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  1. vel
    2008-10-11 11:05
    I'm little busy in these days. I hope coming summer vacation
    It's been almost two weeks since Code Geass is over. I felt a sense of nostalgia. So it's hard to release Code Geass 3, it would have made into a film at least and answer the questions there.

    I read the Ubume no Natu for novel, which is like the previous one in Kyogokudo series and made into a film, so I look forward to see the Mouryou no Hako without watching novel version. I didn't know Chaos;head, but it's demo movie and the plot on wikipedia make me feel good, I pay attention it.
    Gundum 00, is so interesting but I didn't watch previous one so I try to watch Gundum 00 and preferably the other series someday. Linebarrel is said it different from original I hope it become good one. I'm looking forward to the anime you select. I add them to Bonen no Zamudo, it seems to become good mecha anime.

    One Piece continue to keep amusingness in this week. Boa was not merely beautiful, but cruel. But I forgive her... I didn't realized charmed by mero mero merrow! Luffy's face is so funny tempted by Boa, I burst into laughter at this scene. I'm looking forward to see battle Boa's sister and Luffy. Are they fruit users like Hebi Hebi no Mi(Hebi means snake) and What is painted on their back??
    Hunter Hunter amuse me as ever. Ikarugo vs Brovuda is not main battle but seems to be fun. Togasi should keep serialization until end.
  2. Meirin
    2008-10-04 05:22
    Ack, I've barely had time for the occasional anime episode since grad school started (although I did finally finish the top 3 summer series I was following!) - nevermind keeping up with online communities. Looks like I'll on AS a lot less this year. ;_;

    But before the work really kicks in, it looks like the most exciting time of the year has arrived! Will definitely be watching Nodame Cantabile Paris Arc. <3 I hope to at least check out the first episodes of Mouryou no Hako, Tytania, Kuroshitsuji, Michiko to Hatchin, Kannagi and Kurogane no Linebarrel. Casshern Sins is off to an interesting start~
  3. vel
    2008-09-29 16:20
    Have you watched last Code Geass episode? Somehow I forecasted Lulu die though didn't forecasted what to do on 'Zero Requiem'. Some say the person who carry carriage with C.C. is Lulu. I don't believe that cause if it should be so my emotion is down by half. Indeed, I thought R2 is less active than before but as for last episode it's better. Some enigma remain, such as C.C.'s real name, Suzaku's physical ability beyond human and Geass itself. Moreover, It's a shame that it had short time to see all member after Zero Requiem. However considering them, I'm glad to have known this works. Have you decided next anime to watch?

    Boa Hancock is a member of the Shichibukai! Thought normal pirates are way out of Luffy's league, but it change the subject about Shichibukai and it raise my spirits. I thought the one of Boa Hancock'sisters is Lola's mother, mmm but they and Lola don't look a like thing. Now I expected she ate a Devil Fruit, which is Snake Snake Fruit: Model is Gorgon. This indeterminate story make me exciting.
  4. vel
    2008-09-20 17:28
    They are a badly strange family moreover envelop the whole world ^^;. New machine is tend to be flourished in this series, so I mind also C.C.'s Lancelot and Gino's Tristan Twin. Many person regardless of their position seem to die in this war. Diethard may also become important person, because he haven't yet geassed as long as I remember and he appeared to give Lulu eye contact. It make me relief and sorrowful to end it over the final two times. I hope it make into a film like Guren Lagan.

    One of Kuja's clan may become new member, who is unpredictably Elder Nyon (Every reader should feel disappointed). If Sanji come to this island, he would feel delight to death.
  5. vel
    2008-09-17 05:31
    We were deceived by official site. Schiniezel's plan seems like terrorism. He become natural to one of bad guy. I wonder where the rest of Knights of Round are. Don't they engage in war? Now, Lulu is in a disadvantageous place for his main combatants are Suzaku, Jeremiah and C.C.. Contrary to that, Schiniezel's main ones are Karen, Toudou, XingKe, Anya and Gino (Tamaki?). Mmm, before I knew it, Nina is key person to win this war.

    If he were not gummous human, Luffy would lost his last mushroom. This episode had sexiest scene I had ever seen. Luffy is in envious situation but appear to dangerous one all together. I'm afraid Oda forget sea-maiden
  6. Meirin
    2008-09-13 03:12
    Auau~ sorry that it's been forever since we swapped comments. I went on holiday and came back to a nearly-dead pc. ;_; Thankfully I've managed to restore most of my files, but the 5% that was lost is bothering me. I'm slightly OCD about my torrent history.

    The new term is about to start for me, so I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have for anime/manga and the online fandom. /sad, cos the autumn season looks pretty good so far and I really hope to be able to follow at least 2-5 series. Do you plan on following any new series along with your shounen favourites?
  7. vel
    2008-09-01 19:59
    "All Hail Lelouch !". Wow, he became an emperor at last and his knight is Suzaku, which is beyond my imagination. Their opinion is unclear and what do they want to do? Marianne and Charles seem to love their children at least but sadly chose a plan, executing The Sword of Akasha. Anyway, when I listen to the plan, it remind me of Human Instrumentality Project in Eva. XD This episode is the most abstract in all episode.

    My answer is correct. I like it in that Hellsing's touch have original idiosyncrasies. I try to read it after it conclude the series,which is said in 2008.

    It's rare Luffy say " run away " but I feel he become a real captain. Hey, Where did Zoro go! Did Kuma let him go? I hope he come back ASAP. Rayleigh can slash Kizaru and is given due respect by him. He is the most powerful character so far. But it's difficult for even him to hold all enemies at once. Now, I anxious for the other pirates doing.

    Manga Kissa having many facilities for low place, I use it often and kill times with my friends. I think it is like Internet Cafe and wonder it run only in Japan.
  8. vel
    2008-08-29 13:44
    Yeah, certainly his geass is strong.Considered his attitude, his seems to suite battle, but he sew his eye as if it's sealed, so his geass have run out of control like Lulu yet. It's tragic for Lulu that if Marianne and Charles collaborate with one another for executing The Sword of Akasha. Anyway, C.C recovered her memory, though I expected she do during dramatic event.
    I'm glad to find Orange luckily. For your pic, Who is he? I guess a someone show on in Hellthing. Though I haven't read it, I felt the taste.

    Zoro's damage is so serious in Thriller Bark he should take more rest. Is Rayleigh's ability linked to his job, courting ship? It's the most important opinion for the straw pirate to escape in next ep. I think they meet too early the strong enemies to win them so far.

    I didn't know the information which is good news. I like the anime though there is based on manga. I want also to read the new volume in manga kissa (漫画喫茶), the place which is able to read manga or use Internet.
  9. vel
    2008-08-27 11:47
    Though She is described as genius, Nina is stupid. I think she guessed her Freyja kill only Eleven.
    I'm little surprised that Anya (Marianne) and Bismarck are Geass user. Bismark ability is unclear but scaring, on the other hand is Marianne one disguise or possession? It's curious she don't care about Lulu as if she lacked her emotion. Schniezel has been said he is viper and mastermind for some time, which may come reality. Suzaku go more crazier toward strange destination. I can't understand what is happy ending.

    Rayleeeeeeeeigh! He is cool old man. It's mysterious he can touch Kizaru and detached the bomb before. Did he eat a Fruit? Though he was worn out, Luffy is overwhelmed by Sentoumaru. He didn't eat Devil Fruit but have something strange power for He is the aide of Vegapank.
  10. vel
    2008-08-23 09:27
    I have complex feeling on Rolo. It's because he killed Shirley and Nuanally at second hand. Therefore I can't forgive and complain about him. I'm glad Nina realized her sin at last and want her to make amends to all victims. The title means the Order of the Black Knights betrayed Lulu. As a result, there leave Shinkiro and Orange for Lulu. Though he lost almost all of things, I enjoy it as if I saw first episode when he have only geass.

    I like in that the mecha designs are so splendid, especially VARDANT is. But I'm sad it become CG in anime.

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