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  1. Littm
    2008-11-05 09:29
    Heeey, where are u ? Lol.
  2. DanielisGENESIS
    2008-07-19 06:50
    Yep, Takayuki is voiced throughout for the SFD
  3. Littm
    2008-07-19 04:34
    Voiced ? This is interesting.
  4. DanielisGENESIS
    2008-07-18 03:38
    I haven't been touching the LE since then, but I tried the SFD's Haruka ending. I think the SFD might be better, since Takayuki TALKS OMG. It's much better than the LE version IMO even though the CG isn't as good. The mini game was cool too
  5. Littm
    2008-07-17 14:17
    Well, how is your progress with Kiminozo LE ? Ah, and btw, have you tried Special Fandisk ?
  6. DanielisGENESIS
    2008-07-13 16:22

  7. Littm
    2008-07-13 10:41
    Ah, thanks! I will try them both.
  8. DanielisGENESIS
    2008-07-13 09:44
    I didn't try Gundam 00 too, I heard it wasn't nice. I sort of have the feeling when I saw one of their main machine, the Exia which looks like meh

    Personally I'd watch Gundam Wing and Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny though ^^

    Gundam Wing might be too old for you to watch or DL or buy though, but the SEED Series is cool imo. it has an extensive storyline (SEED and SEED Destiny is related, timeline is 2 years apart but the characters remained the same, with the exception of new characters for the SEED Destiny series. Each series is 52 ep long, but SEED Destiny had 1 extra "Final Plus" episode, and various OVAs that re-tell the story in different person's perspective. The storyline had various elements of Real World conflict that we are in: Issues of Nukes, Issues of Righteous War, Issues on mass killing, Issues on Genetic engineering etc etc.

    I believe the author used our current world situation and issues in this extensive plot though. It's almost an imaginative about the future, if genetic engineering on humans are allowed, the possibilities of nuclear war etc etc.

    The machines and mechanics are very advanced and cool too if you are to consider. I would recommend this series for Gundam, honestly
  9. Littm
    2008-07-13 08:18
    Well... She isn't really looks like Yuki, hmm. Similar, of course, but not complete. But thia sig is really nice. Ah, btw, I'm planing to get Gundam, I watched only 00... Nothing interesting, isn't enough dynamics, not really interesting plot and so on, so i prefer Macross instead, but I think, that there are some Gundam series that are much better 00. I think, that I should try Gundam one more time. Any advices ?
  10. DanielisGENESIS
    2008-07-13 04:28
    That girl is Yuki Nagato XD. I had another render of Haruhi in the same exact costume

    Oh and I'm the one who made the sig

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