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Loremaster 2013-07-13 16:04

Loremaster's Fanfiction
Hello everybody,

Every since I can be remember I had been plagued with English difficulties and at first I didn't do much about it as I didn't understand what was wrong at the beginning. Now I decided to take action regarding it and start writing to practice my English skills and try to over come my problem.

So I decided dable my hand in fanfiction. I've always coming up with alternative stories regarding animes I loved. So I wanted to share them with guys and hope to get tips and helpful advice not only about proving my writing capability but also to help portray the original characters.

Considering the character limit I decided just to link to the story from
From what I last checked you can read these without an account so there shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway this is my first fan fiction from Raildex.

A Certain Hidden Level Five - One with Fated Memories
Summary - A dark secret of Academy city returns after two years with broken memories. He is the hidden level five, officially rank sixth among the seven. His return will spark a serious of events that will shake the very foundation of the science world. Will the Hidden Level Five regain his memories? Or will he be lost forever. Staring Last Order, Touma, Mikoto Misaka and Shokuhou Misaki.

Chapter 1 - Hidden Level Five
Chapter 2 - To Build an Identity
Chapter 3 - System Scan!
Chapter 4 - Time left Alone
Chapter 5 - Fate is a cruel Mistress
Chapter 6 - A Hollow Reunion.
Chapter 7 - A Queen Absent from her throne
Chapter 8 - The Railgun stands her ground
Chapter 9 - A Blood soaked History
Chapter 10 - Forgive me
Chapter 11 - I want the Truth!
Chapter 12 - Understanding the facts
Chapter 13 - The Longest Night (1)
Chapter 14 - The Longest Night (2)
Chapter 15 - The Longest Night (3)
Chapter 16 - The Longest Night (4)
Chapter 17 - Confused Emotions
Chapter 18 - The Old and the New
Chapter 19 - Game Plan!
Chapter 20 - Back to the Beginning
Chapter 21 - The Missing Key
Chapter 22 - The Railgun regains her Pride!
Chapter 23 - A Broken Memory (1)
Chapter 24 - A Broken Memory (2)
Chapter 25 - A Broken Memory (3)

If at least one person likes the story It would be well worth writing. I do hope you enjoy it and I honestly welcome any advice.

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