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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-18 03:15
    So I decided to actually go look at who the directors and lead writers are on various KyoAni shows:

    Kigami Yoshiji (with self): Munto

    Takemoto Yasuhiro:
    With Gatou Shouji (the guy who wrote the FMP novels): Fumoffu, TSR, Hyouka
    With Machida Touko: Lucky Star
    +Haruhi (see notes)

    Ishihara Tatsura:
    With Shimo Fumihiko: Air, Kanon, Clannad
    With Hanada Jukki: Chuunibyou, Nichijou
    +Haruhi (see notes)

    Yamada Naoko
    With Yoshida Reiko: K-On , Tamako Market

    Utsumi Hiroko:
    With Yokotani Masahiro: Free!

    Ishidate Taichi
    With Hanada Jukki: Kyoukai no Kanata

    S1: Ichihara Tatsura
    S2/Disappearance: Takemoto Yasuhiro with Ishihara as Chief Director

    This makes me quite curious as to what the "old guard" will work on next.
    I'd avoid making too much of Hanada being lead writer for Chuunibyou, Nichijou, and Kanata no Kyoukai - because he also was lead writer for the Sola and Steins;Gate animes.
  2. TheEroKing
    2013-10-17 05:18
    +1 respect for being a Mitsuki fan
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-17 03:17
    Oh look, a totally sugary and non-emo slice of life with a nano.ripe OP:

    Re: Nagi no Asakura:
    I'm coming increasingly to the conclusion that I actually don't care and am only giving it a token watch because of PA Works/Okada. Curious if you're feeling the same way or if you're still raging.
  4. Guardian Enzo
    2013-10-15 07:06
    Guardian Enzo
    You haven't seen enough of me, then!
  5. Haak
    2013-10-13 13:42
    Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
    This is Pocari Sweat when watching Okada's new series:
    You got burned. XP
  6. TheEroKing
    2013-10-13 01:53
    Who is Ogsio? :X

    Really though for me too this is the best series of the season by far
  7. Reckoner
    2013-10-12 14:38
    Kazusa finally appears in episode 2 but then the episode ended. Blast. It was a pretty good follow up though!
  8. totoum
    2013-10-12 14:26
    lol @ the conversation on the swing in WA2 ep2, seemed like a fun "take that" at some other VNs,made me think of you!
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-12 03:00
    If you mean what I think you mean when you say EF is Shakespearean, perhaps our reasons for liking it aren't so different after all. I feel like Sola might have had a bit of that going on too. It's hardly the only style of "moe and melodrama" I like, but it certainly stands out from the crowd. Though in the case of EF, I'd personally also credit the effectiveness of a few select scenes and the fact Chihiro and Yuuko's stories seem a bit more granted than your typical "moe and melodrama" as part of the reason the show is so good.

    (My other "moe and melodrama" favourite is Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu, mainly because its the rare moe and melodrama flick that can work as a shot of adrenline.)
    (Also, I'm still not sure why you disliked Yosuga no Sora so much given that it kind of tries to follow in EF/Sola's footsteps. Just with rushed pacing and lots of gratuitous sex. Though perhaps I have a higher than warranted opinion of it since I largely ignore the incest arc in favour of the cute little miko and her sister.)

    I'll be a bit annoyed if Chinami is really as simple as she appears on the surface. Akira (again, the litte miko from Yosuga no Sora) is a good example of what I like with these types - her behavior is childish on the surface, but it becomes pretty clear later on she's well aware of what's going on around her and just plays it cool from time to time.

    I don't care much for Linda' looks in either normal or festival garb but she knows how to work the charms she has. Koko... is just too flashy for my taste. I'm fine with a "sharp" look (hell, arguably look "sharp" myself in a full suit and tie), but I'm not into flash. Contrary to what may be popular belief, I can appreciate a good beauty, perhaps more than a cutie - but the "beauties" I find alluring are modest ones, not glamorous or flashy types.

    Attended the last of three Wolf Children screenings at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Film was f***ing awesome and definitely benefited from the excellent AV system the hosting theater had in place. Was lucky I and my anime club preordered because it was a total sell out.

    Afterwards we went to a pub, though we were worried a couple of Japanese exchange we had with us wouldn't be allowed in. Luckily, they did allow their Japanese passports as proof of age. At one point some of us were scrolling a CrunchyRoll listing on a cell phone and pointing out shows we liked, wanted to watch. I pointed out Uchouten Kazoku. At which point our exchange student from Hokkaido, not recognizing the English "Eccentric Family", leans in to look at the pictures, does a bit of a jump, and then reaches into her handbag and pulls out the novel. Probably the most unexpected event of the evening.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-11 05:41
    Dude, what have you got against Chinami?

    For me, it's Chinami > Linda > Koko. Linda/Koko could change around depending how Koko works her creepy stalker tendencies out.

    So a bit different from Toradora where I backed the lead girl from the start.

    I like White Album 2 a lot as well, Setsuna's character looks to be compelling. Don't think I'd rank it anywhere near EF though, I think you and I rank EF highly for different reasons.

    Heading to bed, doing an observational assignment tomorrow then attending a Wolf Children screening at the Vancouver International Film Festival with anime buddies. One of my friends is thinking of cosplaying in animal ears, no word yet on what the ratio of artsy types to anime fans is going to be like.

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