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  1. Tempester
    2016-09-27 06:04
    It's precisely because I'm a fan of the franchise and Sunshine failed to meet the expectations that the pre-anime material set for it, even contradicting and retconning some aspects of the characters.
  2. Flower
    2016-09-26 19:52
    Btw Pocari ... a very nice new avy. ^^
  3. Tempester
    2016-09-12 12:50
    Girls und Panzer in a nutshell:
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  4. Flower
    2016-09-10 23:54

    Sorry bout that...
  5. Flower
    2016-09-10 23:43

    Mahoutsukai no Yome OVA 1 was picked up by CR today - might consider giving it a try if you haven't already. It is quite something!
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-09-06 17:33
    Starting a new job next week. Been spending a lot of time preparing, though I've also attended several conventions (photographed some interesting Monogatari and Love Live shoots, got excited over the fact I can still find Hanasaku Iroha and Nagi no Asukara cosplays on occassion) and hosted a LAN party recently (fired up Battlefield 1942 for the first time in years on the weekend, still my favourite game in the franchise though I suspect if I went on real servers rather than playing four players + bots it would become obvious I'm out of practice damn quick).

    I haven't had a ton of thoughts about moe to post recently, despite the fact that my favourite show of 2015 fit the moe category (Koufuku Graffiti) and I've been totally digging shows like Sansha Sanyou, This Art Club has a Problem, Amanchu and Flying Witch.

    BTW, I was reading your conversation with Tempester re: GuP and I have to ask - is that scene actually in Russian in the anime? If so, I'm tempted to show it to a friend who is a native speaker (lived in Moscow until age 17 or so) to get his reaction to it.
  7. Tempester
    2016-08-30 09:13
    Episode 19 so far. I'm trying to watch at least one episode of Aikatsu every day. Don't feel like rushing the show but I want to stay consistent with it.

    I wasn't that impressed with Aikatsu at first but it's starting to grow on me lately. It really takes advantage of its massive length and delivers a lot of fun slice-of-life moments and gradual character development, which gives it a certain advantage over Love Live which overly limits its potential with 1-cour seasons (I'd be delighted over a 39 or 50-episode LL show), and The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls which ruined all the fun by drowning it out with constant melodrama.

    The massive jump in 3DCG model quality that came with episode 9 helped a lot, now instead of dreading those obligatory dance sequences I'm actually looking forward to them. Still not fond of special appeals though, they seem to take away from the dance and are just a bunch of flashing colors to me.
  8. Tempester
    2016-08-30 08:47
    I'm very glad to see you enjoyed it! GuP is a total gem of an anime.

    I agree that Hana's family drama was one of the worst aspects of the show. Fortunately the staff knew their priorities and didn't give it any more than 1/3 of an episode of focus. On a rewatch though I appreciated the Nishizumi family drama a lot more because of Maho's subdued sisterly love and support she displayed for Miho throughout the tournament. It made the resolution of the last episode very satisfying.

    Don't forget to watch the Anzio OVA (Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!) before the movie. It's an essential part of the anime.

    P.S. Aikatsu's Yurika is a total cutie.
  9. Tempester
    2016-08-28 10:07
    I much prefer AK's no-nonsense subs to Commie's distracting wehraboo subs, but whatever floats your boat (or your aircraft carrier).

    After years of playing WoT I don't even mind seeing TDs or SPGs like the StuG colloquially being called tanks, it's basically the armored vehicle equivalent of calling an orchestral piece a "song".
  10. Tempester
    2016-08-28 09:04
    Wow, that's a beautiful version of Panzerlied! Just listening to it makes me feel like invading France.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on GuP.

    Edit: Yeah, the T-34 was so cool that the Germans ripped off its design to make the Panther.

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