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  1. BleachOD
    2008-07-05 19:13
    Again, I brought up ONE topic and you completely disregarded it and brought up a whole lot more. If you want a debate, I'll reply as much as I'm able, but if you're just gonna disregard my points, debates are clearly not for us.<---Kettle meet pot

    That's you. I know you haven't if did you wouldn't have assumed. Do you need a brick building to fall on your head? You brought up Masaki. I did not. Then you's sad that his family and mother becomes second fiddle and Rukia took that spot.<--You implied I thought this ...when I never said any such things.

    By you saying that...You inferred that I am comparing His mom and family to His feelings for Rukia. I am telling you ...No I am not. His mother is irreplaceable and I am not including her. I

    mean ALL his deepest thoughts regarding the two. Orihime and Rukia. For one em he has none.....

    Became his world
    ...Has nothing to do with his feelings for his family or mother. They are excluded because you can't compare the two. So it's you who is misunderstanding.

    There was no reason for you to bring them up. Because they are included in my comparison so it isn't really relevant

    And his reasons for wanting to be a Shinigami has nothing to do with the situation. Except for the fact that Rukia made it possible and it's Ichigo himself who says "She stops the rain"

    You should read what you said again. Because you seem to have forgotten what you said.

    So again you actually tackled my posts based on your on preconceived notions ...even if you hadn't read all my posts before...That's why I said "IF" Big meaning for such a small shouldn't overlook it..

    But if you're going to cling to your stubborn beliefs ...then I agree it makes no sense...because we aren't on the same page. Because for some reason you don't think you said what you said...nor do you realized I answered it even if it was something I didn't believe in the first place....
    I also explained my POV and who I was making comparison's to so you'd know

    Um how come you don't realize you touched on more than one thing in those posts

    I don't feel breaking up your quotes so I just summed it up....


    Became and Was ...wasn't an argument. I was defining it for you...

    because I didn't say his mother wasn't his world. She WAS
    Rukia became his world because she is responsible for curing the pain of losing his mother because she WAS his world. He loves Rukia but in no way does that say he doesn't love his mother. He does...that's why Rukia's gift is so important to him.

    I don't know why you think it goes on. If Rukia is most important person right now...that does not mean his mother wasn't the most important person in his life...she was.
  2. BleachOD
    2008-07-05 18:30
    Dude. Something I assume to believe? YOU said Rukia was Ichigo's center, I just quoted you and disagreed. YOU said, and I quote, "All his deepest thoughts and feelings are all about Rukia." Not, "some" or even, "most". ALL. This means that Ichigo's thoughts regarding his other friends and families are not his "deepest thoughts" despite how his family is how his Shinigami business started anyway, how he trains to be strong for his friends. How much his mother's death still haunts him till the rain arc. My posts and replies are all BASED on points you posted and you say I'm ASSUMING? You're the one who posted a monster of a reply on something I never even TACKLED in my post.<---no that was you Who's assuming here?

    I have mentioned all of those things in various posts. And I even agreed with you on the reasons he became a shinigami...It's you who isn't getting it!! You're seriously making want to bang your head on desk!

    Aside from his mother(She's not included so I am not talking about her ever!!!)...ALL his deepest thoughts are regarding Rukia. You are the one who is guilty of assumption...not I...
  3. BleachOD
    2008-07-05 18:27
    Why do you keep calling me a dude? I am a girl. I thought I made it clear ...Barring his family!

    It's you who misunderstood. At no time am I ever comparing his feelings to that of his family.
    So you are still projecting your beliefs onto me...

    Became and Was....means two different things. Did I not tell you that I am only comparing his relationship to Orihime and Chad.

    What part of this are you not getting?

    And I apologize for my earlier rudeness...I hate to resort to that...but You happen to catch me while PMS was at a all time high...
  4. BleachOD
    2008-07-05 17:21
    no it was to keep you from looking stupid while being so insulting...since I never said that. I understood your posts completely...but it didn't apply to me because I never thought that in the first place...

    I wanted you to know so next time you aim at will actually be for something I actually believe is true not something you assume I believe. You are free to poke holes in what I say...but you can do without the snide remarks. The people I take jabs at...are really my buds...we are just enemies in that thread. You just came out of nowhere with insults based on your own assumptions.

    So if you gonna stab me...just do it for something you have seen me me say. not what you think I said.

    I don't mind verbal fencing...I can do it many ways. I just prefer not to use veiled insults like you...okay some where not...some you just straight out said...
    But in the end I don't care if you agree or not...which is why I don't believe in red reps...

    Don't insult me..and I won't insult you...
  5. BleachOD


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