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what Yagi said

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  1. williamaugustus
    2009-01-04 17:00
    Happy New Year!!!
  2. rio
    2008-10-03 05:48
    i'm happy you would say changing the career isn't wrong . i thought i was alone to wonder what to do for the future, and couldn't find many adults especially at a later age change thier careers in my country,, so,, i was relieved by you. thanks.^^

    hehe, you like Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu too?^^ it's funny you wanna hide the fact from your friends!
    Actually the anime is somewhat .. having shame..(laugh)but that is a awesome anime with philosophy.
    i want to join the club>.<

    mm i think,, Obama has the charisma, intelligence, good personality and ability to control the US economy and army. i don't support McCain, because i don't find humanity in him, and i don't support Republican party, because of the stance of the Iraq war. I don't want to see the same type of politics as George W. Bush's one again.
    Obama was accused of lacking experiences, but , McCain chose Sarah Palin, who lacks experiences too, so the fact eliminated the problem of the value of experiences between the each candidates, i think.

    And, i am not happy about Aso Taro to be the PM. Rather, i am not interested .
    Because my country's politics is collapsing. The 2 prime ministers before Aso had abandoned the position. And i don't find Aso is an adequate person to be PM, he has bad reputation that having two sides personalities, and making inappropriate remarks.
    At present, there is no one to be a good PM in japan's cabinet, i think.

    Your cat is so kawaii・.。*^^.。*
    your neko like humans! my neko can't do such a thing..
    But he thinks he is a human being. He gets angry when me and my mother eat dinner except him. He wants to join us
    And your neko is tsundere too? mine is very tsundere. He likes humans very much, and wants to be loved , but he tries to avoid us , sometimes, bites us (especially me><!) but if i try to avoid him, he tries to close to me, and when i hug and pat him , he gets purring.^^
  3. rio
    2008-09-27 18:22
    You look busy for going out
    i am curious though, what you are doing outside;p

    i haven't dicided what school in the US i will attend at. But , i have a will to go to the US next year or the year after next. But money.. i have to earn money now
    It's tough..

    Thesedays, i don't find anything new ; just wondering what i should do from now on and searching for many things can be a good source of my future thing.

    Of course i like anime. =3
    i hadn't watched 'The melanchory of Haruhi Suzumiya' until recently, but i tried,
    that is really fun and warm and curious i thought ^^
    Have you watched it?

    And, i am interested in American politics too.
    i have still supported Obama.
    How about you now tenken?
  4. rio
    2008-09-23 17:45
    Hi are you fine thesedays? Did you read obama's book?
  5. NobodyMan
    2008-07-31 10:06
    Haha, sorry, I didn't color mine, DANZAIVER did. Maybe you can ask him to color it, he did such a good job on mine. As for how it would look, I think it would look great colored.
  6. NobodyMan
    2008-07-31 09:51
    Heh, I like the new avatar.
  7. rio
    2008-07-11 22:57
    haha^^ thank you. i just wanted her to know what i have known . Because i felt some pain for her for my experience.
  8. Nemu
    2008-07-11 11:12
    Awesome avatar! I love Nana!
  9. rio
    2008-07-07 05:28
    Thank you. i am very glad to hear those words, and can be relieved that there is a person who says such things in a country i want to stay at.

    Thank you very much.
    i want to ask you when i need help.  *
  10. rio
    2008-07-05 23:06
    Thank you for the words i feel worried a little for going to the United Sates and attend the university, but your words motivated me and i could be relieved.
    i am considering visiting Washington D.C. , and there is a possibility i will go to a university there , so i found that was a good coincidence. And it was good to know that the place is a very good place to learn American politics. That motivates me too.
    Anyway, thank you for caring about me.

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