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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-10-01 03:15
    I've had a lot going on and just haven't been inclined to get into a lot of online discussions. Not so much plain busy (although now that school has started again there's that too) as just feeling like my schedule is kind of... "cluttered" with stuff?

    I don't think I'd let on just how high I'd rank Hyouka and part of that is that it's been a while since I reassessed some of what was on my favourites list anyway. However, I'm pretty sure I've done quite a lot of gushing about the show - if not to you than certainly to people I've wanted to get to watch it.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-09-30 15:01
    So I tried to come up with a personal top ten list, but that seemed hard. But that was hard so I decided to try and do a personal top five. Which is still hard because I can't decided whether I liked Shin Sekai Yori enough to overcome by nostalgia for and tendency to fanboy about Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu.

    But the four shows that easily made the cut were... three Shaft shows (Moon Phase, EF: A Tale of Memories and Bakemonogatari) and Hyouka.

    I feel like there's a witty self-deprecating quip that needs to be made here but I can't quite place it.
  3. Last Sinner
    2014-09-28 08:21
    Last Sinner
  4. Flower
    2014-09-26 02:25
    Hmm ... I guess it would be more accurate to say that he really, really bothered me and I could not figure out why.

    After watching ep 13 I finally "got" what exactly it was about him I disliked and then much of the series fit into a consistent whole narrative and characters wise.

    See my summary post in the Glasslip thread yet? There is an attempt to describe it all there.
  5. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:40
    I absolutely HATED Strawberry Panic ... just plain awful. Every once in a while just as you get a series that inexplicably hits all the right buttons for someone you also get a series that hits all the wrong ones, and for whatever reasons Strawberry Panic was like watching 24(6?) eps of Glasslip Dahvid's in female form. Just ... terrible. -_-
  6. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:35
    Well, in all seriousness let's see what next season will bring.
  7. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:34
    Well, to be fair I will be in the next cell watching series like Strawberry Panic, Pupa and School Days.... -_-
  8. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:32

    I hearby banish you to solitary confinement in a strait jacket with nothing but Key anime and visual novels, j-drama, k-drama to watch on only one channel!

    Interspersed with eps of Glasslip too! :P
  9. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:28

    Annddd ... didja see didja see? I got credited for a series summary!

    I was totally when I stumbled across that....

    Hope the series I was credited for turns out to be the delightful success I am hoping it will be!
  10. Flower
    2014-09-25 04:23
    I wonder if I am one of the 8 people out there who thought the ending for After Story was stupendous? Sometimes I wonder....

    Ah well ... to each their own, I suppose.

    And speaking of each person having their own, I still have not seen your list for possibilities series-wise for next season! And Kaoru_Chujo made such an excellent and extensive list too!

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