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Kouzuki Hentaiga

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  1. amatsunagi
    2015-08-14 23:11
    Yes of course! I certainly love it's lore, how it incorporates many things, combining occult and technology into unique stuff. The greatness of Yuragi no Shinwa is comparable to that of Nasuverse from Type-moon.

    No ero by the way~ and more action!
  2. amatsunagi
    2015-08-14 21:44
    umu, hisashiburi~

    so far nothing worth mentioning~ :T (except n3250cl which is the only thing I enjoyed recently)
    need really interesting stuff with spectacular world-building! like Allusionist for example or Allusionist!! Gaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!...........

    ...maa, sorry, a little bit out of control there due to petty depression of lacking stories to consume~~
  3. amatsunagi
    2015-07-07 23:35
    well? not a master of NTR so don't really know how to categorize that... I have to concentrate to other series ro calm da pain before I continue read. Ah, it's completely NTR though for the young man.
  4. amatsunagi
    2015-07-07 22:49
    for example... there is this pirate captain that captured two females (a young girl and a married woman), he ordered the two guys, which is the older brother of the young girl and the husband of the woman to kill each other if they want to save their precious person. The husband win but all he get is the order to rape the young girl in front of the public (which also mean in front of her older brother whom loves her). He did it and the woman (who never get laid, due to some hetare reason) is a bit jealous inside and get swayed by the pirate words that he will spared her husband life, as a result she is completely raped. When the husband come to retrieve her, he is shocked to see her state and even more hurt when she rejected him. In truth, the woman rejected him because she feels dirty and wishes him to pursue a new life and keep him safe. But the husband decided to be the pirates underling, seeking chances to take her back. In the end both of them died together, as a wife and husband T_T
  5. amatsunagi
    2015-07-07 22:32
    A situation where it's seemingly a NTR at first but turn out it is not?
  6. amatsunagi
    2015-07-07 22:06
    pseudo plus lots of rapist in the background. No NTR for the main characters, fortunately. Later half is tame compared to early half in regards to bad scenes
  7. amatsunagi
    2015-07-07 21:30
    praise me for enduring DHM! 'twas a thorny road but quite enjoyable, despite uuh... bad treatment of women there :/
  8. amatsunagi
    2015-06-29 00:27
    sasuga Hentaiga da wa~

    Munching on titles in my backlog now~
  9. amatsunagi
    2015-06-23 11:06
    mou~ shouganai ko!

    Yeah, lots of them still depend of MT (Translation Aggregator with JParser MeCab is enough imo, along with studying a little bit about grammar, rest is just practice and practice).

    eh, don't really like rape (of course).
    muu~ Hentaiga is reading H too much!
  10. amatsunagi
    2015-06-23 10:42
    this time I fumbled again, huh?

    anyway, as for junaixryoujoku, think I'm still holding it back on my backlog

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