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tyciol 2012-03-07 13:33

[ARR] Mahoujin Guru Guru
I know we have Anime-Keep's work on the movie listed but I noticed another group also subbed the movie here which appears to be a smaller (likely softsubbed) MKV. Was wondering if we could add that too.

Also wondering if we could enhance the tracker by posting a link to on tracker 38, and vice versa. That way people who watch the first can easily find the sequel and people won't watch the sequel before watching the first.

As soon as I can get ahold of all 18 eps of Dokie Doki Legend I'll put a batch together for them. A-K doesn't appear to be continuing it in spite of it still saying active at

Also: some day if DDL 19-38 is ever done, I think it would be cool if the whole series was batched collectively. In that case it'd be 46+38=84 episodes (counting movie). Eery coincidence how that matche's A-K's project number...

Would it be possible to merge 677 into 38? This says Oct 94 as the start date, but it lasted until 95 and the movie came out in 96, so a note could be made about the DDL sequel being 2000 without requiring a separate tracker.

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