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relentlessflame 2012-10-05 21:15

Reminder: We All Know This Isn't Animated By KyoAni; please don't focus only on that
This is just a friendly request and reminder to all Little Busters anime viewers and game fans. As everyone who has stuck around what is now the "Pre-Airing" thread will know, the fact that this anime is being animated by J.C.Staff and not Kyoto Animation (who handled other recent Key anime adaptations) is a hot topic for discussion. It is inevitable that some will be disappointed by this, and that some comparisons will occur between the way things are presented and the way people "imagine" things would have been presented should Kyoto Animation (or some other company) been assigned this task. However, we just ask that this conversation not be allowed to derail Episode threads and other topics. Please try to stay focused on the topic at hand and remain constructive. Off-topic posts that do not contribute constructively to the topic at hand may be removed at the discretion of the moderation team. We want everyone to be able to express their opinion (whether positive or negative), but please do so in the most appropriate thread, and do not drag other threads off-topic.

Some other reminders:
There are lots of other threads in the Little Busters sub-forum, so please look around to see if there's a more appropriate thread. There is even a General Thread if all else fails.

If you don't see a more appropriate thread and want to see a new thread be created, please request it! The staff will give all requests fair consideration.

Remember that absolutely no game spoilers are permitted in anime episode threads (or other anime-only threads) even behind spoiler tags. Please read the Spoiler Policy for more information.


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