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Sinestra 2012-12-21 08:48

HALF & HALF by Seo Kouji
Not sure if anyone is reading but they have finally turned it into a serialization in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine


Nagakawa Shinichi and Sanada Yuuki both get involved in an accident and die together, but they are given a chance to live again. A voice lets them survive for seven more days. However, that after the time limit, one of two must die again. Also, their lives will be shared, including emotions (guilt) and physical sensations (pain). They are told not to leave the other's side, else both of them die. Now, with each of them wanting to save his/her own life, how will the next seven days of non-separation be like? Will they get along?

Aesthetic Shampoo 2012-12-21 09:13

I remember loving the one shot, it was short and sweet.

That being said, the serialized version has a horny main character, selfish heroine, bastard best friend, and cheating girlfriend :heh:

Insane 2012-12-21 10:32

Hopefully it won't be a never ending, facepalmworthy drama series anymore like KNIM (which i had dropped long time ago because of such fact)

Kikuchi 2013-01-08 09:35

I just read the pilot and the first 3 chapters of the serialization. The short story was good and everything, but it makes me wonder what they'll do with the ending here. Next chapter February 9th...

Third chapter was brutal for the MC, but I liked how the whole thing went down. What the friend did was a pretty good "fuck you" to shounen logic.

Dauerlutscher 2013-01-08 09:41

I liked the oneshot and this seems to be great too.

alluka1509 2014-07-13 02:30

Spoilers are out

Von Himmel 2014-07-13 07:02

Looks like it reached the part where they confessed to each other.. I guess Seo wants to keep ending the same :(

Pesti13nce 2014-07-14 12:01

Maybe it won't be tragic.... Maybe... Or maybe they both decide on a lovers suicide?.. I hope at least they study together.

konokon 2014-09-13 02:04

Chapter 009 is released

CHAPTER 008 Shinichi and Yuuki said : I Like You

CHAPTER 009 is all about Love and as usual Last page Seo Kouji going Ecchi

Chapter 009 really romantic and emotional chapter and next chapter will be released on november 008

Shinichi and YUUKI showing the feelings of love is really beautiful to watch .

germanturkey 2014-10-27 18:24

so is this like the oneshot but expanded upon? same ending and everything, except its just longer and fleshed out? i loved the oneshot. so much emotion out of 40 pages.

hahaha. nice chapter 8. so we know seo reflects on what people think about kimi..

ARJKG. what an infuriating time to pick this manga up... it seems like there's only a chapter or two left in the story. now i have to wait..

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