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  1. Miraluka
    2013-07-13 10:13
    Indeed, what a waste of production values on such crap of story...
  2. Guardian Enzo
    2013-07-13 07:10
    Guardian Enzo
    I would never describe anything written (or directed) by Mochizuki Tomomi as a surprise. I'm not a huge RM fan, but I had this one well on my radar because of Mochizuki and the director.
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-07-13 02:42
    Yo Pocari I wanna see you flirt out in the open with Archon. I honestly don't offer anything in return and just hope you'd do it.
  4. Guardian Enzo
    2013-07-12 00:47
    Guardian Enzo
    I would love to, but I simply don't have time.

    The only serious competition it has for me is Kanon.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-07-11 22:44
    So I guess the big question I need to decide is whether to try and scrounge up a fifth player for our LAN group or just decide that failing can't be too embarassing when there's only one stranger present.

    There are a few potential candidates, including one of my close anime buddies - the only problem being that the main way I can think of interesting him in the game is what kicked off my interest in the game. AKA mai waifu (we have similar, er, tastes).

    (One thing that does help here is the low system requirements. With a lot of games, I have to get anyone attending to lug over a desktop. On the other hand, once my dad and I get our HTPC up and running again, we'll have more computer capable of running LoL than family members. Not even joking.)
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-07-10 22:26
    Got a League of Legends related question for you.

    As you may or may not be aware, I rarely play multiplayer outside of LAN parties due to time constraints. If I try the game, it's most likely going to be within a LAN party setting.

    How well is the game going to work if my regular LAN group consists of four guys with no MOBA experience? Also, is it going to be a big issue if some players have time to play outside of the LAN and some don't? (namely: some players will probably have more experience than others.)

    P.S. Not sure if you noticed, but Uchouten Kazoku has crossdressing despite Okada not being involved.
  7. Chandela
    2013-07-10 19:48
    Did you hear the new nano.RIPE single? It's so punk!!
  8. totoum
    2013-07-09 08:18
    Oh I forgot to get back to you on the kyoani discussion.Just keep in mind that all the praises are going towards animation, so that doesn't include stuff like photography or backrounds (which is stuff you and I love in things like Mardock Scramble), and how consistently on model it is throughout the course of a 2 cour anime.

    I had forgotten to say that the guy who said those things probably likes PA works as well since there's people he knows there and as it turns out he's the animation director for ep 3 of Uchouten Kazoku.
  9. TheEroKing
    2013-07-09 04:15

    why teemo haz boobs? >_>
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-07-08 10:29
    Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
    Um, my mind is blown to take in all these so give me a few days.


    Or she could be trolling.

    In fact, I think it's probably that.
    Pffft hahaha.

    So Pocari how do you feel about TT/Okada now after Totum posted related info a couple days ago?

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