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Strange New World

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  1. xPearse
    2014-10-12 07:44
    Well, it will be a fanfic storyline with some branches and choices which will define your ending, there will be one for each character as you'll pair up with them in the end and then they'll be the perfect ending where nobody dies much like the final arc. I plan to include plot points from various arcs throughout the game such as Satoko's uncle, Shion and Mion rivalry like in wantanagashi, giving you multiple choices on how to deal with each of them. All throughout the game the choices you make will add points into the characters much like a dating sim would and you get your ending, except the special ending which would be condition based.

    I'll hold off on the details about the story as it is fanfiction territory, I wonder if that would put people off as you do play as Keiichi, but not the Keiichi we know as something plot related happened to him a week prior to the beginning of the game. What I will say is that there's a week missing from his memory, and from that point on he starts to have less and less control over his own body and actions, only a viewer to events from his own eyes. I won't say anymore as I want there to be a mystery, granted though this is all planned but I'll get around to organising and writing the story after I set up all the assests in visual novelty, the engine I'm using.
  2. lilfriend400
    2014-09-19 18:28
    This is the only forums I hang out at nowadays x_x; I go on Tumblr often though, if you wanna askbox or pm there too.
  3. lilfriend400
    2014-09-19 15:11
    Oh, and if you have a Skype or a Twitter, we can talk there too :O Just wasn't sure what's the best way to contact you if you wanna chat up or plan something together.
  4. GrAVit
    2014-09-18 16:18
    Alright, glad to know that there's still some active people around this series. Wish I knew how to play Mahjong. lol
  5. lilfriend400
    2014-09-17 17:34
    You're very arigatouful/welcome xD;

    Yeah no I'll do what I can then, in that case --for both drawing n' malware hunting ^^;;
  6. GrAVit
    2014-09-17 10:16
    Thanks! I wanted to socialize with other Higurashi fans since I couldn't really get too many of my friends to watch the series for whatever reason. Hopefully the Higurashi forum will get more active now that the Steam version is coming.
  7. lilfriend400
  8. lilfriend400
    2014-09-16 20:18
    :C Yeah, I didn't do anything to give away my username n' p/w and all of a sudden both my email address and my paypal account got hacked like ????? So I'm pretty insecure about that site ever since...

    I haven't tried the gift visa before, but since I like to browse and buy stuff on amazon from time to time, I'll definitely give it a try. I also haven't touched animes nor been hyped about 'em in a while --just been latching around on some yuri VNs and whatnot ^^;

    I'm already done with the 4th page, btw (spend a bunch of time on the shades n' such this afternoon), and right now I'm working on the 3rd page. They'll definitely come out on my blog, soon xD; Hopefully, aha.
  9. lilfriend400
    2014-09-16 15:00
    Aah, that's so nice *0* I remember my parents had a mahjong table, but they only use it during parties. I hope you guys find one soon, and at a better price than our beat up one, haha.

    And d-d-doujin??? P-Paypal??? @O@;; A-ah, I was never really commissioned before, so this is a great motivation for me to get things like this going! I actually started a paypal a few weeks ago, but it got hacked and I'm sorta 'paypal-scared' from it @_@;; I don't know if there's an alternative to paypal, but if there isn't I'll try to make a new one and cross my fingers it doesn't get hacked again.
  10. lilfriend400
    2014-09-16 01:43
    xD; I actually enjoy making these, to be honest. I haven't done doujins in a long time, so it's a refreshing way to motivate me to make these again, haha! And yes, I agree; there's not a lot of references for Rina, so it's a challenge to get her spot on. I accidentally forgot the star tattoo, but I'll add it in later when I polish everything up.

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