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The Restless FTL

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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-09-16 11:41
    But, but this is Kodansha Novels! Not Kodansha Bunko!

    While the LN trend did peak last year (unless 700+ more books get released with the remaining period of this year), they would want to attract some of those consumers with a cover like this, but can you imagine reading a book with this cover in public? It is certainly attention grabbing though.

    Also, kinda lame that I have no book to look forward to until almost American Thanksgiving. How are you liking Mushoku Tensei anyway? I forgot where I heard/saw it but I think you took over the management of the series on BT? Might've remembered incorrectly though.
  2. Kunagisa
    2014-09-15 11:35
    Spoiler for Kinda NSFW:

    What does your mind think when you first see that cover?
    And what if I tell you it's the winner of the 50th Mephisto Award (link) this year?
    Can you guess the artist? Answer.

    By this way, this is my face when I realize all that
    Spoiler for size:
  3. Azuma Denton
    2014-08-05 20:59
    Azuma Denton
    How about Log Horizon?
    I just found Mobi / e-pub version...
  4. n0m@n
    2014-07-24 07:01
    Lol. You should hide this conversation then
    People might find out your evil joke~
  5. Azuma Denton
    2014-07-23 08:45
    Azuma Denton
    Hello, just wondering. Since yen press are already licensing Index, BT already remove all the pdf of the novel you guys translated?
  6. n0m@n
    2014-07-22 18:38
    Well, Im doing the latest volume right now and apart from the first chapter, there isn't any ecchi scene in it. And that wouldn't be funny for people seeing Sleep Ping translating DxD.
    There's a short story chapter which is full of those "scenes" you see in DxD....which will make people laugh their ass off if they find out that you translated it lol.
    I'll post you the download link of it. DxD short stories are a chapter long.
  7. RRW
  8. Seitsuki
    2014-07-10 06:57
    After determinedly not thinking about it for (over) a month, I've decided that conceding every point to you will save me far more stress and mental exercise than I am confident of sustaining. So! Congratulations.

    Holidays almost over for you too? Assuming you were on them
  9. Zefyris
    2014-07-09 09:27
    Thanks for your answer. I already own 3 of those 5 (although I only have read Magdala, which is currently ranked 5th among my favorite after the 5th volume) , but never heard of parallel lovers and ヴァンダル画廊街の奇跡. I'll take a look at those two.
  10. Zefyris
    2014-06-10 14:13
    Hello, I was wondering if you could list me your favorite LNs (ranked or not is beside the point~). Seems you have read a lot of title and that it seems that we have a relatively close opinion about titles that we both read, I thought that could be a good suggestion to complete my next order~. I think I know already some of the series that you appreciate like Magdala and Hikaru ga chikyuu ni ita koro for example, but I never saw you listing them somewhere. Thanks in advance :~)

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