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|Aion| 2004-05-30 17:23

Slow ASS Speed
I have just gotten my internet back,maybe a couple weeks ago.In that short amount of time i have downlaoded alot of stuff that i had lost. Namely PoT all 115 episodes, now ive already downloaded them and fast i might add using bitorando.

But as of late all my Bt downloads never break the 20kb/sec barrier. No matter how many seeds or leechers.

NOw ive made sure that all firewalls (ones that i can find anyways) including xp firewall and pccillin firewalls are turned off., ive did a virus scan, nothing came up.Ive done almost all i can think of. Now all my other download speeds are quite good, in irc depending on the bot iget anywere form 50kb to 150kb,the windows download program around 400kb sometimes even. Imm using the amdtek network driver for windows xp because if i dont my comp restarts after using bt for so long.

ONly thing i can think of now that caused this would be the dsl router at my friends house, and he says that i gotta change my ip adresses to what they were, because the router changed them. However my isp is gay now and have something called a dynamic address, instead of a ip address. This means they only give you the dns numbers and let windows pick out the ip address.

This is a major problem im having cause,this is really pissing me off. it takes like 5 hours to et one ep of naruto now, and we can not have that

hamhalol 2004-05-31 04:44

Call your ISP and tell them you want to switch to a static ip address. It'll cost more a month, but its worth it i think ^^

darkwave 2004-05-31 06:11

Locate your ISP in the forums and post your question there. Some of the ISP representatives will eventually help you out.

GokuSongoku 2004-05-31 14:55

BT is just a slowmo.. would be better if it was as fast as DD

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