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Strange New World

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  1. TheGuraGuraMan
    2012-12-15 13:05
    K, thanks, I'll check.
  2. TheGuraGuraMan
    2012-12-12 10:03
    Like I said in my last message, I think I'll make a part on the french wiki dedicated to english users, or something like that...

    And yeah saw this game some months ago, wanted to play it but all the links were down, so I couldn't try it.
    An Higurashi game on cellphones ? Do you mean the extra games of the VN ?

    EDIT: After looking at your "social group", I wondered if i could make the same thing... do you think the mods could allow it ?
  3. Kyuu
    2012-07-22 02:09
    Nope. As far as mahjong goes -- I've only played via real life, Tenhou, Touhou Unreal, Pairon,, Nagomi, and a few others. After playing against people via the net and real life, I shy away from AI. Unless, I happen to be in the mood.
  4. dark angel1991
    2012-04-11 12:31
    dark angel1991
    Okay.Good Luck!
  5. dark angel1991
    2012-04-10 19:27
    dark angel1991
    When are you going to finish that update?
  6. dark angel1991
    2012-04-10 13:06
    dark angel1991
    Your link of download higurashi game is megaupload post in other download site.Thanks
  7. WarriorKK
    2012-04-06 20:42
    About Usomabushi-hen,

    Yes, I've already known it! It was me who told Joly-san did the scans.
    However, compare to your pics, it seems they're not her scans. You did it?
  8. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-09 00:23
    Okay nice. Look like things are coming along nice. Good luck to you.
  9. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-08 12:06
    Ah, a HIgurashi fan game huh? Looks pretty good. How far are you in in desigin it?

    Also, do you make you own original games or fangames?
  10. Snow_Storm
    2012-01-08 01:19
    Since you were nice enough to add me as a friend....

    What's up?

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