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duckandcover 2011-08-17 15:36

nyaa crashing router?
hi everyone,

i know this sounds strange, but whenever i try to download from nyaa, the torrents always make my router reset itself. i use uTorrent, but it doesn't seem to happen with torrents from any other website that i've noticed, just those from nyaa. i've tried throttling the download/upload speeds and changing the number of maximum connections, to no avail. i've also tried this from multiple locations and different internet companies, which makes me feel like this might be an issue with either the torrent files themselves (seems unlikely) or the way that nyaa's announce server works. i was wondering if anyone had a fix, or just if anyone else has had this problem? at this point, i'd be happy just to know that someone else has had this problem. i get the file eventually, but i pretty much have to resign myself not to using the internet for awhile if i want to get anything from nyaa.

thanks a lot!

sa547 2011-08-25 04:05

What kind of router you were using? Try borrowing another router and hook it up to your PC to see if there's anything wrong with yours.

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