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tyciol 2012-03-22 13:21

Anymal / Anyamal / Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzoo (Animal Detectives) 2009, 50eps
Tracker here:

It's missing a forum (so hopefully this could be listed) and also missing wikipedia link ( )

Based on the project page on WSRN this series is listed as complete, and they have links for all the episodes.

But we only have eps 1-12 and then there's a gap until 29-50. The problem being that these were hosted at anirena, which is no longer up. So they need to be found to obtain the files unless a bot is distributing them.

I'm looking for the torrents for the missing episodes in hopes of creating a torrent to distribute the whole series.

Unfortunately WSRN's IRC bot doesn't seem to have it so we may be out of luck.

monir 2012-03-22 13:27

Can you do a separate opening post for this show with things like when it aired, animation production company, synopsis, etc.? For now, I've moved this thread to the resharing request, so if anyone has the series, they won't mind reseeding.

gsilver 2012-03-22 21:24

I've got the whole series and don't mind seeding for a while, but I kinda need an active tracker to share :heh:

I checked the xdcc list, and it looks like the bots Wayudo, Ichiko, and WasuJr all have the missing episodes, so they shouldn't be too hard to get.

tyciol 2012-03-27 03:29

Oh are those WSRN bots? Sweet I'll go take a look, thanks for the tip silver.

Monir the topic title says it aired in 2009... as for sypopsis I haven't watched it yet so I'm not sure, figured that could jsut be read on wikipedia, same with production company.

Series threads need to have this stuff? I've seen some without :D

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