm rarely tempted to buy games anymore, but there's still a lot of temptations (and necessities) that keeps my collection small too.

    There are a lot of cool ones, that's for sure. And some silly ones.

    Oh you! Looks like a nice area you're living in too, again, makes me pine a little bit to get out of the city. By the way, you know how I said it was cold yesterday? That was nothing, today is *freezing.* >-<

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