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Tenaku 2004-05-30 15:40

.mkv extention problem
I just downloaded Yamibou with bittorent from but the videos are in .mkv extention. None of my players seem to be able to play them. Can anybody tell me what program I need to play this file extention?

FFsteven 2004-05-31 08:53

VSFilter 2.33 - Required for ALL (OGM/MKV) softsubs
Matroska Splitter - Required for MKV playback
OggDS - Required for OGM playback
CoreVorbis 1.0b6 - Decoder for OGG audio in MKV files
CoreAAC 1.0b9 - Decoder for AAC Audio in MKV files

i think this question is more noticed when posted in the other section :P

and people should read this

anime_layer 2004-05-31 14:21

_Or_ just use MPlayer.
Direct Link

It can handle mkv and ogm out of the box just fine. You might have to uncomment the line "# slang = eng" in "./mplayer/conf" or use "-slang eng" as a command line parameter.
Or just use VLC if you prefer a GUI...

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