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curlyconnor 2004-05-31 00:03

Madlax 1 SC
I know this is a little impatient of me, and I'm sorry, but my Madlax dl (ep. 1, Sugar-Cube) is going painfully slow because there's like one seeder for like half-a-dozen leechers. It's really getting annoying and I'm almost done, but it's slowing up. Could everyone who has Madlax Episode 1 from SugarCube please open it back up at least for a few hours so you can help out that lonely seeder and his/her leechers :) . The other groups' editions of Episode 1 has suddenly gotten a lot more seeders (or a lot few leechers), but since I'm 83% done with S-C, I guess I'll stick with them. But could y'all please seed. Thanks :) !

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