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the opposing wind

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  1. MalakTawus
    2009-08-05 19:37
    Well,to tell the truth Ilaria Graziano isn't very famous in Italia,even if i admit that all italian anime-lovers know her.....but i don't understand if you are interested in italian singers in general or only in someone that works in anime-context.
    Btw Yoko Kanno is great,especially her musics in Gits imo.
  2. haegar
    2009-08-05 15:58
    hey thx 4 the invite

    edit: huh. wise decision. might do the same soon enough. well, sweet dreams then, and cya
  3. Galatea33
    2009-08-05 15:57


    *runs from the pc
  4. haegar
    2009-08-05 15:56
    yeah right you are well, I'll try to keep it up another halfhour or so
  5. Arkham
    2009-08-05 15:25
    It's a old school thrash metal band. I only like the old school stuff, but there are some exceptions

    BTW i just saw your album. Nice Who's the first pic of? Jean or Clare?
  6. haegar
    2009-08-05 15:12
    *jaiks* my butt is beautiful, sensitive, and definetley NOT for kickin xD

    as for Motoko - ok that was a BIG kick away -.-

    I'm sry to be thickheaded yet again, but I do not know "dubber" - to be perfectly honest, my online english dictionary doesn't either

    try to find synonyms

    as for B+, is that like one single OVA episode or what? is it related to the normal anime series storyline? or is it independent? I'll certainly watch it though just not right now

    List are growing right now, and they'll keep on doing so.. I entered the forums here about two months ago, claymore is the first real manga I'm gettin so deep into, berserk probably being the next, so far in the last five years I've seen my share of anime, but not that much, I read a lot of american style comics at a time, but I've kind of grown out of that, to much action to less story.. though witchblade had its moments...

    anyways lemme see, I've seen so far: Noir, Hellsing OVA + other, Claymore, Blood+, that stuff with Dante the demon slayer whats it called again, started moribito, also ghost in the shell movies, some eps of stand alone comp, some comboy bebop, agent Aika (yeah lol, long time ago xD) and a few more I cant seem to remeber now... anyways long story short, I've seen some of varying quality but not all that much considering what kind of universe is out there.

    Since Claymore I realized there's actually a whole bunch of cool artwork that comes with great story and character and a bit more depth, it's since then I started reading the mangas as well, so basically I'm just in the proccess of "generating" a list... so its gonna grow big time xD

    oh and what about vampire hunterD, I've seen that as well in your list, any good? I#m kinda into the vampire stuff xD

    edit: ohe yeah dubber now I get it... sry I'm usually slightly brighter than Dauff but today I spent too much hours of staring at the screen and scambling my brainwaves xD
  7. Arkham
    2009-08-05 15:06
    Not bad just listening to some DEMOLITION HAMMER

    I saw your Miria pic and again i loved it

    You definitely have your own style which is cool
    Wish I could draw
  8. haegar
    2009-08-05 14:40
    I don't think i saw the blood OVA ? I saw the series with like thirty something episodes... and I know there was a stand alone movie which supposedly sucked so I didn't get into it

    I checked on the manga, but since I haven't figured out the right reading order yet I gave it up for the mom, also since berserk is undisputed #1 on the list for some time now

    as for clonewars, yeah well I like animated too, but I just can't forgive georgy for moving the whole franchise in the "junior department" direction since ep1-3 -.- MAAAN there was psychological depth to it. There was philosophical depth. And then along came Jaja Binks -.-

    The fight in Moribito is actually THE BEST anime fight I've seen so far. No dispute there. besides the drawin in general is really good. lots of detail and all. Well I guess I'll bump it up on my list after your input

    oh yeah an mononoke was great

    as for ghost in the shell, been there, done that but don't remember Motoko Kusanagi sometimes I really suck with names xD also, what is seyiuu plz? sry, only german, english, little french and a few jap words I picked up from my anime and manga encounters
  9. haegar
    2009-08-05 14:33
    yeah I meant bambino xD how do ya mean a boys thing -like the interest in the omnipotent father figure or what actually I was much more into caska and then in the lone wolf thing, and only THEN into bambino

    It's just that I didn't understand all that backstory about bambino, why bambino gave gutts that supersword for instance, or why it is bambino always haunting him? was that to be taken psychological only, like because he was the first to help gutts, and also the first who gutts killed it traumatized him so much that he entered into a self-fullfilling prophecy of "all who fight with me or get close to me will die and it's gonna be my fault" - or was bambino really "living on" as some kind of demon that haunts him to the very end.

    Also I had the impression that there was Griffith on the one side, who had his destiny, which was strong enough to draw in all others - except for gutts, who had his own destiny that might protect him from griffith's grip...but htat did not seem to be the case in the end...

    all that about the clash of destinies of those two extraordinary warriors I didn't quite understand - or at least that's the way I feel...
  10. haegar
    2009-08-05 14:11
    naw I think already four or so, I don't always refresh my profile immediately after finishing another show...would be too much work hehe.
    As for berserk, it was...ambivalent...

    I like the story very much, which is why the manga is next on my reading list for these summer holidays, there's also a bunch of cool characters. I wasn't always happy with the artwork though, but I guess it's only to be expected that the anime doesn't have the same quality as the pics of the manga I've seen so far, it's unfortunately the same with the Claymore anime... Anyways, the ending sucked to say the least, and the repetetivness of yet enough elite squad of the blue or green or whatever knights of destruction appearing one after the other was kinda annoying.. oh well and there was the ending - lez just not talk about that since its rather frustrating ... I didn't get all of gutts background with his fosterfather who taught him and whom he killed - I hope the backstory is more detailed in the manga as well ... Oh and I was pissed of about how long it took caska to realize waht she felt for gutts

    edit: hmm just looking at your profile, what do you think of blood+ so far? and how come u can stand clone wars, I#m a huge fan and all, but I gave up after the first 4 or 5 episodes or so since I was missing some STORYARC I very much liked the artwork of guardian of the spirit (moribito) which I started but didn't quite finish since I got a bit bored after the first third or so. The fight sequence against the kings assasins in the rice fields was sooo awesome, I expected a bit more of that kind of action I guess... The story is cool though and takes a lot of time to develop the characters...I might take it up again sooner or later, how is the second half of it? a bit more action again?

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