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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2015-02-02 06:20
    Guardian Enzo
    Honestly, I don't ever recall being optimistic (or being accused of it). It was easier not to be morbid in a year like 2012, obviously, but the future of the medium always worried me even then. When the evidence is as clear as it is (probably the two worst anime seasons in a decade back to back) and so many industry insiders are breaking the taboo and crying wolf, you have to face facts and not shoot the messenger.

    I would certainly say there's a synergistic relationship between the anime and music/idol (I'm not sure there's a difference any more) industry in driving the artistic train into the ditch. They're feeding off each other.
  2. Darthtabby
    2015-02-02 00:05
    Heh, my brother sometimes bugs me about my liking for tsundere characters. I like to fire back that he's the one who's a masochist since he's the one who likes Hitagi (who is not my type of tsundere).
  3. totoum
    2015-02-01 04:43
    Even if I havn't enjoyed one of her shows in forever I still am fond of Okada
  4. totoum
    2015-02-01 04:09
    My life won't be complete until I get a picture like this one with me instead of the girl
  5. Darthtabby
    2015-01-31 15:47
    Yep, Outfoxzero has a brother. Just one though -for some reason our parents decided to call it quits after one pair of twins.

    Among PA Works shows, I'm also a big Tari Tari fan (Outfox prefers Hanasaku Iroha). I really liked Canaan too, but unfortunately the writing in that show kind of fell apart towards the end.

    I'm not entirely sure why you said I was implying that Outfox was a "moefag" from my previous message though it is true that Outfox is far more into moe than I am...
  6. Tempester
    2015-01-31 10:48
    Sorry, but you caught me at a bad point in my animu life, where I've reached a slump with a lot of dropped anime and I'm struggling to get back into current shows while attempting to finish off the anime I've been stalling for months. (There's a reason why I don't have an avatar right now: I haven't found anything lately I can feel passionate about.)

    I can't describe exactly what's so magical about Love Live that has made me so captivated on it in the last couple of years. All I can say is that it's really freaking moe, it has very few of the things that turn me off other "moe" shows (awkward 4-koma pacing, harem antics, etc.), and the whole show has a great sense of optimism and gung-ho that resounds with me. Also S2 is a noticeable improvement over S1 in how it develops its characters and paces its plot, although if you really can't stand most of S1, it's probably not worth trying.

    Whether or not you watch the anime again, I highly suggest you get hold of and watch the six Love Live PVs. They are music videos with better animation than the TV series, and they're just really fun to watch even for people unfamiliar with Love Live.

    And yeah, I'm not averse to most moe archetypes, I just hate a lot of the crap that comes along with it in many anime.
  7. Darthtabby
    2015-01-30 22:42
    I saw your post on Outfoxzero's wall. I found it an amusing reminder that while Outfox and I are twins who are both really into anime, our tastes have become very different. BTW I did vote for Shirobako as best ongoing series.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-01-30 20:17
    NagiAsu was one of the shows I considered for my third best TV series nomination, but like most of the competitors I felt its strengths were reflected in my genre nominations. Love Live's weren't - I thought it did a lot of things pretty well, but it kept being edged out for genre nominations. Since it was a close race I decided it on sympathy vote.

    Two other points:
    -Unlike most of my nominees, NagiAsu advanced in a lot of categories. Remember, in nominations I was throwing more weight behind Yuuki Yuuna than NagiAsu.
    -You caught all three of my accidental double-votes for NagiAsu (I made a copy-paste error at one point) but not my vote for Chisaki.

    I'll try and get caught up on Shirobako and Akatsuki no Yona soon, my girlfriend wanted my opinion on an old VN adaptation called Lamune because she wants to do a cosplay from it So the last few weeks my anime watching has been limited to that and sampling the new season.
  9. Flower
    2015-01-27 02:53
    Hyouka ftw!
  10. Triple_R
    2015-01-26 21:51
    I just checked Tempester's wall. I'm a bit disappointed you didn't also ask me to try to sell you on Love Live!, since I even have it now listed an all-time favorite on my wall.

    How far into Love Live! Season 1 did you get?

    Anyway, I'd say that Love Live! has a great blend of drama and lighthearted comedy, somewhat comparable to Tari Tari. It's just that, like a Key work, most of the drama takes awhile to build up. Season 1 Episode 8 has a fair bit of drama to it that you might like.

    Love Live! also has some very nice idol performances, in my opinion. Ones that look much better to me than what I can recall seeing in Idolmaster and WUG!

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