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NinjaBT 2012-01-01 01:11

New Torrent Hosted - Kiss x Sis
I noticed a lot of torrents with great titles, but with little seeding.

Heres is my contribution:

Name: Kiss x Sis



Ecchi, Seinen, Small Breasts

Nawa Munenori

Production: Feel
File Info
Group: CoalGirls

Video: 1280x720 H264/AVC 23.976 fps ~ 1919 kBit/s

Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo FLAC 1016 kBit/s

Subtitles: English (ASS) (Ryuumaru)

What do you do when you live together with gorgeous twin sisters who are intent on seducing you? This is the daily dilemma that faces Keita Suminoe, and politely declining their offers doesn’t seem to be helping him! Despite his school friends' jealous quips, and parents who think everything is fine as the siblings are not blood-related, this makes no difference to the brow-beaten boy. Unfortunately for Keita, school entrance exams are just around the corner, and scantily-clad girls sneaking into his bedroom at night is starting to affect his chances of graduation. Can he focus his mind in time, or will breasts, panties and milky-white thighs prove to be too much of a distraction?

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