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Classified Info 2012-04-14 07:40

Disk overloaded x% with bit torrent
Hi there

I had searched if there was already an issue similar to this but i wasn't able to find any. I've already googled and found some "solutions" to this issue, but they all weren't enough.

The "Disk overloaded x%" usually happens when i have many torrents in downloads, but i noticed that it wasn't even that the problem: the problem occurs whether the torrent got many seeds or not.

Just so you know, i have over 100gb of free space, a 4gb ram and a respectable video card; my pc is clean from any malware, virus, whatever, i constantly clean it with Ccleaner and i did a defrag a week ago. I have a 20mbits connection, and manage to get 1.9mb download when the torrent is seeded.

I already disabled the "caching of disk writes/reads", set "Override automatic cache size to..." to 256, and raised the maximum number of allowed connections, but it didn't work; in my settings there is no limit to dl speed or anything like that, and i'm currently downloading only one file, yet i keep getting "Disk overloaded 40%+" with peeks of 97% or 100%. When there is 0% overload, the download goes to 1.8mb/s in 2s, but then i start getting the overloading and it falls to 400kb/s or something like that.

I read that this issue happens when you are using a fast connection, but that the cause is mainly the caching writes, and so i did as it was described everywhere, but it didn't work. I've already reinstalled bittorrent 3 times, have you got any idea how to sort this out? Perhaps there is some wrong setting? I've already checked the main forums concerning this issue, but most of users got this solved by disabling those settings.

Thank you for your attention

aigomorla 2012-04-27 13:50

would help if u told us what torrent software you use?

Bit Torando?

NoemiChan 2012-04-27 16:01

Do you experience slowdown as well? Coz, I have that before when I had Utorrent.

Classified Info 2012-04-28 16:24

Oh, i had forgot i had made this topic, but since noone answered i solved the problem in another way: changed software.

As stated in the title, i was using Bittorrent, now i switched to Vuze and i didn't have any issue so far.

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