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  1. KrimzonStriker
    Yesterday 18:47
    Ah right, Dana merged all the banter together. And yes, Cole's probably my favorite banter wise as well

    Well I figured that but you're pretty much in the thick of combat as a reaver so if you haven't killed everything by then you'll be pretty vulnerable. But good to see you've picked on, hopefully this works out overrall, I know Templar frustrates some people because of its more specialist nature but you should have plenty of opportunity to show it off regardless.

    You're in for a treat. I remember watching this stuff back when I was in grade school, it's what first brought my attention to the food network really. Either one of them I expect Hayama to lose and to lose bad if/when he does get a chance at him. Until now we've never really got a chance to gauge just how high a mountain they'd have to climb, now would be as good as any time I think.

    Still unsure, but it's always possible, them wrapping Doom's origin story with the rest of the FF seems to be a trend these days, though I hope from the looks of it that they stick with the Latvaria dictator angle and not this weird hacker thing you told me about before <_<
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-26 23:25
    Well, there's a video from Danaduchy that has all the party dialogues in a huge 1 hour segment if you ever want to listen

    Exactly my point/concern about the Reaver. Experiment more on that front and let's see what comes of it.

    I thought so as well. No, you're right, my main concern is how we move on from the story as it currently is. There's a dude on youtube who has all the footage from the Japanese version of the show, try this video here to see what I'm talking about. Let me know when you're finished, there were a series of battles after this one between the traditionalist versus and the fusion/neo style of Japanese cooking. Morimoto is pretty famous, he's also an Iron Chef in the American version as well, plus my sister got to eat some of his food during a live cooking demonstration of his THat's definitely part of it, but I feel they need to utilize Akira in some way in order to ensure the main story and the inevitable confrontation with the Elite Ten is on pace. I feel in order to do that Akira needs to be a sacrifice and get utterly crushed in order to illustrate the difference and spur Soma on from there.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-26 20:35
    We need to take fun out of it now since that seems to be even. I'm not there so I can't judge this part for you, since now you should be weighing the pros and cons gameplay wise. What is easier for you to use. How well can you compensate for any various weaknesses of your chosen class. What kind of party alignment do you most prefer to work with and which class best fits that party etc.

    In terms of entertainment, as I said I prefer DPS classes myself, feels like I'm more in control of a battle, though I prefer to balance that out as much as possible generally, probably why I like two-handed rogues myself. So if your asking me personally then either the Templars or reaver, so long as you can find ways to offset the latter's dangerous drawbacks, nothing against champions and if you think that works best for you go for it but that's my two cents if it helps.

    Yes I saw. It probably came as less of a step surprise to me then others because I'm following/chatting with a guy on youtube whose also a cook that reviews the series. He pointed to me that Soma's greatest weakness is a definitive and style. An identity. So while I pulled for Soma I wasn't as caught off guard as some people. Even a free-style cook should have a strong basis, fusion cooking is an actual style in fact, as one of my favorite chefs in real life Iron Chef Morimoto has demonstrated. I suppose if they had developed Hayama' s character earlier this might not have gotten such a backlash, but f they build on this moment with his character then my fears of this arc being either a waste or dragging the story will be allayed.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-25 21:50
    No worries, it's a big decision, one that will decide how you play the game from here on out.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-23 20:49
    I prefer sending him off to the Grey Wardens personally. If you can't be bothered to wait that long though defer to Ferelden seems the best remaining option I think.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-22 23:31
    You know, as dubious as Solas may be, after reading through some tvtrope entries, it looks like saving that Old God soul might be the right call in terms of world balance.... depending, of course, on what he does with it now....
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-22 21:22
    PC offers a bit more in terms of micromanagement because it lays out most abilities right there with hotkeys.

    Indeed, don't be afraid to hit parts that do get you approval if they don't conflict with the election, and simply don't go off the rails with the Chantry must be destroyed rhetoric, though feel free to point out its flaws if need be. So long as you don't do anything to drastically encourage the other two points wise you should be fine just off the major decisions/war table choices you make with Leliana.

    Sunrise is doing the direct to sale stuff themselves for the dub I think. Indeed, would have been really nice if he could have made a comeback for nostalgia shake, I know I'm gonna get a nostalgia feeling when the subbed voices come through, I mean it's been awhile since i heard Gihren All the more reason to subscribe to subs over the dubs when they do that, not that Full Frontal did a bad job, it just seems rather pointless to substitute like that if you have the option not too <_<

    Hmm, maybe we should go look at the dub for the final episode and check the credits to ? While we're talking about Young Char it turns out that same VA did Loni for Unicorn as well. Strassman might be able to capture a tom-boy attitude but I'm still unsure about outright boy pre-pubescent or no, we'll see.

    He could have learned with a loss now, but we'll have to waste time with Soma trying to humble him or having him get crushed by an Elite Ten member soon, but a humbling period needs to come with Hayama. And that's the real shame, now if Eizan crushes Hayama or something THEN his character was worthwhile, but right now this is a setback in terms of his rivalry with Soma, no two ways about it. Probably not, from what I read it was very difficult for them, we'll see when the translation comes out.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-22 19:25
    Weigh it as best you can, a big thing to consider is what do you think you would use most often and what combinations you like with your party.

    Oh hey, something new I discovered, so here's an apparently incomplete page mapping out the Divine Election. So far Leliana seems to be on the right path but we'll have to look at this carefully to either avoid giving Cassandra and Vivienne points during conversations while also not garnering disapproval for him, do a comparison with their approval pages, I know Cassandra has hers mapped out on hers though Vivienne's approval page hasn't been updated with this so we'll have to be careful.

    Well, I'm mostly focused on the subbed version myself so it shouldn't be a big deal regardless. Yeah, sad if he retired though I guess that'd be the period for him to do so, still he did a good job with Char I thought. I wonder if being Canadian has anything to do with it in terms of getting a contrract with him and what have you? I second that, looks like he did it for those summary movies apparently which is probably why we never heard of him doing so.

    Huh, now that you mention it, but DID they recast Amuro for that last bit in Unicorn?

    I read, we'll have to wait and see, but what I was most afraid of looks like it's occuring for him, his ego trip will have increased dramatically and as a chef he likely won't think to get better from this experience. At the same time I worry Soma will become more distracted in his rivalry against Akira even with Eizan lurking. At well, at least we got an Akira flashback, should be interesting fleshing out his character.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-22 00:53
    That'll be awkward, she had a very high and distinctly girly voice, not pre-pubescent boy in my mind. And that makes sense adult wise, though I could have sworn the English VA for the original MSG dub of Char was still around, would have been nice if they could have gotten him.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-22 00:48
    Eh, role-playing wise I'd stop him, they're just scared and ignorant, not malicious despite how stupid and sad it was.

    No they won't, other then a comment here or there from your companions like Cullen and Dorian nothing really comes of what specialization you choose story wise. At this point just choose what you think will best work for you. I'm more offense oriented so Templars appeals to me, anti-magic being a plus the minus of a reaver who invites damage, plus role-playing wise your family had strong ties to the Templars/chantry, even if you play a character who rejects that you'd still probably have undergone some initial training. Like I said, go the path you think best works for you gameplay wise and what you think you would have the most fun playing as.

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