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tyciol 2012-04-02 03:30

Shinigami no Ballad - Live Action
The tracker currently only has individual torrents of episodes 3 through 12 up. 1 and 2 appear to be missing.

Looking at the fansubbed Live anime on Nyaa (the location of the torrents currently listed on the tracker) I found this 1-12 batch which includes the missing episodes 1 and 2 and may be an easier consolidated means of people acquiring the show.

It isn't a batch added by SkewedStudios, rather by someone called NKL, but the files appear to be the same.

SkewedS did re-release episode 1 as well:

I think this is worth adding because it is a hi-def remaster to celebrate their group's anniversary.

They say to "stay tuned" for HD remasters of the rest, though I don't see any more and this was said back on Nov18.

Edit: a member said they're still working on them (maybe just hoarding up for a batch release?) so0 stay tuned I guess, but for now their new episode 1 would help fill a void in the tracker, and I think the batch is a good idea, and the only source I can see for episode 2.

Am probably going to wait for this remastered stuff though. The group is apparently not just upgrading the graphics, but also their translations!

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