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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-02-24 04:23
    Happy Birthday

    Maybe you get tons of Maren today
  2. sarnagon
    2014-02-24 04:18
    Happy Birthday FlameSparkZ
  3. HasuMasu
    2012-02-24 05:25
    Happy birthday, from the IS sub-forum.
  4. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-04-05 11:15
    Just trace amounts to it... Kemonomimi girl and knight/hero boy? It's certainly heading in that direction... She certainly looks like Maren to me...

    Anyway it's no biggie, this only came up because someone brought up the idea of touching tails and I had a sudden flash back to that one short snippet I did on Maren and Koji... >.>

    ...Yes, a completely innocent snippet.
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-04-05 11:03
    A thought had just occured to me... Dog Days... Doesn't the whole thing seem very [Maren x Koji] to you? Minus the small differences of course...
  6. RadiantBeam
    2010-07-06 15:23
    To be honest, this is my first CYOA. I was a little nervous since I've never done one before, but so far people seem to be enjoying it.
  7. RadiantBeam
    2010-07-06 10:12
    I've been meaning to rep you for it. But I keep getting a kick from the system saying I need to spread it around more.

    Having fun on the forum? :3
  8. RadiantBeam
    2010-07-06 09:50
    Also, I tried to rep you awhile back for voting on my CYOA, but the system wouldn't let me. So I just wanted to say, thank you for voting. ^^ It means a lot to me.
  9. Reiji Tabibito
    2009-05-31 21:04
    Reiji Tabibito
    Hey, I was just wondering - the last time I was here (ages ago, I know), you mentioned more than once watching an anime called Koihime Musou? Did you watch that, and if so, how was it?

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