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Minna no ojou-sama~♥

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  1. Echoes
    2011-11-27 16:15
    You're right. In fact, they should be put in some sort of camp, I think. Where they can concentrate real hard on ridding themselves of their filthy habit.

    Those gremlins are just nuts. Like James says though, they're not exactly evil or vindictive, they just want to have fun and don't care what else happens. They're amoral rather than immoral.

    I have chronic back problems, so it's not surprising, but I've never had it in my leg before. Probably a nerve that's being pressed somewhere, but I should check if it's an infection, or at least get some heavy painkillers if this keeps up. But hey, at least they say adversity builds character....

    Well, you are only 20 after all, not too far off from the cut-off point when it comes to bars and stuff. I still get asked for ID for various stuff as well, though regulations for that kind of stuff are very strict here, so most people err on the side of the caution I think. I didn't know that retro-games looked bad on newer ones. I don't own any old systems, or a new TV, so I don't know jack about that kind of stuff. My television, despite not being flat-screen, is absolutely huge. A friend of mine was going to throw it away when he moved, but I picked that sucker up. It's impossible to even move without at least two people.
  2. Echoes
    2011-11-27 15:27
    I'm sure they will be. You know how it is with evil dictators and mustaches. They go hand in hand.

    Got that right. But nothing good ever comes easy, right? It's nice to see him as "himself" talking about games, like we do in when he reviews movies. Speaking of movies and James Rofle, I actually watched both Gremlins movies this week. Love those crazy bastards, so much fun.

    Hey, thanks man. Funny you should say that, I actually broke out in intense pain today in my back and all the way down by left leg. It's really bad, and I should probably get a doctor's appointment about it tomorrow if it doesn't pass. Real bad stuff, but it's still a lot better than *feeling* bad. Physical pain is easier to deal with, I think. It's simple and straightforward.

    By the way, I saw your picture in the photograph thread. Looking good, man. You don't have a baby face, you look like a grown man! And you got an old-school TV, just like me. I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't have a flat-screen.
  3. Echoes
    2011-11-27 08:04
    Also great for comedic exaggeration of villains and Mexican stereotyping. And Westerns! (These three uses often cross paths too. )

    Yeah.... the lives might be infinite, but my patience and endurance is not. Those are some fantastic videos. It speaks volumes that I rewatch them even though I haven't even played any of the games.

    I'm a bit unstable, and at times it really adds up, especially if there are extenuating circumstances. I'm feeling better today, I'll try to get back in a groove, haven't watched a single episode of anime for over a week now. I'll hopefully be writing a post for the blog soon as well.
  4. Afternoon Tea
    2011-11-27 04:11
    Afternoon Tea
    I know!! i miss you guys!! I've just really busy with school/music stuff, but no worrys I'll try my best to get on next week so we can continue those awesome skype chats
  5. Echoes
    2011-11-26 01:39
    Mustaches only look good if they're huge. You need a real fancy one. The "Hitler-stlye" or "retired porn-star" ones just look really creepy. And the names I've dubbed them with reflect that. Get a long one you can twirl, that's the stuff.

    Sounds like a got even more good times ahead of me once/if I beat death. >-< I rewatched James Rofle's Castlevania retrospective, good times.

    Thanks. Hoping I'll regain my enthusiasm soon, but at the moment I'm just not feeling it. Just a bad week in general in every regard.
  6. Brimstone
    2011-11-24 04:32
    Does it only work for [sigpic]? Because I tried [img] and it didn't work.
  7. Brimstone
    2011-11-24 04:00
    Can I ask you a question? How do you make your words appear vertically in-line with your sig ? I've been trying to do that with hardly any success...
  8. Echoes
    2011-11-23 06:43
    Not if your work is as thorough as it usually is! Won't be finding no traces if anything anywhere near that area. This got very dark.

    Hehe. How youthful. You can still sneak into high school parties and hang out with the "cool crowd." Trust me though, mustaches don't look any less creepy on someone who looks semi-adult. (I still don't think I look my age, but I'm probably one of the worsts persons in the universe when it comes to judging age by appearance. Seriously.)

    Thanks for the tips, I will try it for myself when I'm in a better mood. That game is hard and testing to your patience. I want to beat it, but I don't know if I got the constitution to stick with it.

    It's nothing serious, I'm not actually sick, it's just some emotional issues. Really not feeling like myself this week, not in the mood for much of anything, so I apologize if I'm not on much.
  9. Echoes
    2011-11-22 06:10
    I dunno. Something to do with childhood leukemia, I wasn't really paying attention.

    Very good. I think it is paramount to our growth as a species. I tried having a mustache once. Lasted about a day, I felt creepy just looking at myself in the mirror.

    Yeah.... I completely agree. I finally beat Frankenstein sometimes last week too; he's not *that* hard once you get a good pattern going, and at least I've perfected the level now so I can get to him with 3-4 hits of HP to go, but the next level is just a nightmare. It's so long and tedious, and the difficulty is high. I've made it to the boss several times, but I've never had more than 2 hits of HP left. I cannot make it past the knights and the medusa-heads without taking a few hits, and I have no time to practice either, because as soon as my lives are gone, it's back to the beginning of the stage and I have to trod through everything all over. It would be easy to get the practice if I used save states, but I don't think there's any fun in playing like that. I need to play on the game's terms for any real sense of accomplishment.

    Sorry for the several days late reply. To be frank, I just wasn't feeling too well and didn't feel like logging on, or doing much of anything.
  10. Echoes
    2011-11-20 17:14
    Ah, yes. I hear those kids were even asking for clean needles instead of recycled ones, good thing you took them out, they were far too spoiled for their own good!

    I was going to start one. Once I grew a mustache. In the meantime, I would spend the money on the products necessary to make sure a mustache would fit with the rest of my appearance. Naturally, this would mean expensive cars, a career in pornography and a violent temper. In other words, your money would be well spent.

    Sometimes, the worse it is, the easier it is to talk about. When something just "wows" me, I sometimes find myself at a loss of words.

    That new content would be more asses and...well, you know the rest.
    Actually, I don't. What *would* the rest be? I'm not sure there even is a "rest."

    Oh, well it appears I was completely out of line then. I thought you were using your lairs for *improper* activities.

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