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DonQuigleone 2012-09-29 05:59

Project Eternity
I'm quite excited about this as they say they're doing it in the style of the infinity engine games, and I also have a feeling that a lot of Obsidian's buggy or lackluster releases has been due to being held back by producers. Hopefully they'll produce something great with this chance.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

synaesthetic 2012-09-29 06:05

Fallout: New Vegas was pretty much golden--most of the bugs were due to the use of Gamebryo, not the game itself (and FONV was far less buggy than FO3).

Alpha Protocol on the other hand...

Ak3mi 2012-10-11 15:07

I am really looking forward to this game now after seeing what type of art style they are going for.

itisjustme 2015-03-26 15:23

It's released already, no interest at all for this game here? I can't wait to be home to play it, looks like a modernized BG1.

Random Wanderer 2015-03-26 21:19

I don't remember what I said here or why my original message was deleted years ago. However, I backed this back when Project Eternity was still an active Kickstarter, and I've been waiting impatiently for the game to come out. Unfortunately, these days I also have a job and commitments in the evenings that prevent me from having the time to play something like this outside of weekends. Because you can guarantee that a game like this isn't just something you start up when you have a spare five minutes at the computer. It's more of a "clear my schedule for this weekend and cancel sleep and mealtimes: Pillars of Eternity is out."

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