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Lelouch Vi Britannia FTW

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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-29 14:29
    Yo, Ruvixur, you know Lelouch is alive deep in your heart, so set it free! Join the Lelouch Lives Theorist group and support the messiah's right to life!!
  2. whiter
    2008-09-25 07:24
    Again, why immortality is bad? Sure, you get to see the person you love die, but it should make you miserable. Eternity will offer you lots and lots of things to do, love isn't the only thing in world. And Lelouch always can go and do what he likes the most -fabulously rebel and do other fabulous things >_>
    Ofcourse you can do immense amount of things, all the stuff that are possible for you. Still there's a lot problems, such as the solitude that will devour you after a century or something.
    And due to the solitude and the unhappiness caused by it, you'll eventually grow bored of living. Then living will just become strugling as you'r constantly being tortured, and that's when the bad/worst side of immortality comes in.
    Edit for an add:
    Humans nature is to pursue happiness and avoid loneliness to certain extention.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-16 17:30
    Dann of Thursday
    Why not? The show has made a point of portraying the power of Geass as being more of a curse than a blessing and it seems only right to seal that poiwer from the world. And what is wrong with her being mortal? And I don't know what you have been watching, but this show has taken the direction that immortality is a curse or did you not notice how miserable C.C. is? If she stays immortal, she may be able to stay with Lelouch for a little while if he lives, but he'll eventually die and she'll be all alone again. That's not a good ending.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-16 09:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Allow me to explain an instance where Lelouch would take her Code. It could be at the very end of the whole battle with him going off to blow up Damocles or something. He could take C.C.'s Code in order to let her be mortal and also allow him to be the last person with something Geass related left. He could seal himself and Geass away forever.
  5. Narona
    2008-09-09 16:54
    I know that it was to check your own specs, still it was hilarious ^^""

    Marianne was not so bad from my point of view...... Charles planned to kill the gods, but then he became marianne's husband and they had two children. Then charles began to change, because of Marianne. He unknowledged that you can find happiness even in this world of lies. So he changed. V.V. told Marianne that because of her, Charles has changed and will even eventually give up his plan to kill the gods.

    As Ashlay said it, if V.V. hasn't killed Marianne, there is a high possibility that charles would have stopped his plan.

    But V.V. killed her and THEN him and Marianne became insane (they were not before that). we could say that they became like that because V.V. destroyed their happiness.

    When you look at it (I don't like those who call her bitch, because they don't try to understand the whole story), when you really look a it, it's a sad, really sad story.
  6. Ruvixur
    2008-09-09 14:36
    The memory of past is not to be trusted!
    Posted it in order to check my speculations.
    Marianne disappointed me . Hoped she would like to control the world with Lelouch, not some Instrumentality.
  7. Narona
    2008-09-09 14:10
    "Reminder for myself:

    Don't forget it!

    I never saw anyone writing that kind of message. ^^
  8. Ruvixur
    2008-08-27 08:00
    Reminder for myself:
    Look at this after episode 21:
    Don't forget it!
  9. Ruvixur
    2008-08-26 15:26
    Oh, thank you.
  10. Darkcraft
    2008-08-26 12:02
    you can see them in the photo album on my profile page
    i ll do more soon

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