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  1. haegar
    2010-03-02 14:34
    thx 4 feedback. I was thinking flashbacks might be nicer too have only checked one of the AMVs so far, I'm in a bit of a rush... "from the ashes" is nice though. haven't seen Alchemist yet so I can't say how well it tells the story but certainly skillfully done XD
  2. haegar
    2010-02-28 13:46
    hey thanks don't worry this is exactly the kind of feedback I wanted. I mean, I started to play around with vegas about three weeks ago...I'm still in the proccess of learning some of the more basic stuff.

    I want to stick with the song in this case because I think it fits the following fight with the bandit nicely (and I plan to add that in time, there's still another 1min50 or so of song to go to). What I do need to do though is to change the vids beginning so that it's faster paced and better fits the music just as you say

    anyways... problem is work is still very slow going since even simple things take me quite long. As for the background it needs you mentioned, I was planning to spice up the first 40 or so secs before she jumps down the cliff with fadebacks to clare/theresa... or maybe take that rather long part where she's running, and running, .... and running ... and have the flashbacks in there as if she's thinking back to clare while running.

    If you like, drop me a line where in the vid you would put the additional background scenes... more at the start, or more like flashbacks? apart from that, I basically only used crossfades, tried to time it a bit to the beat and had some simple effects like black and white. Basically I posted it as a beta version to get feedback like this and try to work on it, so again, Thx

    edit: oh and thx for the link to wispers in the dark, one of my favorites XD ... If I was capable of making it look like this I would have
  3. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-24 14:15

    i too confused noel and sophia for a long long time !!!!

    until i started to make my extensive notes/research... hehe

    so believe me, if anyone understands you reversing sophia and noel, it is me
  4. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-24 11:56
    well the manga (translation) directly says sophia is the strength one and noel is the agile one. whether the translation is accurate or not, i can't do anything about that, as i don't know japanese and am stuck with the translation.


    i totally forgot about the manga pics....

    sorry but in this, you are wrong.

    the manga pics SHOW sophia as the strength one (she has the curly downward hair) by her cutting through the stone pillar and the yoma behind it.

    the manga pics SHOW noel as the agile one (she has the more male-like hair) by her doing the cartwheels and killing 3 or so yomas.
  5. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-23 23:23
    small corrections to your comment on my picture of claymore symbols:

    "noel & audrey (strength). miria & sophia (speed)" -greyhame6

    (you got noel and sophia reversed)
    "sword" raw-physical strength claymores:

    SOPHIA ("Brute Strength Sophia"), undine, rachel, ~deneve

    "hand" raw-physical strength claymores:

    teresa, rafaela, miata

    speed-agility claymores:

    miria, renee, NOEL ("Whirlwind Noel"), clare un-awakened (fast: clare > "hellcats" > deneve-helen :slow)

    speed-agility (awakened ones) :

    priscilla, isley, rigardo, clare (with awakened legs), fragments (destroyer's projectile "hellcats")

    special technique:

    audrey. she uses the opponent's attack and power against them. audrey herself is VERY WEAK in attack power, but her gentle sword has this unique feature that i just described.
  6. Galatea33
    2009-09-17 01:49
    Really creative in putting the efforts Greyhame
  7. greyhame6
    2009-09-04 16:48
    misread the name & wiped the wrong album by mistake -_-
  8. greyhame6
    2009-09-04 14:01
    lol thx; i just surf web randomly & save whatever catches my eye
  9. Galatea33
    2009-09-04 12:45
    Hy greyhame
    You have a veeeeery intriguing pics collection in ur albs @u@
    Very nice stuff~*!!
  10. roriconfan
    2009-09-04 01:09
    you're welcome

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