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tyciol 2012-03-14 22:45

We don't seem to have any of the TwinBee series up. Here is a URL that describes the anime adaptations that exist for this gaming series:

As far as I know this hasn't been licensed. I only see Japanese info on ANN:

I only found one torrent for it on Nyaa, but it might be worth listing and making a tracker for:

I am not totally sure what it means, but here's my analysis:

I think the bigger (336mb) "volume o" is probably "Winbee's 1/8 Panic" (ウインビーの1/8パニック) aka
TwinBee WinBee Hachibun-no-ichi Panic (ツインビー ウィンビーの1/8パニック TwinBee and WinBee's 1/8 Panic) from 1994

the smaller (88mb) is clearly the 2nd vid from 1998, Tulip Kaigan Monogatari (チューリップ海岸物語 The Tulip Coast Story aka Tulip Beach Stories aka Tale of the Tulip Seaside.

As for the 3-part 1999 anime series "TwinBee Paradise" I haven't seen it around anywhere, sadly. But I figure if we listed these other 2 vids as twinbee, the 'paradise' trilogy could be added to the same tracker later?

Also to note: in spite of the torrent saying 'twinbee paradise 0' and the ANN profile listing them under 'paradise', the titles for the 94/98 vids do not appear to have paradise in the title, so I don't think it should be included.

CrowKenobi 2012-03-15 00:33

I don't know if listing a torrent that has no seeders or leechers is going to help... :(

Also, you should include the Anime Database (AniDB) in your searches. ;)

tyciol 2012-03-17 19:42

Yeah true, still trying to get the hang of that one.

All I can figure is even if there's no seeders at the moment, maybe they're just offline?

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