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The Awesome One

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  1. lawliet uchiha
    2009-08-18 20:04
    lawliet uchiha
    oh yummi i luv L
  2. KongZilla
    2009-08-18 18:57
    Aww, you have glasses fetish? *blushes* You're so sweet, Sugar-chan! *HUGS*

    Well, lets just say that you have something that I have fetish for but I won't bring it up because I respect you and I don't want to embarrass you. But your personality is the most important =D

    Yeah, I found myself posting alot these days. Try catching up, dearie, it will be fun! =D
  3. Tamao-chan
    2009-08-18 14:00
    Mkay, thanks! *goes to get started* Any music specifics? I don't exactly know what you like...

    I looked at the dot-com, and Hot Topic is where you will be finding me next time I'm at the mall! I'm lovin' it.
  4. lawliet uchiha
    2009-08-17 21:30
    lawliet uchiha
    sure is mwah
  5. KongZilla
    2009-08-17 20:57
    I look like someone you know? Funny... XD

    But I was acutally asking if you honestly think I'm good looking or not ^////^

    Sure, you need your rest. I'll see you later, Sugar-chan! *HUGS*

    Goodnight, dearie~ <333
  6. KongZilla
    2009-08-17 20:48
    Ah so you have seen my photos *blushes*

    Some of them are totally random but I decided to put them in my album because I think they're funny. But there are normal photos of myself too. My sister is cute? Yeah, alot of people told me she is. Tell me honestly though, how do I look? ^////^
  7. KongZilla
    2009-08-17 20:38
    Hehehe, personally its one of my favourite anime series. I wish it could be longer though. The series is too short.

    As for school, its always good to see your friends again. Looking forward to it is something perfectly normal actually.

    BTW, I recently made an photo album on my profile. Some are old and some are new but the more recent ones are at the top row. They were taken during a rock concert, by the way.
  8. KongZilla
    2009-08-17 20:26
    Sure, finish up the series you're watching now! ^_^

    Kamen no Maid Guy is seriously an underrated anime. Not to mention its short too with only twelve episodes and one OVA!

    So, how have you been, dearie? Gonna start school soon, right? T^T
  9. Tamao-chan
    2009-08-17 19:53
    Sorry to be bugging you again, but I'm running a blank for my AMV. Do you have any requests? (please do) I was going to make a HM slideshow, but I couldn't find any pictures.

    By the way, hows your summer? My house is hectic, I'm sick, our kitchen smells terrible due to someone's ingenious idea of leaving a pilot light on, and there is a large water leak in my sisters room. Is the outsiders any good?
  10. Tamao-chan
    2009-08-17 19:37
    Like I said, it IS one of my talents. They started selling smores icecream again, as I just found out, so I almost burned down the house for noting! I was so mad (but happy too)

    Ahh, so you'll be making the 4-stairway long hike to go to advisory. I just hope my locker isn't too close to the bell. I think Lola and Lizzy are in Mrs. Blackwell's, and Kelly's in Mr. Turleys. My full advisory is me (duh) Nina, Steffie, Julia, Daniel, Swep, Alex, and Ben.

    *spits out some kind of liquid* You're joking. They have gone too far this time. I want crazy socks! And dyed hair?! (Actually, I dyed a strand of my hair blue earlier, but that was due to a Sharpie.) Aww, that sucks! I wanna see you hair! Grr...take a picture? Please?

    By the way, have you seen Ponyo?

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