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Hentaiga no Rinbukyoku

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  1. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-25 18:32
    Keitaro hutako
    Sorry sorry. Wasn't paying attention at those parts...

    'What is this anyway?' You ask?
    Just a small sneak peak from the deeper chapters
  2. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-25 11:13
    Keitaro hutako
    Say i just wanna hear your opinion of this even though it's just a small sneak peak
    After finishing preparing the ingredients, i went back to where the oven is, but mid way through i sensed 2 presense behind the wall where the oven is. but i ignored it since seeing how the muffins came out is more important right now.
    Then, 5 meters left just as i was about to arrive to where the oven is.


    An explosion occured. and together with the oven, everything was blown to pieces

    "MY MUFFINS!!!"
  3. TemhotaTech
    2016-08-24 22:25
    No, he raises him. By making him run through scorhing sands, climbing barbed covered trees, and occasionally beating him in boxing. Basically he's toughing up his son to fight interdimensional monsters. (Note: every story I write will involve action)
    The whole story is something like a parody of battle harems, in this case something similar to the setup of Hundred. The Mc's task is to train his son, and his harem to fight monsters and villainous organizations. And while his son, and harem have special abilities, the Mc's experience often overpowers them.
  4. TemhotaTech
    2016-08-24 22:08
    Uhhhhh.... Sorry... No.... The Mc of that story is not into minors.
  5. TemhotaTech
    2016-08-24 13:58
    Honestly I like telling people about my projects, and hear what their thoughts are.

    Here's a simple list.
    Spoiler for list of novels:
  6. TemhotaTech
    2016-08-23 03:25
    I think the Mc would reincarnate them as classes that require intelligence... Or put the soul of the smartest girl in school in the body of a berserker.

    Honestly I haven't given much thought for magic till you brought it up. Just like with everything else the Djinn create it needs a "material".
    Since the Mc's world was a non-magical world to begin with, no one is capable of generating magic alone.
    For the Mc's case, it is due to his wish, his desire gave him great magical power. Although he could remove portions of it to create a magic class, but just creating one would drain a large amount of magic from him permanently.
    So I thought of a solution. When I first started this idea I figured the Mc would do some exploring before creating his army/harem. His objective is to find a rich source of magic for his army. One potential source would be a dead world, that just suffered the magical equivalent of a nuclear holocaust.
  7. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-22 08:00
    Keitaro hutako
    Yup that's it...
  8. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-22 06:13
    Keitaro hutako
    Just that satisfaction... Well compared to you who can read japanese characters... I can't read squat... And i just wanted to at least get to the good part before i sleep eternally

    Edit: i just noticed i just said something so chuuni...
  9. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-22 05:20
    Keitaro hutako
    By the way, Wuhugm-san... Can you do me a favor? Consider this as my first and last request, since i'm going to die anyways.

    Can you please translate the chapter 69 of souen no historia, since i know that chapter is where the mc becomes a papa since the egg hatched in his sleep...
  10. Keitaro hutako
    2016-08-21 11:24
    Keitaro hutako
    Yeah but it was good too...

    You will see me in those two threads more often because it updates so quick...

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