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gohmifune 2004-05-27 12:54

BT Comparrisons
Ok, here's the deal, there are a few torrents I have that are batch, but I only need select files, well obvious answer use Azureus right? Well Azu is crapping out on me, so I figure, try BitSpirit, that always has crapped out on me, it won't even start(any help is appreciated though), but he's my question for everyone. What other clinets have selective file downloading? And while we're at it, what are the feautures of the current versions of the major clients period, most of us use different ones anyways, I use the original and torrent storm, and Azu if I can(460 dl on cable) so can anyone answer my question?

dreamless 2004-05-29 08:36

have you tried BitComet?

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