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tyciol 2012-05-16 19:48

Konnichiwa Anne (Hello Anne) aka Before Green Ables
This series is tracked at

ray=out did 9 eps in 2009, 4 eps in 2010 and 6 eps in 2011. They've been stuck at episode 18 for a year as of today though, so I am wondering if AnimeSuki might consider hosting work by some other groups.

The group Underwater (they're also a good, currently active group) translated the first 3 episodes in 2009:
*1 on April 19:
*2 on May 5:
*3 on May 6:

Also, ARR has done the entire series themselves, as far as I can tellm early 2011:
*1-19 on Jan 22:
*20-39 on Feb 15:

I'm not sure how well seeded these usually are, but there is an unofficial batch by an anonymous which looks better seeded which was added Feb 29, 2012:

BakaBT also has this, as well as a version which mixes ray=out's collective work (1-18) with ARR's work to round out 19-39. But their torrents are always weird, I can never rehost them on Nyaa because I think they fiddle with them for tracking purposes, so that's a no-go. Plus I don't think that AnimeSuki lists mixed torrents unless the two groups agree to a co-release, right?

That said, the mixed batch is a way we can get ray=out's episodes possibly in a more reliable fashion than using individual torrents. I plan, once I get them, to make an unofficial batch of 1-18 and add it to Nyaa, and at that time I'll link it here and ask to have it added too I suppose.

tyciol 2014-02-16 22:21

There's also a non-mixed batch of just ARR for consistency, but the audio/video is better quality on the first 18 that ray=out used.

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