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Of The West

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  1. Gooral
    2010-02-26 16:04
    Yep, I'm on MAL. Link to my profile.

    As for Vinland Saga, you should make time . Wake up 5 minutes earlier and in a month you will have enough time saved to read 30 chapters of 62 that came out to this day.
  2. Gooral
    2010-02-24 03:27
    I agree, although I preferred Kemono no Souja than Seirei no Moribito. In a way it was more realistic and IMO more unique (in a good way). One of the best things about it was that we've had a chance to see Erin's life from childhood to adulthood and it really added to the story and wasn't only empty decoration. What I also liked about it that there weren't ridiculous plot twists (like in hyped Code Geass) or deus ex machina plot devices. It had it's drawbacks though because the story was sometimes predictable but even if I roughly knew what would happen there was always something that surprised me (for example I didn't think that Seimiyah would raise blue flag but used Erin to stop the fight). It's also great anime to discuss about. I've never wrote about any anime so much (although most of my posts were on Polish forum I've written something on animesuki and MAL also). I would also love to see continuation and it would be best if it was made for more mature audience (and Nukku and Mokku wouldn't be there ;P). You're in a much better situation though because you know Japanese so you can read next two volumes and even if you didn't know, it's only a matter of time before they're published in Germany. Unfortunately my German is on the basic level only and now that I don't even watch RTL/SAT1/Pro7/Kabel1 it's even worse than it was 5-8 years ago :/. Anyway, if you'll know anything new about Uehashi's work, please let me know :).

    As for Claymore I agree, I'm still reading it to see how Yagi will resolve everything but after 13th volume it was getting less and less interesting. But the good thing is I've found fine replacement of it - Vinland Saga. I really recommend it. The story here is great, the way author directs it's characters is exemplary (and characters here are really interesting and many-dimensional unlike Claymore characters). It's not for males only, (unlike in Berserk there are no orgies or some really sick and brutal behaviours), there is no fanservice here (unlike in Claymore) and AFAIK woman should also find it interesting. Check first few chapters and judge by yourself.
  3. Gooral
    2010-02-17 06:00
    Thanks for the information about Erin novels . It has become one of my favourite anime and I'm glad you like it too.
  4. Sassarai
    2009-12-24 20:58
    Merry Xmas Riful

    Spoiler for merry xmas:
  5. Sassarai
    2009-10-07 19:20
    Stop being lazy and start posting in the Claymore forum again!
  6. Sassarai
    2009-09-05 10:10
    I think you'll lose more than an arm pretty soon! Probably your life!

    Got to be careful on Japanese schools/trains, streets, etc . If I learned anything from watching anime, it is the fact that all Japanese guys are perverts! j/k

    So where are the pics of you in Japan ? Show em!
  7. Sassarai
    2009-09-01 17:16
    I'm doing good. Annoying people currently in Valkyria Chronicles forum like how I used to annoy people in the Claymore forum. I haven't really been active on AS until recently.

    So what new stuff are you into atm? Manga? Anime? guys? and what the story with you being in Japan?! Darnit that's every Otaku's dream!
  8. Sassarai
    2009-08-21 23:15
    Stop going into hiding Riful. Just because your nick is Riful doesn't mean you have to act like the real one!
  9. chibamonster
    2009-07-07 21:55
    But of course! It is my favorite series. I just have not been posting recently.
  10. Sassarai
    2008-09-14 21:04
    Blah no way is Geass emo like Eva! TAKE IT BACK!! Although Geass can get a bit silly at times, I find it very entertaining.

    I'm telling you the best way to end Claymore manga would be:
    Miria: There are even greater land outside of this one on this world. We are simply test weapons for the organization on this little island.
    Scene: Clare's room
    *Young Clare wakes up"
    Clare: Oh man this was all a bad dream. whew!
    The end.

    I hate Ranka. She reminds me of Toad from super mario bros for some reason.

    I've been reading Skip Beat for awhile now. I like it! It's kind of girlish but hey I'm secure enough about my own masculinity to like shoujo stuff. Barf

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