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  1. Dean_the_Young
    2009-12-14 11:40
    If by abroad you mean "Auburn, Alabama," yes. Otherwise, no.

    Tenjou Tenge is shounen. Not the best, either.

    Sounds like you had quite the year of anime. I... did not. Finished 00 and Code Geass in the spring, rewatched some old American cartoons (Megas XLR, Samurai Jack), saw a quarter of Romeo x Juliet as well. Only saw the last two/three episodes of Eden: was not expecting an episode of 20,000 naked dudes. Kind of felt sad for the best-friend guy (the one they thought got caught by the Johnny-snipper).

    Oh, shite, how could I forget Library Wars? That was great! (Though I was disappointed they didn't have hand grenades and mortars. )
  2. Dean_the_Young
    2009-12-08 18:33
    I watch middle-aged asian men do complex math at a wonderful place called College.

    I read Tenjou Tenge; I'm actually at the latest chapter, or was a month or two ago. Not the most consistent, but I felt sympathy for Masaka. He needs more love (from a girl).

    Recently watched To Aru Index (good basis, muddled execution), and Eden of the East (20,000 naked guys in the last episode. Wait, WAT?)
  3. Dean_the_Young
    2009-04-25 13:41
    Actually, I did pick up a new series. I'm currently on volume 15 of Tenjou Tenge, a fighting/heavy ecchi manga series.
  4. Narona
    2008-12-20 05:14

    And yep about the CG stuffs, XD
  5. Narona
    2008-12-19 23:52
    Gonna leave for two weeks, so, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!

    Have fun (i hope), and see you soon
  6. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-18 10:55
    Good news: You don't need to send a stranger an email address. Just go here.
  7. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-17 23:31
    Good news bad news.

    Good news: Finally got my thoughts/plans/all-but-rewrite of Reformation up to episode 11 done.
    Bad news: It's 20 pages, and likely has a number of typos/mixed up names, and is over-detailed (yet organized) as anything else.

    I'm pretty sure 20 MS word pages is more than this can handle. I can either email it to you (if you give me an address), or I can post it at another site (which I'm already going to do) and you can get it there.

    Your pick.
  8. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-14 01:07
    If 'Twilight' Was 10 Times Shorter And A Hundred Times More Honest

  9. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-13 18:05
    It had potential: a hero with a legitimate beef against the heroes from last season (Shinn), a rational leader who honestly did the right move at every opportunity (Durandle), old heroes had conflicted ideas and idealism (Athrun), and the LOGOS military-industrial conspiracy wasn't too far fetched (whoever the blond-haired EA civie from Seed nicely fit the role). If handled right, it could have turned out well: Shinn could have slowly realized that revenge isn't satisfying, Durandle could have been slowly corrupted by his good intentions, Athrun could have actually fought and found something to believe in that wasn't contrived, and the LOGOS conspiracy could have been found to cover not only the EA and Orb, but also into the highest parts of ZAFT, where trusted advisors spoke of the need of war weapons for Durandle to achieve peace.

    As it was, the series went down hill once the pre-planned parts were finished (the first twenty-odd episodes). That's where Murwosa's (self-admitted) character bias for the first season kicked in: all development of the new cast was pretty much jettisoned, Kira and Lacus went from amiable camoes to the new flawless heroes, and the point where Morwosa started turning in scripts too late for them to be edited or changed is apparent.

    It could have been much, much better. I doubt the fight scenes would ever have gotten much past the cannon-fodder level, but had it been planned (and stuck to the plan) better it could have been a respectable sequel to Seed (which had a coherent and consistent plot), and not the latest bastard child of Bandai, where plot threads are forever dropped and the characters turn into cruel parodies of themselves.

    Oh, and that outline? Last exam is monday evening, so I'll try and finish it up on Tuesday or so.
  10. Dean_the_Young
    2008-12-08 23:36
    I hope not. I've got exams this coming week, and I need to study more than I need to finish writing out a outline. I might find some time by Monday, but no promises. Just give me a PM by Tues if I haven't gotten back to you by then: I actually wrote up most of it a while ago, but haven't been updating it.

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